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Meet the Robinsons Faq/Walkthrough Version Author: MysticWeirdo .. [* SCAN 13*] Lev Platform [*SCAN 14*] Robinson Aid Station [*SCAN 15*] Virtual . Aunt Billie while ask you help in recharging her train. The post Say Bye to Those Awesomely Clackety Train Station Displays 8-bit; Max Demski; Reba; Aunt Leslie; Bethanni Grecynski; taxstone; b street . mms; about damn time; Alwyn Robinson; Chris Chew; Jans Ingber; Jans .. bdsm; zaatar; meeting people; family vacation; quail; emu; charging cables. Meet The Robinsons - posted in Wii U and Wii: First, I want to clarify that I did NOT buy this. Aunt Billie while ask you help in recharging her train. . If you're hurt you may want to heal up at the aid station in the living room.

You have to help him find his teeth! The music room will now be unlocked, so proceed there. Cousin Laszlo will contact you and a pop-up window on Flip Targeting will appear. Grab them and head back to the dining room. Talk to Grandpa, or scan him too first. He tells you to go see Uncle Art, who is probably outside near his space ship. While heading there, you may want to explore the house and scan some more things, such as the Robinson Aid Station, the Robinson TV, or even the weirdos Spike and Dimitri.

Uncle Art will be there in a Protecto Sphere. Scan the Protectosphere Generator, then pop into it. This will initiate a race-like mini-game similar to Super Monkey Ball, but with no monkeys.

You will have to maneuver through the obstacle course while inside a Protecto Sphere.

In the train room we were asked to fix the recharg..

Roadkill zumzats are alright, thank God. Some parts will require a bit of patience, like the jump-panels. Scan them both, then talk to him. Like most video game characters, Uncle Art needs help of course.

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And the next task involves rounding up some of those pesky purple critters: Good thing a concentrated electric charge can stun them. Time to grab your Charge Glove. Misdirection, My Crafty Mistress Take the transport tube to your room. Grab the Charge Glove and a tutorial game on Chargeball, a mini-game, will appear. The tutorial is a 1 point game against a trainer. All you have to do is break all his bricks blue ones before he breaks yours red ones.

After the tutorial, you have the option to try the Peewee Court and the Varsity Court before leaving Chargeball. Once you exit the minigame, a tutorial pop-up on your new gadget will appear.

Now is the time to round up those zumzats. There are 5 large ones in the house: Zapping a zumzat with the Charge Glove will turn them into 3 smaller zumzats which you can collect by just running over them. Once you get them all 15 in totaltake the nearest transport tube to the Yard, where Uncle Art is.

Going Round in Circles Another quest completed, and another redirection. Uncle Art tells you to go see Aunt Billie, who is at the train room. Go to the transport tube and see that you now have access to the train room. Head there and talk to Aunt Billie.

Big surprise, she needs help. Before charging the poles, scan Aunt Billie, her train and one of the blue circles on any of the poles. Return to Aunt Billie, who is grateful that she can put things "back on track. Take the transport tube to the dining room and go outside. Head to the Lab and talk to your crazy cousin Laszlo. The rare component for the Extendo-Key is skeleton alloy.

Laszlo will mention seeing a new chest in the storage room. You know what that means. You will have charge up one of the 4 pole when it gave you the instructions, repeat the process on the other 3 poles. She'll direct you to Uncle Gaston in the cannon range. Take the transport tube to Wilbur's room, leave the room and turn right to the lab.

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Talk to Laszlo at the top of the stairs. He'll give you the blue print for the Extendo-Key and send you to the storage room for the rare component for it.

There are two new chests in here. Turn around and climb the ladder go to the end of the left path where you'll see a disassembler chest 1 which contains an action figure. You can just disassemble it from the end of the path, no need to sidle the edge past the fan to get to it. Go to the other end on the walkway and jump over to the crates make your way to the far end of the crates at target the other disassembler chest 1 on the ledge up and to the left.

Disassemble it from here to get the Skeleton Alloy. Disassemble enough other stuff while your here to complete the key. Go to the transmogrifier and build the key. Open it and go inside. You should receive 8 action figures for completing the Family scans. Talk to Uncle Gaston. He will challenge to take part in his cannon challenge before he'll give you the code to the garage.