Meet the allies hetalia england

Worlds Collide: Hetalia meets Nyotalia Chapter 1, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction

meet the allies hetalia england

Please review and tell me which Nyo!Countries you want to see next and which non axis/allies you want to see genderbent. England sighed. Read Meeting of the Allies - Hetalia Axis Powers (dubbed) from the story Hetalia Quotes by nordish (Lauren England: I can't understand a word you're saying!. [Warning there is jealous Iggy in this chapter and a lot of future chapters. Enjoy my sexy readers!] -Character List;.(Name) Kirkland: London.

meet the allies hetalia england

America decides he'll be the hero and everyone else will act as his support. Meanwhile, isn't France dreamy? Will he become the new Roman Empire with him or not? Later on, inEngland finds that he still has friends outside of the Allies to count on to cheer him up In a brief jump forward toa gloomy and war-torn France proposes to England, who quickly learns the "joke" is indeed on him Back inthe Axis Powers train to take on England, and Italy gets a quick and confusing lesson in "culture clash".

But it fails, and he ends up with someone even worse: It's just another day in the life of Germany, as he attempts to brave the wait and chaos in a never-ending line at the supermarket. He takes it upon himself to try to raise Japan as his younger brother, but soon discovers that there's more to the growing youngster than he thought. And he may not be prepared to deal with the sudden changes But little do they know, they have a surprise guest or two in their room, listening in on their "top secret" plans.

Elsewhere, Italy gets stuck in an embarrassing situation with his own brother. Meanwhile, the Axis Powers are still deserted on an island, but come across a most unusual sight in the middle of a forest.

meet the allies hetalia england

Meanwhile, as Liechtenstein and Her Beloved Brother arc comes to a close, Switzerland finds himself reminded of his lapsed friendship with Austria. England finally realized what was going on. There are like two of me. The world now has a hero and a heroine to save it from the Axis Powers!

He came across three figures some distance away. Upon closer inspection he realized that they were girls and were asleep. Italy went up to the girl with the tan uniform and shook her to wake her up. The girl jumped up, clearly scared, and started to whine. Are you with the allies? Please don't hurt me! I'll tell you whatever you want to know! Just what we need. The clearly Italian girls companions were awoken by her whining.

They immediately drew their weapons out to protect their friend. The gave the three men threatening looks. One had a gun and the other had a katana.

Germany and Japan also took out their weapons, which were identical to the ones the girls had. Italy, on the other hand, pulled out a white flag and started waving it. I'll tell you whatever you want to know. They agreed to put away their weapons and introduce themselves.

Italy was cheerful as always and went first. They knew that there were two personifications of Italy, but three?

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The other two ladies had the same reaction. The strong women introduced herself next. How was there another him? Italy broke the awkward silence by pointing to Germany and saying "He is Germany as well. Your name is Japan, isn't it? Did westerners usually ask if this is your name to people they've never seen before? Japan went up to her and bowed. Anata wa Nihon desu ka? Nice to meet you, I am Japan.

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Are you Japan " he told her. She bowed in response. I like myself as a bella. Want to make some pasta?

Hetalia Meetings Chapter 1: Allies Meeting, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction

Then we will know how many of these genderbent nations we are dealing with. England hated to admit it, but he agreed.

How did you manage to come up with something intelligent? You know what that makes me, the heroine. I can't wait to kick some butt! Both Englands sighed and rolled their eyes. Your review has been posted.