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meet the scout secrets capri

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This is truly a 5 star Hotel. The Beach is the only thing we weren't so happy with but we expected it, we're from Miami so our beaches are really nice and we've been to the Caribbean, So it was okay with us but if you are going for the beaches only, then its not the best place. Oh yeah and the bed really is a little hard, but we slept fine but you might want to ask for a pad over it. Nothing to dwell over. We heard no noise or construction but it might have been our location so we got lucky!

We did the Dolphin excursion with Delphinus and were not disappointed, it was so nice and we loved it! The resort is not about the night life but the day just wears you out anyway and you'll usually be tired by But it was great, they have shows and a little disco that more people should know about cause it was better when more people would show up, the Desires bar its called. I think you should definitely go if you want to relax in a 5 star all inclusive beautiful resort, this is the place, stop thinking about it and BOOK IT!

Travelocity has great deals!! More Date of stay: At the pool, the towels are already put out on all the lounge chairs and, if needed, you can get fresh towels at the water activities desk.

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When you leave your chair at the end of the day, you just leave the towels and the staff picks them up. As far as not having to make restaurant reservations, we feel this works quite well. If you are told you have to wait, you can do so by relaxing at the bar or simply try another restaurant.

Given the variety at each restaurant that, even if you feel for one particular type of food, chances are you can get a variation of that at any of the other restaurants. I think our favorite restaurant was the Italian restaurant - we went back twice. As well in our opinion, the nightly entertainment was above average for resort type entertainment; the performers were not amateurs. Honestly, we have no reason to complain about our experience. We really enjoyed our vacation at Secrets Capri.

We loved every minute of our vacation in paradise! It was relaxing, luxurious and exactly what we wanted and were looking for. All of the travelers vacationing at the resort were very nice. No one was too rowdy or too loud.

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It was a nice mix of young and older couples, the majority being honeymooners. We cannot say enough about the service; from the moment we got there, we were treated extremely well.

It is hard to know what to believe when you read many reviews. Every experience is different, and of course, no matter where you go, things can go wrong. It is important to remember that this resort is in Mexico - not in Canada or United States. It's a different culture: It's all part of the experience of traveling to a different country. The Mexican people are some of the most gracious, helpful people we've met. We were thrilled with our experience and highly recommend this resort to anyone looking for a relaxing, sun-filled vacation and great food and service.

Amazing!!!!! - Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun

This is an excellent resort for couples who are in need of relaxation. If you are looking to party hard, you do not want to vacation at this resort.

All in all this is a fabulous resort, and I will make sure that everyone in my travel office is made aware of this so that we can keep sending people on great vacations.

Even with the latest outbreak of sickness, we would still recommend this resort. Not everyone got sick, perhaps only a small percentage. Unfortunately, I was part of that small percentage, but it did not ruin my good time. Just be smart about what you eat and drink, make sure you wash your hands often, and a few remedies in the suitcase wouldn't hurt either. We were in room of the north wing. It was a deluxe tropical view but we had partial view of the ocean.

The marble floors, huge marble shower, dual vanities, the sitting area with a table and the king-size canopy bed, all added to the overwhelming feeling that we had just arrived in paradise. We loved some of the extras in the room such as the make-up mirror, the huge assortment of lotions, sunscreen SPF 8soaps, shampoo, incense and many other various toiletries that were provided.

Channel 2 is a beautiful classical station that can be played during the evenings when you wish to relax in the Jacuzzi. Twenty-four-hour room service was available but we did not ordered room service. A full breakfast menu is also available from room service.

There are also coffee makers in the room but we did not use them. The balcony was of a nice size with two chairs. We enjoyed our balcony, occasionally even watching the sunrise over the ocean in the morning. The only complaint we have was that you hear every door close, every chair move, every phone ring and every maid cart pass. The walls are thin. Luckily, we are early risers, so the noise didn't bother us too much.

meet the scout secrets capri

There is one huge pool at SC. Lounge chairs were available at any time of the day, even though the resort was nearly at its capacity. Walking on the grounds around the hotel was very quiet and relaxing with music playing in the background. The pool was as warm as bath water and clean. There are two sides to the pool - one end is cooler than the other - and we preferred the warmer side.

Everyday the teak lounge chairs had pads on them with towels waiting for us. The pool also had floating pads for us to use, which was relaxing. The sloping edge was nice to enter by and the pictures of the pool at night are beautiful. The pool offered a wonderful ambiance after dark as it is lit up all night. There was a bathing suit fashion show during the day great prices and we had a Mexican fiesta around the pool on Friday. There was a volleyball game going most mornings and water polo most afternoons.

We preferred the pool area because of the swim-up bar and the daytime activities. The water temperature was perfect given the degree days in June. The fountains and water sprays are also a great feature. The pool deck and area is made of many limestone tiles left naturally finished.

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Again very nice but please be careful around the pool as it is slippery. The resort is fairly new so the trees are smaller - meaning less shady spots - but we never found that to be a problem.

It was never a problem to get a lounge chair or a float mat either.

  • Amazing!!!!! - Review of Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun

The pool bar was the happening place, and Samuel is one crazy bartender. We toured the spa and it looked fantastic. I made an appointment to fix my pedicure and was very happy with the service. Several people we talked to who had used the spa said the hydrotherapy circuit and massages were particularly good. The building at this resort is simply awe-inspiring. There is so much marble and so many columns!

The architects designed it with an Italian flare. There is artwork built into many of the building designs and the grounds are very clean and well designed. There are thousands of plants and trees. There are statues, ponds, and artwork everywhere. The finish throughout the property is excellent. The building, both inside and out, is very clean but already need some repair since from time to time there were water leaks during rain showers.

The flooring and walls of practically every location in the entire resort, including the washrooms, the guest rooms, the lobbies, the grand staircase and turtle pool, the hallways, the courtyards and restaurants were covered in granite and limestone tiles in a classy Mediterranean style. The resort had strategically placed speakers, hidden in bushes, where in the mornings and evenings, soothing music would emanate.

There was a "hammock terrace" on the beach, where several comfortable hammocks were strung under a pergola facing the sea. This was very peaceful as it was 20 feet from the waves rolling in from the sea with a tropical breeze blowing through.

The turtle pool, a curving, shallow, rock and seashell filled waterhole inside the lower lobby on the beach entrance level, had a cascading waterfall delivering water over rocks and ledges into the pool. All of this was under the great staircase leading down from the upper lobby. Entrances to various restaurants, several large windows and various public areas were decorated and designed with ornate, limestone carvings and curving columns, accented with artwork.

This was also done in a Mediterranean style and very classy. The black wrought iron railings on the guestroom balconies, the grand staircase, the stairs up to the restaurants and the bridge over the pool, perfectly accentuated the villa-like design of the surrounding structures.

meet the scout secrets capri

The interior courtyard giving access to the rooms was open, airy, and columned and gave the impression of being outside even though you were in the interior of the resort. Arches, bellhops in safari hats, the individual check-in process with an employee at an antique desk instead of a counter while sipping a glass of champagne, swinging glass doors to the toilet and shower stalls, very interesting statues, etc.

To begin, we would like to point out that we were spoiled by the beaches in St. In Riviera Maya, the water is exactly as described by others as some sea grass is on the water line of the beach. The water is blue or green rather than turquoise in most areas, due to the sea grass on the ocean floor. The staff does a great job of cleaning it up several times a day; therefore, it does not affect the sandy area of the beach, nor does it interfere with taking a dip in the ocean. We enjoyed walking down the beach.

At SC, it was nice to walk north to the end of the Club El Mandarin property, but I would not recommend going any further north. Beyond that, the beach is undeveloped and the sea grass is piled up with a fair amount of garbage mixed in. This is not very attractive at all and we did a ? If you venture out 20 or 30 feet from shore, then you will come to a turquoise green band of the "7 colors" sea and, if you go out in a Hobbie Cat catamaran or a kayak, you only need to go out about feet for the sea to become a gorgeous translucent green.

Riviera Maya is not like Cancun where the resort properties are lined up next to each other and where every inch of beach is being cleaned and maintained daily.

Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun by UVC, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

On the beach at SC as at the pool area, you will have no trouble getting lounge chairs and even palapas were available until late morning.

Hobbie Cats, kayaks and wind surfers are available to use, all free of charge. The theater was okay.

meet the scout secrets capri

This is one area of improvement at SC; the lounge where they put on shows has regular banquet style seating! This is certainly not consistent with the other plush amenities offered at SC. After a little downtime in your room or on the balcony, a few more pre-dinner drinks, dinner, and then after-dinner drinks there seems to be a theme herethe shows were over or ending. The nightlife is very quiet but I don't think many people were bothered by it. We went to the disco one night - it was rather empty but we danced anyway and had fun with a few other couples.

meet the scout secrets capri

On one occasion, it was casino night followed by an auction where you could spend your winnings; on another night, there was karaoke. Do everything or do nothing. Most people chose to do nothing. Salsa dancing, water polo, water aerobics, Spanish lessons, cocktail-making lessons, tequila tasting, football games, you name it they had it. There was no pressure to participate.