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Explore Scott Suehle's board "Ian's Costume" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Skylanders swap force, Activity toys and Archangel gabriel. Hold Attack 3 to run around in a dragon parade costume, knocking back and . Skylanders Swap Force - Meet the Skylanders - Fire Kraken (Burn to be wild) name of his element in his name (the second is Wildfire and the third is Spitfire). Hex is an undead elven sorceress in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. She wears a sleeveless black dress with a large collar, with many dark gray lines . Before they could reach her however, Calliope smashed the gem containing their powers .. Dark Blast Zone - Dark Hammer Slam Bowser - Dark Spitfire - Dark Wildfire.

Since a Portal Master was needed to travel through time, Dr. Krankcase and Wolfgang were assigned to retrieve Kaos. The Skylanders confronted Dr. During the fight, Wolfgang arrived, and the mad scientist was left on his own when the werewolf only came to collect Kaos and take him to Time Town. Krankcase was eventually defeated despite the best of his abilities, and was captured shortly afterwards. He wanted the mad doctor to see a diorama to see if he found it fun.

However, Krankcase instead melted it with goo gun, much to Leyland's horror, though he hinted that their might be a surprise behind it. Krankcase was then awarded with the Wilikin's thanks, a new outfit, and the Bobby hat.

Dr. Krankcase

Krankcase attempted to enter the race and win despite being in a clear advantage over the Mabu children. Knight Mare quickly entered the race as well and chased after the villain. Despite his efforts to slow the Dark Trap Master down, Dr. Krankcase was knocked into a tree by Knight Mare, allowing the Mabu to race fairly. Skylanders Issue 12 Graduation Day Dr. Once they ambushed the school staff and scared off the guests, Krankcase began looking through the diplomas of the Skylander students, remarking that they don't have what it took to be evil.

He was suddenly sprayed with a blast of water by the Minis, Gill RuntTerrabiteand Thumplingand chased after them in a fit of rage. Krankcase was led into a trap set by the Minis and wound up getting himself knocked unconscious along with Wolfgang.

Imaginators Before the events of Imaginators, Dr. Krankcase was responsible for the creation of Boom Bloom. After being captured by the Trap MastersEon gave some of the villains a choice — either go back to a newly reformed Cloudcracker Prison or become a Skylander Sensei, teaching a new generation of Imaginators his formidable battle skills as well as how to stay clear of a life of crime.

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And his knowledge of the alphabet. Now he uses that newfound knowledge to train Imaginators on the A, B, Cs of shooting, as the master of the Quickshot Class. Krankcase can fire a spray of green goo from his small gun. He can also rotate his spider legs like a buzzsaw and slide them against enemies.

As demonstrated during his boss fight, Dr. Krankcase can create Woodensteins in a matter of seconds from a wooden box, green goo and materials.

After completing his Villain Quest, he gained the ability to melt various dioramas throughout Time Town for accessing all areas. Kaos revealed that he was draining the undead villagers of their undeadliness to store it up in a tank of Undead energy and shower every island of Skylands with undead rain to turn the living into undead and destroy the other Elements. When the Skylanders attempted to intervene, the Weather Wizard relunctantly subdued the Skylanders with the weather machine, but refused to drain them of their element at the cost of his precious flower.

Kaos tried to perform the task of draining the Skylanders' powers himself, but accidentally released them instead.

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Suddenly, Hex saved Kaos from her allies by imprisoning Cynder and Zook in her bone fortresses, defecting to Kaos' side. She proclaimed to Cynder and Zook that they weren't her friends and she was tired of being feared, longing to be normal again. Hex allowed herself to provide Kaos her powerful Undead energy, and the Portal Master eagerly began the procedure using the Undead Energy Extractor.

However the machine was overloading by the amount of power Hex contained, something that the elf sorceress had planned all along and never actually defected to Kaos. The machine exploded, and after a brief moment of Cynder and Zook seeing Hex's true form, Hex revealed that she had since and always had embraced her dark side. Immediately afterwards, she assisted her fellow Skylanders in defeating Kaos and his army of Drow. After returning the undead inhabitants back to normal, the Skylanders were given a heroes' welcome and Morbo offered to allow Hex to stay on the Isle of the Dead.

Although flattered, the undead sorceress revealed that she belonged to the Skylanders; her friends.

Fire Kraken

Return of the Dragon King Hex was putting on a charity magic show in Woodburrowentertaining a crowd. When she asked for a volunteer for her next magic act, the elf sorceress picked the fairy, Calliopeas her assistant. Unknown to Hex, Calliope stole the sorceress' powers, who felt dizzy from the effects but managed to continue her act without trouble.

Hex after being attacked by Drow warriors. An unknown time after the encounter with Calliope, Hex was attacked by Drow and discovered that her magic was reduced to the simplest of spells, losing even her levitation powers. Returning to the Skylanders Academy in bad shape, she found out that Spyro was in a similar situation.

After talking to Persephone and finding out that their magic was stolen, they reached the conclusion that Calliope is behind the disappearance of their powers. Despite her protests to solve the issue alone, they set out to the Cadaverous Crypt with the help of WallopFlynn and Magsand the sorceress expressed being reminded of old fears when questioned by Spyro about her attitude. On the way to the Crypts, the group found Cynder being attacked by Rotting Robbies and Bone Chompies until Wallop stepped in to help followed soon after by Hex and Spyro.

Cynder revealed that her powers were stolen by Calliope as well and she had been tracking the fairy down with a charm bought from Auricwhich was lost after the encounter with the undead monsters. Noticing the pattern with Spyro and Hex having their magic stolen, the Skylanders ventured inside the caves of the Crypts, and soon found the fairy.

Before they could reach her however, Calliope smashed the gem containing their powers on a strange rock by the commands of a hidden shadow, who proceeded to absorb them and regain his own. As soon as they found out who was behind it, Malefor announced his return and attacked them with fire, rendering the group unconcious. Hex and the other Skylanders awakened to find themselves imprisoned while unconcious, being looked after by Calliope.

After coming back to their senses, they were told by the fairy that Malefor had left to destroy the Skylanders Academy as payback for the problems they caused to him. Though they tried to convince Calliope to help them by sharing their experiences with her, the fairy ran away ashamed by their attempts to forgive her, but soon help arrived as Flynn and Mags reached their cell.

With the Dread-Yacht, the group returned to the damaged Academy as fast as they could, and challenged Malefor to a battle. Despite Malefor's boasting, Spyro, Cynder, Hex and Wallop stood their ground, and by distracting him they had Mags trap Malefor with chewing gum.

Using the little power that she had left, Hex redirected Flynn's ship to crash into Malefor, but it only slightly damaged his armor. The evil dragon once again attacked, directing his fury at Spyro, which confused the group as Hex was the one who defeated him before. Unable to do any further damage, they were starting to lose again until Calliope and Persephone intervened, and directed Spyro to attack Malefor's chestplate to reveal the crystal he used to drain the Skylanders' powers.

To destroy the chestplate, Hex used a spell on Spyro that would redirect his speed into a stronger impact with an orb. Once it was out of the way Spyro destroyed the crystal inside and released the powers of all defeated Skylanders. Malefor attempted to keep attacking, but at full power, the Skylanders managed to quickly tie his tail to the Dread-Yacht's anchor.

With Wallop throwing the ship over the island, Malefor was dragged along. Despite his pleas of help to Calliope, she and the others only watched as he fell to the lower parts of Skylands.

The fairy regretted having started the trouble to begin with, but Master Eon assured that the Academy would be rebuilt and the Skylanders and their allies would help her regardless. Relationships Cynder Cynder and Hex commonly go in missions together and appear to get along, but their actual relationship is unknown despite sharing a dislike for Malefor. However, in Ring of Heroes, their relationship description explains that Cynder is determined to not let her ally give in to darkness.

Zook Hex is often irritated by Zook's laidback demeanor, but tolerates him. However she doesn't like it when he calls her "Hexy" or plays the didgeridoo. Malefor When the Undead Dragon King heard about Hex's powers and sought to kidnap her, Hex was forced to go into hiding to avoid capture.

Eventually she grew tired of hiding and confronted Malefor in the underworld, defeating the evil dragon. However the battle cost Hex everything as she was turned Undead, which ruined her reputation of being a famed sorceress. When Malefor returned, Hex was uncertain about facing the very one who took away everything she had been once again.

But, in battle, he seemed to have little interest in having his revenge against her, directing his anger towards Spyro instead. Gameplay Awakening powers from unknown depths from fighting Malefor in The UnderworldHex had her magic changed to strange spells, such as levitation, burning phantom orbs, the ability to make skulls rain from the sky, and to summon and banish bones in wall formations.

Her Wow Pow allows her to create a skull monster that spits smaller skulls at enemies. In Cynder Confronts the Weather Wizard, Hex has been shown to be able to use telekinesis to levitate other people just like herself and to communicate telepathically with Master Eonas well as a spell to stop the huge rainstorm in the Cloudless dessert, she is even shown to have vast amounts of undead energy in her body as the energy extractor exploded from draining too much.