Meet my mom synopsis of the four

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meet my mom synopsis of the four

There are no critic reviews yet for Meet My Mom. Audience Reviews for Meet My Mom. The acting was not great, but it was a cute story. I very much enjoyed this film - as many have pointed out, no sex, no violence, good acting, warm story line. The characters and story moved along pretty. Meet My Mom Poster See full summary» .. When Dana goes to meet up with Vince and friends out in the desert, there is a woman in a yellow maternity top.

The varying emotions-be it humor, utter grief or sheer depth of love and sacrifice o A word of caution: The varying emotions-be it humor, utter grief or sheer depth of love and sacrifice or be it the underlying incomprehensible strength of a lady- all these pangs of strife captures the essence of this exemplary piece of writing.

Since the beginning, a feeling of deja vu hovered around my mind. The novel surely bears some stark resemblance to some of the all time blockbuster flicks.

The scene where Roshni is lying dead and her mortal body is consumed by fire reminds me of the opening of 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'.

Hey Dad! Meet My Mom...

The way in which Puneet's firm link with the two females- one being Myra and another Roshnihis dream girlis portrayed bears a significant similarity with another SRK stuff 'Dil Toh Paagal Hai' where the figment of imagination being Maya Madhuri Dixit. I was even able to relate with Aamir starrer 'Talaash' upto some extent in terms of the mysterious elements involved as Rishi and Roshni and the inexplicable circumstances where they relentlessly show up and fades off.

However, there were few things which completely put me off. Lets put the first things first.

meet my mom synopsis of the four

The same uninspiring life of Puneet, his monotonous dreams or more aptly the nightmareshis psychological conflicts, his ephemeral vision of Rishi, the unproductive tactics employed by Myra to overcome his psyche issues - in shortthe first half is unnecessarily stretched too long which made it sound a bit dull, boring and losing its charm soon. The physical description of Roshni and Rishi is not given much heed. I craved for a much more clear depiction of both these characters who were the most integral part of the story.

I feel that the sense of belongingthe intrinsic capability of a reader to aptly visualize the protagonists, the inherent trait of humans to identify themselves with the characters and flow with the pace of novel- all these little but essential elements which makes a story an enriching experience were by and large missing and are not given due weightage.

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The literary elements or precisely the language could have been much more gripping as many reviewers pointed out. In order to engage the young readers more, every now and then the unnecessary inclusion of intimate scenes were a big put off for me. Not even a single one of these looked justified especially the reconciliation scene of Puneet and Roshni at the latter's house which was immediately followed by some physical intimacy while I was expecting a much more emotional and heart-throbbing scene.

meet my mom synopsis of the four

How Puneet found Roshni's diary is still a secret: Last and perhaps the most noticeable blunder on the part of author is the way the novel ended abruptly. The climax is though well crafted but the description of those three kids- Kiara, Adi and Riya is not properly dealt with.

I would have felt a real connect if the duo of Puneet and Myra take custody of tiny tots or something sensible of such sort.

meet my mom synopsis of the four

I even felt that the family of each PuneetMyra and Roshni deserved a special and comprehensive mention. The novel could have easly been odd pages had they spent more time in developing Myra-Puneet plot, took considerable interest in Maya's role and displayed immense concern in the whereabouts of children.

Besides, all these loopholesauthors can definitely boast of providing a twisting and thrilling touch to the narration, unlike most of the stuffs today which comprise of a stale plot revolving just around the romantic tale of protagonists ,serving no other purpose.

The imagination and the creativity with which the poems are woven are just spot on. The novel is full of 'masala' and scepticism- perfect ingredients for a bollywood flick.

The second half is very well paced and much more engaging. The scene where Rishi and Roshni bid farewell to Puneet by waving hands symbolize supreme sacrifice and needless to say, it was the most heartfelt moment for me. The reward Christy offers Nick for lending her parking meter change and the name she later calls Nick.

The two become high, and later share the cookies with Jill and Wendy after an AA meeting. A panicked Adam contacts Bonnie to tell her the cookies contain marijuana, causing all of the women to worry over losing their sobriety. An idea Bonnie gets while high and Jill's share at an AA meeting.

The two immediately have a connection, forcing Bonnie to hide the truth from Adam.

meet my mom synopsis of the four

A joke Bonnie makes about her green entrance bracelet to the festival and a lie that Christy tells Adam to cover Bonnie. When her attitude becomes too much for the girls to handle, Christy hopes that Adam will reconsider a future with her mother.

The meal Bonnie prepares for Adam and her story about the neighbor's pan she borrowed to accommodate the size of the chicken. One argument is over Adam responding to a text from his ex-wife during sex, and he later admits to Bonnie that he's still trying to get his ex to sign divorce papers. Bonnie confronts the ex, Danielle Wendie Malickand surmises she is still hoping to get back together with Adam. An activity Jill would propose to her ex-husband in an attempt to win him back and a snack Bonnie has when she breaks into Danielle's house.

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With Bonnie having to take care of Christy as she recovers from a concussion, she reluctantly agrees to let Danielle take care of Adam, who has a shoulder injury. Two things that Danielle provides for Adam while caring for him. Expecting an infant, Jill learns the child is a year old named Emily Julia Lesterwho has bounced around the system.

Meanwhile, Bonnie learns the apartment complex management has asked the tenants to give her performance reviews. Something Bonnie finds after cleaning an apartment shower and Christy's description of Bonnie as a child that has been in the foster system too long.

Bonnie is further annoyed when she meets her half-brother Ray Leonard Roberts and learns that he is a successful lawyer. William Fichtner as Adam Note: Jill's comment about Christy going to a line dance and Bonnie looking into Shirley's fridge. Christy's unsatisfying sex life with Brad and the vegan restaurant they go to on their first date. Christy tries to overcome a painful memory from her past, when she recognizes a new AA member as the man who once raped her.

meet my mom synopsis of the four