Meet the spartans images of roses

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meet the spartans images of roses

The heroic Spartan king Leonidas, armed with nothing but leather underwear and Photos. Ken Davitian and Sean Maguire in Meet the Spartans () Jason. 12th-Annual Meet the Spartans Scheduled for Aug. Fans also will have the chance to visit the playing field; take photos wearing a Rose Bowl Championship trophies will be on display near the Rose Bowl plaque on. Meet the MSU #Spartans Gymnastics Team Michigan State University, .. gymnast on balance beam, women's gymnastics, silhouette, cool sports photography action photo, .. Michigan State Spartans, Rose Bowl Champions, Jan.

After 11 plays Michigan State concluded their yard drive with a yard connection between Earl Morrall and Clarence Peaks. The game went without a score from either party during the 3rd quarter. The second play of the fourth quarter, though, ended this silence.

meet the spartans images of roses

Spartan QB Peaks threw the ball 17 yards to John Lewis who caught the ball on the 50 and took it the distance. The Spartans lead was short-lived and was met with a decisive yard drive from the Bruins.

Eventually, Michigan State received the opportunity to take the lead but Planutis missed his yard field-goal attempt.

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Kaiser, who left his subscription contacts in the locker room, approached the placeholder with tentative confidence. While he was warming up his leg the placeholder snapped the ball. He hopped back surprised, and in a matter of seconds, lined up, and booted the yard long kick. With seven seconds remaining in the game the ball soared through the uprights and the Spartans were the victors of their second Rose Bowl appearance.

The Planitus-Kaiser substitution was so surprising that announcers and reporters initially credited the game-winning field goal to Planutis. A story-book finish that even Hollywood could not have duplicated with a script.

There recent successes were to end until their next trip to Pasadena in another 10 years.

It was a 65 degree and sunny day. The two teams donned their equipment and readied for what was supposed to be a straightforward win for Michigan State. The undersized Bruins managed to stave off the Spartans from the endzone for the first quarter. The second quarter answered to the stalemate and gave U.

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The first was a recovery of a muffed punt that only required two plays spanning 6 yards to score 6. It worked to their favor and caught the green and white off guard with Bruin Dallas Grinder falling on the ball. With the ball in their possession U. The 3rd quarter was another scoreless quarter in which the Spartans slowly wore down their Californian opponents.

Finally, midway through the 4th quarter, Michigan State scored a touchdown on a yard run but, unfortunately, failed their 2 point conversion. It was a beautiful day for a football game with clear skies and comfortable 70 degree weather.

The Spartans started the game on the wrong leg, fumbling twice and throwing an interception and allowing U. Only completing one pass and producing 56 yards of offense in the first half, compared to U. Spartan Ellis Duckett blocked and returned a punt for a touchdown giving his team the first points of the game. The green and white went into half-time hoping to monopolize on their momentum.

Munn approached the second half planning to utilize his weapons on offense better. Observing from film that U. Tacking on another seven points, and facing the Bruins with 21 unanswered points, was a yard march down the field ending in a 2-yard touchdown run by Billy Wells. The Bruins recovered another Spartan fumble and scored to make the score But their extra point kick failed. In response to U. It was a team effort that day in Pasadena with 32 of the 44 of the Spartan football team seeing the field.

The freshman Big Ten team was received warmly by national media.

meet the spartans images of roses

This time around would prove to be even more exciting. The stage was set for another great game — U. Michigan State looked almost as daunting of an opponent, recording only one loss to its rival University of Michigan. It was also a historic game. Both teams had two of the most integrated teams in all of college athletics.

Questions of race were being highlighted all around the country, one month before the Rose Bowl of in fact, was when Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus in Montgomery. All of these factors combined to make the 42nd Rose Bowl one of the most watched bowl games in American history, with Their opening drive, however, did not reflect their weeks of preparation. The Spartans opened their offensive play by throwing an interception to the hands of U.

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Converting the extra point the Bruins sat with a 7 point lead over their adversaries. It was not until halfway through the second quarter that the Spartans could muster up a response. After 11 plays Michigan State concluded their yard drive with a yard connection between Earl Morrall and Clarence Peaks. The game went without a score from either party during the 3rd quarter. The second play of the fourth quarter, though, ended this silence.

Besides sporting events, Sparty also attends many events around campus, the community, and the country throughout the year: He also appeared in ESPN ads with background cameos, such as eating in a diner booth or browsing the shelves of a bookstore. Sparty was one of six college mascots nominated for the Mascot Hall of Fame in July Three years after winning top honors for the first time, Sparty was again named best mascot.

meet the spartans images of roses

It was Sparty's third title in just four years. His skit, "Sparty's Spectacular", featured music from many different genres, including rockcountryand Riverdance. To qualify for nationals, Sparty submitted a video showcasing his performances at athletic events and community service events.