Meet the press live ipad 2

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meet the press live ipad 2

to read the tiny screen - Selection from iPad 2: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition [Book] Browsing the Web on an iPad eliminates the old strain 'n' squint. Its inch screen shows .. “Meet the Press” audio stream. You can find an MP3 . “Meet the Press”audio stream. Edition”and its other newscasts, online and ready to stream through your iPad's speaker at for free mp3 music or check yourfavorite radio station's website for an MP3 stream ofits live broadcast. On Sunday, NBC News political director Chuck Todd takes over as moderator of television's longest running franchise, Meet the Press. His arrival — which will.

Configure apps and services? You can also opt to share anonymous iPad diagnostic info with Apple. On the next screen, register your iPad with Apple so they have a record of it. Your Home Screen Apps tells you what each of those does.

Set up your email account. You can compose, send, and receive email on your tablet, but you first have to introduce your iPad to your email account s or sign up for a free iCloud account. If you have an account associated with an old Apple ID, the iPad automatically adds it. In addition to keeping copies of all your files, iTunes coordinates the transfer of those files from your desktop computer to your iPad.

To activate your new iPad with iTunes, you need to: Make sure your computer meets the requirements listed, and then click Download Now. When iTunes lands on your computer, double-click the installer to set it up.

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If you already have iTunes on your computer, make sure you have the latest version. Plug the Lightning or Dock Connector end into the matching jack on the bottom edge of your iPad. Plug the small, rectangular end into an available USB 2. In iTunes, follow the steps on-screen. If this is your first iPad ever or first time setting this one upyou should see the screen below.

If you want to start with a fresh, empty tablet, pick the first option. To transfer all your stuff from a previous iPad onto this one, pick the second option. Activate, register, and sync your iPad. Once you decide how you want to set up your new tablet, iTunes takes over. See Sync Your iPad with iTunes to find out about wireless syncing. To cancel a sync-in-progress because you need to leave, click in the iTunes status window.

When iTunes finishes syncing, it displays the Apple logo or the name of the song currently playing in the status window. Thanks to wireless syncing, the cord has been cut! Well, not physically snipped, but, you know, made mostly unnecessary. Because even if you set up wireless syncing, there are at least two occasions when you need the USB cable that came with your iPad.

The first is so you can plug the iPad into your computer to turn on iTunes Wi-Fi Sync in the first place. To sync your iPad wirelessly, your computer and iPad need to be on the same WiFi network. And if your home network is a mix of WiFi and wired Ethernet connections, you can usually get iTunes to sync either way—with a computer wirelessly connected to your home network or with one connected via Ethernet cable—as long as the wired machine is part of your WiFi network.

Once you have everything on the same network, connect your computer to the tablet with the USB cable. Click the iPad icon when it appears in iTunes, and then click the Summary tab at the top of the window. Then click Sync to seal the deal. Feel free to unplug your iPad. You can now sync content between iTunes and your iPad whenever both devices are on the same network and iTunes is open on your computer.

You can tell your iPad is set for wireless syncing because its icon remains in the button bar at the top of the iTunes 11 window—even after you unplug the USB cable.

Although syncing and backup occurs automatically at least once a day, you can manually fire off a syncing session from either the computer or iPad: When you do, iTunes acts as if it had a USB connection and syncs away.

You can see the syncing progress in the status window at the top of the screen. Even if you accidentally click the Eject button next to the iPad icon in the iTunes window and disconnect the two, the icon returns when you restart iTunes or sync from the iPad. In iTunes, turn off wireless syncing by turning off the Wi-Fi sync checkbox circled on the opposite page.

Also, your WiFi network may be slow or overloaded, and the trusty USB cable is just plain faster—especially when you have a lot of videos to copy over. But you can have it both ways, too.

Even if you set up your iPad to sync over the WiFi-scented air, you can still jack it into iTunes with the faithful USB cable any time you want. Actually talk to them. Talk to their kids. Do things to make sure their kids are ready for the future. He is demonstrably unfit for office. What are we waiting for? Trump took that oath two years ago, he has been violating it. But her American family presents a more complicated story.

In August, September and October of[biomathematician Lewi Stone] calculated, German forces and their allies in Poland killed at least 1. That averages out to 14, per day, every day. In fact, he has lung cancer, probably caused by fumes from burning garbage pits at Abu Ghraib. He dies at Now we need to rescue that idea and let it guide America at home and abroad.

Jessica Biel having dinner at Rose's Luxury. Brown died Friday, said the Rand Corp. Lucien Zeigler … was last Saturday: Julie Chen is Hamilton Place Strategies partner Stuart Siciliano is Dedicated Basecampers have several App Store choices as well.

  • iPad 2: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition by J.D. Biersdorfer
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Some sites even have their own iPad apps. They do scale up to iPad size with a tap of the 2x button, but that means a blotchy display.

meet the press live ipad 2

Several third-party apps, like the Friendly and MyPad lines, give you alternative ways to tap social sites. Most Twitter apps are still iPhone-oriented, but Twitter for iPad, free and shown below, does an excellent job of turning your tablet into an easy-to-tweet dashboard for all your thoughts of characters or less.

Several apps are available for browsing pictures on this massive photo-sharing site, but many exist just to ease photo-uploading. Perhaps the best way to experience Flickr is to point Safari at www. AIM for iPad works just like its computer and smartphone counterparts: Pick a friend off your Buddy List and shoot over a message to start a conversation.

If you choose to share your pictures on Photobucket, check out the free Photobucket for iPad app. You can download any image to the tablet, easily search the entire site, and create albums right on your iPad. And some will use it only when buying things online while relaxing in the hammock out back. Autofill, as its name suggests, automatically fills in your name, address, and phone number on web forms—saving you the drudgery of typing in the same information all the time.

Along with your contact info, Autofill can remember passwords for websites that require them, but be careful with this. If you accidentally lose your iPad or someone steals it, the thief can retrieve your password, waltz right into your password-protected accounts, and steal even more from you.

Tap the My Info line below it and choose your own name and address from your Contacts list. If you want to go ahead and use the password-supplying part of Autofill, tap the button on the Settings screen to On.

Now, whenever you hit a site that requires your password, Safari gives you three choices: Say Yes and the browser logs you into the site automatically from then on. To play it safe, say Yes only to non-money-related sites, like online newspapers.

meet the press live ipad 2

If you need to compare two pages or flip back and forth between them, you no longer have to open them in two separate windows.

Tabs let you easily click back and forth between pages in the same window, making your personal space-time continuum much more efficient. Safari on the iPad gives you a variation on the concept of tabbed browsing. Open a new page.

Meet the Press

Need to check something on another site? Tap the button in the Safari toolbar.

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Your current page shrinks into the background. Tap inside the dotted outline of the New Page silhouette on the black screen shown in the bottom-right corner to get a fresh blank page to address and visit. You can open up to eight other pages this way. To see how many pages you have open at once, check the icon, which now has a tiny number inside it. If you seefor example, you currently have three pages open. Switch to another open page. Go back and tap again. You return to the black screen and a grid of up to nine open pages, looking sort of like baseball-card versions of their larger selves.

Find the page you want to revisit and tap it to open it full-screen again. Tap the button in the top-left corner to do so. Note Fans of tabbed browsing, rejoice!

POLITICO Playbook: Shutdown Day 16: Zero progress

The new version of Safari, to be included with iOS 5 due Fallcomes with real tabs atop the browser window. The Web is also full of jerks, criminals, and general-purpose evildoers, so you have to take care to keep your personal information safe in this Playground of Information. Your defenses include these: Turn this setting on so Safari can warn you when a site stinks like bad phish.

This coding tool lets developers run little programs within web pages. Many are innocent, and most people leave JavaScript turned on. But some are not. Poorly written or malicious scripts have the potential to cause security problems, and JavaScript can also slow down page loads.

Turn it off or on here. Still, you may need a pop-up window here and there to order concert tickets or to fill in web forms. A cookie is a little file that helps a website recognize you. This can be good—you get a personal greeting from sites you revisit, for example—or bad, because some cookies track and report to paying third parties the ads you respond to.

Here, you can choose to have Safari take a cookie Never, Always, or only from sites you actually visit. Tap here to see which sites store info locally on your iPad. Tap the Clear Cookies button to delete them all.

The cache is where your iPad stores downloaded graphics and other web page parts to speed up your surfing. You can jettison these files by tapping Clear Cache here.

If you create websites and want to see if they have errors in iPad Safari, tap Debug Console and get ready to stomp bugs.