Meet the fosters jesus and lexi

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meet the fosters jesus and lexi

'The Fosters' Season 1 Episode 6 Spoilers: Jesus and Lexi's Parents . a group therapy session for foster children and meets someone with a. The first season of The Fosters premiered on June 3, and ended on March 24, Meanwhile, Jesus and Lexi have unprotected sex and Brandon is jealous about Callie and Wyatt. . When developing the concept, Bredeweg and Paige were initially met with some resistance from Hollywood, with Bredeweg. All the members of the Adams-Foster family are, for the most part, at ease. In the final bits of The Fosters, Emma and Jesus enacted a small romantic I know that look,” Callie tells Brandon during a late night meeting.

When Lexi is bound to leave due to Mariana no longer wanting her, Jesus reminds her that it's his birthday as well and tells her that she can't leave without dancing with him. It ends with a kiss. The Morning After Jesus talking to Lena. Jesus and Lexi had unprotected sex.

Lexi is afraid of telling her parents as they are strictly religious so Jesus decides to buy the morning after pill.

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Due to the fact that he is under-aged, he asks a woman at the pharmacy to buy it for him. Coincidentally, Stef was at the same getting Jesus' pills pharmacy and catches Jesus outside. He goes home and tells Lena about the unprotected sex. Later on, Jesus and Lexi are seen at the beach and they agree to take a break. Saturday At the beginning of the episode, Jesus is worried about Lexi and her parents coming over.

Jesus asks his moms about going to the retreat with Lexi's parents. They tell him they'll think about it. Later that day, Lexi and her parents come and they are seen having dinner. It goes surprisingly well, until drunk Mariana tells Lexi's parents they are having sex. The episode ends with all of them having shocked looks.

meet the fosters jesus and lexi

The Fallout The next day after the dinner, it began with the twins arguing. Jesus threatened Mariana by revealing that she has been in contact with their biological mother to the moms.

Stef intervened before the argument escalated. Jesus looks for Lexi around school since she has not shown up. At some point, Jesus went to Lexi's house and they spoke.

meet the fosters jesus and lexi

Jesus revealed to Mariana, in a hatred way, that Lexi is being pulled out of school and is being sent to a boarding school in Texas. Jesus is asked about Lexi due to her running away from her home. As Mariana gets back home from an outing with Lexi, Jesus explains to her about the whole situation.

They decide to go back to the abandoned house aka Wyatt's old home. They explain to Lexi that she and her family are undocumented.

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They return her back to the Fosters. They are later talking about Lexi's actions of threatening her parents. Clean When Mariana suspiciously goes to answer a phone call, Jesus follows and asks her who it was. He finds out it was Ana.

Later on, they go to tell Ana to stop bothering them.

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When they get to Ana's current house, Jesus is caught off guard by Ana's hug. She tells them she desperately needs money to escape her abusive boyfriend. Jesus and Mariana tell Ana they don't have anymore money.

Ana's boyfriend comes not long after and states he needs to go to the store. By the looks of it, it is clear Jesus doesn't like or trust him. During that day, Jesus leaves and visits Ana once again. Mariana suspects that Jesus is at Ana's when she finds out the truth. Mariana tells the moms about the whole situation and Jesus's whereabouts. This causes Stef to go to the house along with Mike equiped with a gun. Vigil Jesus was in fact with Ana, and not at Ana's house.

He took her to a facility care center. When Ana asks Jesus for money, he gives her all he had on him which was inneficient. Lena calls him, worried, and he says he is not in Ana's home but downtown. Lena tells him to stay where he is.

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He waits until they pick him up. While in the car, Lena receives a call from Mike about Stef's shooting. While at the hospital, Brandon yells at Jesus and Mariana for leading the situation about Ana to now, but he is brushed off by Callie. The next day at home, while Mariana and Jesus are organizing their old stuff, Brandon apologizes.

They laugh and joke around. When they return to the hospital, they are allowed to see Stef. I Do Jesus and Lexi are seen making out. Lexi brings up the subject of sex. Lexi gets upset when Jesus doesn't want to do it.

At the wedding, Jesus pulled Lexi away.

meet the fosters jesus and lexi

Jesus tells her that he has knowledge that she's moving away. He tells her that he will never forget her.

meet the fosters jesus and lexi

Jesus and Lexi dance at the wedding. The Honeymoon Jesus helped Sharon clean up for the wedding. He is unaware of Lexi leaving for school. He and Mariana argue over who will spend time with Lexi. Jesus enters Mariana's room while her and Lexi are working on their English assignment.

He asks for time alone with his girlfriend, but Lexi lets him go after feeling she is letting her best friend down. Jesus receives a note on the front door of the home.

He allowed Emma to win and that only made her mad. There goes the chance of him not seeing her as a girl. Jesus met up with Emma and they both stated they have feelings for one other but, Emma said she doesn't do cheating and Jesus agreed and he said he will break up with Lexi. Escapes and Reversals Jesus thought it would be easier to send his girlfriend, Lexi, an email rather than break up with her face to face. She was actually on her way to becoming more than just his friend though.

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Jesus only had seconds to warn her that his girlfriend had returned before Lexi introduced herself to Emma at school. Emma was caught off guard and accidentally injured her finger with the simplest task of trying to close her locker.

This made him even more nervous. Once he started to get nervous he thought began to lose focus.

meet the fosters jesus and lexi

So much so that he went back to his reliable medication without talking it over with his parents. Jesus had nearly gotten himself worked up into an anxiety attack.

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He was wigging out when it was his turn. Thankfully his coach stepped in and talked to him. That got him to focus more than the medication did. Jesus won the match for his team but he realized what was important to him too little too late. He came off of the mat surer than ever that he only likes Emma and loves Lexi.