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Meet The Masters Review - The Curriculum Choice

meet the masters homeschool login www

Get access to exclusive bundle savings for Meet the Masters, online art curriculum. For Grades Do you currently have a MTM subscription/login? Choose one. FAQs for Meet The Masters art curriculum, now available to homeschoolers through the and you will be able to launch the MTM program using your login links. Please enter your username and password to gain access to the MeetTheMasters Online Edition Art Program and Merci fellow artist! Password is Case Sensitive.

Meet the Masters - A Homeschool Favorite

Worksheets for the skill practice and technique. You will print out worksheets for skill practice. The first page is a concise overview summarizing the artist, media, vocabulary, technique, and supplies used in the lesson which is handy during preparation. The program requires some preparation- becoming familiar with the content and preparing materials.

Preparation time is approximately 30 minutes plus purchasing art supplies. Actual instruction time from beginning to end is hours.

A lesson can be taught over several weeks or all at once. I like teaching it all at once, highlighting an artist each month or so.

meet the masters homeschool login www

I loved having the option to purchase additional family license. This allowed me to host an art co-op this last summer in my home and to share my love for teaching art to others. Though the program introduces advanced techniques, it meets children at their level: Gradesor Advanced: For large families the middle age group can be adapted for your younger or older children so that only one program need be purchased.

This expires after 3 years. Based on the quality of the content, the depth of the lesson plans, and the dependability of the website, the online version is very affordable. I was very happy that their online format was so easy to navigate and ready for me at my convenience. To get a feel for what using the website is like you can view a free preview lesson. They also offer the program in three different bundles: I chose this option when I hosted a summer art co-op in my home.

What I like most about Meet the Masters is the quality of the program: You always walk away with portfolio worthy art. Instead of doing the same thing over and over, your child will be exposed to a variety of art styles, techniques, skills, and mediums. I was very pleased at the way in which this was accomplished. As a homeschool mom, I liked that it is a planned for me. Click the audio button ONCE. A slow internet connection will sometimes cause a delay in the audio.

Meet The Masters Review

You may need to wait a minute for it to load if you have a dial-up or slow connection. If you continue to click the button, the audio will continue to try to restart and will not play. Although unlikely, there may be an issue with some systems. Occasionally, some Vista customers have audio issues, although most do not.

meet the masters homeschool login www

While the audio is a small added element to some lessons, it is not essential. If you cannot get your computer to play the audio, you can teach the lesson without the audio. Your slideshow guides have all of the audio written for the teacher to read if your computer will not play the audio or if you choose to teach without audio.

meet the masters homeschool login www

With today's technology and compatibility issues, trial and error may resolve your loading issue. The PDF files available in the Meet-the-Masters program and the online interactive portions of the program are two separate entities. You will need to open your PDF separately from your browser. Using your browser, login to your Co-op account and you will be able to launch the MTM program using your login links. Once you're into the MTM program using your browser, you will be able to launch the interactive portions.

Will I receive a CD Rom with my purchase? Should I download and print curriculum pages? While it is possible to move back and forth between the Online Media Presentation and the curriculum download pages on your computer, for an uninterrupted learning experience, the best way to teach the program is to print the downloaded curriculum pages and read from the printed pages so you do not have to leave the Online Interactive Media.

meet the masters homeschool login www