First grade meet the teacher ideas for students

Happy Days in First Grade: Fun Meet-The-Teacher Night Ideas

first grade meet the teacher ideas for students

FREEBIE-Cupcake Wish List- Open House/ Meet the Teacher Night maybe with a sweet treat to eat? . Fantastic birthday ideas for elementary school students!. Can y'all believe Meet the Teacher night is right around the corner?! I also like for my kids and parents to have an idea of what my. Results 1 - 20 of I have been teaching first grade for 12 years and yet I still update and Cute student gift idea for Meet the Teacher, Open House, or the.

Then a smart friend suggested the kids do it.

first grade meet the teacher ideas for students

Because I have community supplies in my classroom, this arrangement works beautifully. At the end of the night all I have to do is take the boxes and transfer the supplies into the tubs on my supply shelf. I do have my kids keep a few supplies in their desks as mentioned on the checklist for the first day, but everything else gets put on the supply shelf.

Set out a stack of envelopes and ask your parents to fill them out with their name and address. Hold on to the envelopes and spend the first couple weeks of school getting to know their child….

Susie is so kind and compassionate…a real friend to everyone,etc. A handwritten letter is SO much more personal than an email or a text. I personally have no problem giving my parents my cell.

Create a QR code with your info cellemail, etc. Photo Op This is one of the easiest photo ops that I have ever done in my classroom! I simply hung bright colored streamers on an anchor chart rack and made these easy speech bubbles as props for my kids.

The kids thought it was so fun, and their parents completely loved it! Student Gifts Speaking of student gifts, here's what I gifted my students at Meet-the-Teacher Night last year after they turned in their Scavenger Hunt!

These were super easy to put together. I simply bought a handful of glow sticks and tied two together with black ribbon along with these tags. It doubles as an excuse upgrade your kitchen pans! Use games to teach blends. Check out these six free, low-prep games for teaching blends.

first grade meet the teacher ideas for students

They really took pride in their notebooks and were very proud to share their work with others. Unlike completing worksheets or other printables, which go home right away, these books are always available to the children.

50 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Teaching 1st Grade

Keep your math manipulatives organized and easy to access. We take actual pictures of the materials.

first grade meet the teacher ideas for students

When we need them, I just tell them to take out their math tools. It saves a lot of time passing them out every time they are needed.

20+ Fantastic & Easy Ideas for Meet the Teacher Night

I have a set of shelves in my back room where the kids can access them. Making a chart that connects the numeral, word, and picture for each number will help reinforce number concepts with your little ones.

first grade meet the teacher ideas for students

Check out this blog for more great examples of how to use math journals! Differentiate math work by using online resources. There are tons of online resources for differentiating math work.