Meet the new boss same as old shirts

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meet the new boss same as old shirts

Meet the New Bosses: How These Entrepreneurs Under 20 Are Changing check out How This Year-Old Entrepreneur Built a Multi-Million He hopes to attend New York's Parsons School of Design and launch a full clothing line by “ The school day is the same as the business day, so it's a lot of time. Meet the new boss same as the old boss. has the meaning that nothing changes. The Who's song Won't Get Fooled Again references changing. Meet the new boss, he wants to collectivize your songs! We might all get together in the same spot to record basic tracks, but oftentimes overdubs and “ You should make some T-shirts for your band and sell them on tour”.

meet the new boss same as old shirts

This was not really what I was expecting. And the reason is quite unexpected. This is contrasted with the new digital distribution system where some of the biggest players assume almost no risk and share zero capital.

I can see Russia from my house. No really I can. My wife is a concert promoter of some note.

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She probably books over artists a year. We share an office and from where I write this, I feel like I have a comprehensive view of the music scene in the Southeastern US, if not the entire United States. We live in a city that has one of the highest concentrations of musicians outside of Nashville and Austin.

I generally know what artists are grossing I also have a pretty good idea of what they are netting. If a 4 piece band shows up at the 40 watt club with 2 crew members, beat up old van and they sell tickets? They are probably making about bucks a day each. Well I can tell you they need to sell it out or they or the promoter are losing money.

Likewise having detailed knowledge of different artists recording budgets and schedules through my studios tells me a lot about how much these artists are expecting to make from sales and touring. Artists have seen their most important assets collectivized by file-sharing. They no long control the distribution and exploitation of these assets.

If this were happening to practically any other group of Americans there would be mass outrage and civil unrest. Other than Ted Nugent and John Popper most musicians are not heavily armed. Hence the lack of armed standoffs. So this is the data I am looking at. I think the recording studio data is really important.

Further they can roll in revenue from live performance and other sources into the recording budgets. So you get an expression of the artists entire revenue outlook when you look at the recording process. The fact that artists are spending much less TIME recording can only mean they have less money or expect to make less money.

Improved technology is not the explanation.

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Technology may have produced some productivity gains, but not in the time consuming tasks of getting sounds, composition and arrangement. And every drumset, studio, microphone piano, guitar amp and player is a little different.

There are no shortcuts. No, the only explanation for why artists are spending much less time recording is the obvious one. Every other explanation adds assumptions. The internet is making us stupider. You can make a strong mathematical argument to this effect.

The internet is an entertainment medium. It propagates what is entertaining. Here is a chart that a well intention but hopelessly un-informed friend shared on my facebook page. If you look at the chart. It is wildly non factual. How many hundreds of thousands of people have absorbed this as fact!

meet the new boss same as old shirts

It includes percentages of revenue from record sales going to the agent. Agents only charge fees on live performance. Usually paid a flat fee not a percentage of sales. The manager slice is too large. But all you really need to know is that it appears this chart was created by a bass player. There is only one bass player joke: I have many good friends that are bass players and even they will admit there is some truth to this stereotype.

In actuality a much higher share of revenue goes to most artists under a typical record deal. And believe me there were bad deals out there! Record labels definitely sought to control artists creatively. Then there is the matter that most record deals end badly. Record deals end when the artist is no longer selling enough albums to justify the deal. The artist is then dropped which leads to a very public falling out.

The more serious reason that people think artists are doing much better post napster? There has been a concerted effort by a certain part of the tech blogosphere to paint a rosy picture of the music industry.

The Week In Russia: Meet The New Boss

They have two techniques: Totally misleading fake studies. First off this was passed around as independent research when it was actually industry lobby generated propaganda. Among the most outrageous obfuscations and bizarre metrics: Recorded music transactions are up because people buy individual tracks now instead of 1 album of 10 songs.

There are 14 academic peer reviewed studies that paint quite a different picture. Yet you rarely see these quoted by the digerati. Things like Ok Go.

7.01 Meet the New Boss

And like a casino the house lets a few people win but overall the game is rigged. They appear to have combined misleadingly titled studies with meaningless anecdotal information. This has been established. Why did FOMC need to do a study on this? However the artists identity was not revealed and FOMC refused to release raw data. Instead they only published relative percentages of revenues and expenses.

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The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again

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