Guess the emoji level 9 10 state gymnastics meet

MAKERS Conference Replay

guess the emoji level 9 10 state gymnastics meet

and identify agencies throughout the state that provide exceptional Park and *Rain location will be the Bartlett Public Library Meeting Room All campers should wear gym shoes, bring a snack, water bottle, sunscreen (spray on only), bug Level. Rec. Rec. Travel. Travel. Age. Fee Res/ Reg. The THS Drama Club placed 5th out of 10 schools at the Region 9 contest in Watford City. .. Tioga HS gym will be closed until Monday, July 30 due to the wood floor . She is pictured with the State Presidents from all the CTSO's as they meet with school students looking to take their science fair projects to the next level. But at home, I think people just really wanted that off of how gymnasts perform at the Olympic Trials, just like last year, Guess who got the highest beam score in the team final at the Olympic Games? State to compete at the NCAA level alongside fellow Olympian .. July 27, at pm.

It's going to be incredible, so don't miss out Wednesday morning. OK, other things that are new this year, men.

We've got a lot of them in the audience. And we hope that all of you on the Livestream, we hope there are men out there, too. You guys are the ones who get it. You're not buying into the old boys' club anymore. You're willing and want to join the Girls Club, and let me tell you something about the Girls Club.

We will never, ever discriminate against anyone for gender, race, ethnicity, orientation. So ladies, let them in! And this time, I mean the next generation. I mean this step team over here. Ladies and gentlemen, Liza Koshy! Let me hear your female sin! I'm having an adrenaline rush! I have an estrogen rush. Hey, I need some help. When I say may, you say ker. Oh, I like it. How are you guys doing tonight? Thank you so much.

Thank you, thank you.

guess the emoji level 9 10 state gymnastics meet

Is I have to admit this to all of you is-- is that I think I may have met my match. Liza Koshy may have more energy than Dyllan McGee.

You do your thing, honey. I'm leaving you on this stage. We're both taller than this. That's my success story. We're both five feet tall. All right, Liza Koshy! Oh, give it for Dyllan. Y'all, please give it up for Dyllan. That is very-- I'm very small.

I am very, very nervous to be here but I am very excited to raise my voice, so thank you for having me. I'm Liza Koshy, and that video made me look crazy, which means that it was accurate, because I am.

And honestly, I was really confused as to how I got here. And I would love to think Henry for having been in my age demographic and for having great taste in people he watches.

So thank you, Henry.

Pan American Championships Daily Blogs

Henry going to keep me employed, y'all. I am not a public speaker by trade, and you guys can tell. I usually speak in private, and then I press a button to make it public. My creations began on an app called Vine. And now, Vine allowed me to create videos that were six seconds long, and now, it allows me to create nothing. Rest in peace, Vine. Now, six seconds wasn't enough. And as you can see, I enjoy talking a lot and being extra obnoxious, so I explore the world of YouTube to see what I could create on there, and see if anybody would be down to listen to little old me, and they did.

Now, 13 million people do. And I don't know what's wrong with them. But hey, you made them, OK? They're your kids, not mine. But for some reason, they put up with me, and they're willing to watch what I put up.

guess the emoji level 9 10 state gymnastics meet

So from writing, to shooting, to editing, to creating sketches, and bits, and characters from the voices that are inside my head-- y'all saw that-- they watch what I do, and what I do is what I love. And I'm just so grateful that they do. But with this love, and with love in general, comes responsibility. Now, it is an honor to have the platform that allows me to communicate with our future leaders, and future entrepreneurs, and strong young boys and girls, and the future even stronger men and women.

And it's amazing to be able to speak to them and speak their language. They use, like, pound signs as hashtags. But I am very proud to speak lightheartedly of topics they relate to and will learn of more as they develop and grow and raise their own voice, such as stereotypes, sexism, anxiety. And I take so much pride in having created this lighthearted world for them to speak their own voices, and share through their own comments, and relate to me on that different level. But the reason why my voice is heard is thanks to those who have raised theirs before me.

And I am thankful to have been raised by three amazing, strong women. No, I do not have three moms, although it isand we can do anything now. But I have an amazing, beautiful mother that raised me, and two strong older sisters, and an incredibly supportive father who allowed me to come out here and be this insane for the rest of the world.

So I was encouraged to be myself, and encouraged to be confident, and encouraged to be heard.

2018 Women's Level 9 & 10 Regionals

And now, I'm-- not only do I have a platform online, but a platform I'm standing on today, so I'm very grateful for that. But she is an amazing human being who I met at a dinner with these awesome ladies organized in conjunction with YouTube, Natacha Hildebrand and Betsy Rosenberg, who are the dynamic duo behind Doyenne. They're a female-led line dedicated to curious conversations, and honestly opened my brain up, opened my world up into talking, and speaking, and using my platforms to really heighten my own voice and raise my own voice.

But it was an amazing dinner that connected me with Amy. So I'm-- she's not back stage. But-- but thank you. And then the ladies of Bliss, hello.

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I am just incredibly-- your story is just incredible. And these women inspired a nation with an award winning documentary, "Step. I got better rhythm than that.

That was pretty bad. Regina Wilson in audience tonight, if you wouldn't mind raising your hand, because I'm not sure where everybody's at. Regina Wilson, y'all don't know, but she remains 1 of only 10 African-American women on the New York Fire Department, which consists of more than 10, firefighters and officers. So I have to say one more time, just please give it up for Regina. Thank you for being here. OK, I just don't know where to start with you.

I have to talk to you later. I'll force you to talk to me later. Tamika Catchings, where's she in the audience tonight? Yeah, right there, Tamika Catchings, please give it up. Former WNBA player who embraced what others would call a disability and made it her sixth sense on the court.

Still one of the best players ever in the WNBA today. Woo, raise your voice for Tamika one more time, please. I got a foreign last name, too. But this rock star, where's she at? I just saw-- did I see her? Oh, she's on the screen.

There we go, reference. This rock star of a woman created MuslimGirl, which is a blog and YouTube channel and a movement that goes to take back the narrative about misleading misconceptions surrounding Islam, and specifically in and around women.

Please, please raise your voice so loud for Amani. I'm trying to apply the lessons that I've learned from all of them into what I do moving forward with my life. Now, I am extremely proud to be raising my voice on a show I am making right now called "Liza on Demand. Look at my sweatshirt. I got it from my incredible co-writers, and co-creators, and show runners, and amazing just overall badasses, Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont.

They are just incredible creative people who are woke and are absolutely amazing. We have a half-- over half female cast and crew, and are all helping me raise my voice through entertaining, storytelling, and being completely unapologetic about who I am as a strong female lead.

So the show's themes of feminism and strength really carry through the entire storyline in each episode, and from being catcalled, from being told to smile, beautiful, from saying that I can't do a job because it's for a man. And that humble plug being said, go check it out. I am honored to contribute to the foundation laid before me by you incredibly strong women in the audience.

2018 Pan American Championships Daily Blogs

And by-- I-- I am actually proud to share my platform so that all may be heard. I'm talking of generations before me and generations ahead of me. I'm very, very excited to just be someone contributing to the time that is now, because time's up. But I am proud to be raising my voice, and I am so excited for yours to keep raising over the next three days and beyond, baby, because this is what it is for the rest of our life and for the rest of our generation is what we're doing now.

Just going to keep raising and keep yelling even louder. So thank you guys so, so, so very much, and thanks for listening. I think I'll keep running. Ladies and gentlemen, Ava DuVernay. It's so funny, wherever I go, I know I'm going to hear glory. I walk out, they play Glory. It's going to follow me forever, but I don't mind. Listen, I'm here today-- this is Makers, let's give it around, I'm really excited that this is getting started. Really cool, really cool. We're starting it off with some tremendous, tremendous women.

No time to waste, I'm just going to get them on out here, and we're going to have a conversation about Time's Up. This is basically the Avengers. So happy to be here with you all, and what we're really just going to do is dive into Time's Up, a real intimate conversation about the inner workings, the origins, the future, the intention, so that we can all leave here on the exact same page.

That it goes beyond a cool thing that happened at the Globes, or some headlines, and you will really get inside of it and know exactly what we're doing, right?

All right, so what the hell is this thing? Who can give us the overview, the logline, for folks who've never heard of Time's Up? Well, the overview and the origin, it really began when Donald Trump was elected. And it was a shot heard around the nation. And I like to think that Time's Up is born of a collective consciousness. I think the reason why this came together so quickly and so speedily, you know, specifically in response to the allegations that you've all heard in Hollywood in terms of sexual harassment.

But I think even before that, I think women have been feeling very marginalized and oppressed since, you know, this shocking turn of events happened in our country. And when, in Hollywood, it happened in such a affronting way, we had to respond to it. So, in terms of how it began, it began in so many different ways. But a few of my colleagues, Michelle Kydd Lee, Hylda Queally, Christy Haubeggar, a few of us sat around and basically just made a list of all the women we knew who were as outraged.

And one good thing about agents is we can convene easily and so we invited all these folks and dozens of others of incredibly courageous, wonderful women in our industry to sit around a table and start brainstorming about what we could do. I think it's important to know who the "we" is. So you have agents, you hire private lawyers, you have writers, producers, directors, actors, screenwriters, public advocates, the group is pretty large.

It is really multifaceted and very robust. Really dynamic when you get in the room with all of these women that touch different parts of the entertainment industry in different categories. Jill, can you talk a little bit about, because I know that you've been, you know, facilitating some of the smaller convenings.

guess the emoji level 9 10 state gymnastics meet

But how is it to have all of these women in a room together, and these are powerful, powerful woman, OK? How do we manage that? Yeah, I mean Ava, you know. It's like a dream come true, right? We've been, we've all been waiting for this moment. And so you get in that room at CAA with these women around this huge table, and you go, OK we're all here, and this is real, and the revolution is alive, and let's do it. And it's just so exciting. And to me the thing that's most exciting is a sense of collaboration, where there isn't that question usually of politics, where it's like, well who's going to do that, and whose job is that.

Well, that's not my thing. We're all just saying yes and, yes and, what you want me to do?

guess the emoji level 9 10 state gymnastics meet

Just people are all, you know, filling in this space with their enthusiasm and joy for revolutionary connectivity and changing the world together. And for me, when I saw the Golden Globes and I was like, holy shit. Like, we took over a thing. We took over an awards show, and it worked. In a very small amount of time, too. Yes, it's just like insane. It is, it is. It's beautiful to watch and to feel. Nina, can you talk a little bit about the mission?

Just the overall mission. We'll let the lawyer do the legality. Let us know what the mission is. It's very simple, it's equity and safety in the workplace. And that can really, you know we like to say at Time's Up we can do anything, but we can't do everything. So the goal was to set a mission that really related not just to the entertainment industry, and frankly, not just to women.

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