Dvgrr meet and greet

DVGRR Meet and Greet 2 - Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

dvgrr meet and greet

Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR) will hold its monthly "Meet and Greet the Goldens" on Saturday, Jan. 12, from 10 a.m. to noon at its Golden. What happens if I'm not matched with a dog at Meet and Greet the Goldens Day? to wait while their owners meet the available DVGRR dogs, and for safety. The dogs full profiles can be seen at angelfirenm.info | See more ideas about Meet & Greet the Goldens today from 10AM-Noon at DVGRR, 60 Vera.

The list will include information about which dogs can be placed with young children, other dogs, cats, etc. It will also tell you whether a fenced yard is required or not for each dog.

Back to Top Can I go up to any of the dogs to meet them? Yes, although in some cases we will ask that children under 10 not interact with the dog.

dvgrr meet and greet

For very shy or timid dogs, we may limit the number of people around them at any one time in order to keep them from being overwhelmed. Back to Top Can I bring the whole family with me? Friends and other interested folks are welcome to attend as well.

Thinking About Adopting?

Just remember that your canine family member cannot attend at this time see next question. Also please remember that young children must be supervised at all times. Back to Top Can I bring my own dog s along? We do ask that you leave canine family members at home in order to assure their safety and well-being.

We do not have space at our facility for non-program dogs to wait while their owners meet the available DVGRR dogs, and for safety, we of course do not want dogs to be left in cars. Back to Top What happens in bad weather? In the case of extreme snow or ice making roads and travel unsafe, we may cancel. Back to Top Can I find out more about the dogs besides what is in the handout or on the website? We generally have very little background on the dogs that come to us from an animal shelter or another rescue.

You can also talk with our Kennel Manager or Adoption Manager for more information about any of the dogs. If we have a large number of dogs and people in attendance, we may, unfortunately, not be able to have as extended a discussion as we might like since we try to be equally available to all of our visitors. Back to Top Can I try walking the dog myself or interact with him or her off leash? Many times it can be very helpful for prospective adopters to make sure they can handle a dog on leash some DVGRR dogs are very strong!

dvgrr meet and greet

If you have a serious interest in one of the dogs and meet the preliminary requirements for that dog see next questionwe can try to arrange for you and your family to spend some additional time with the dog in one of our exercise areas.

First, please be sure you meet all of the preliminary qualifications pertinent to that dog e.

Meet and Greet the Goldens Day at Golden Gateway - Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

If you do meet all of the preliminary qualifications, sign up for that dog on his or her sign-up sheet. Each dog will have an individual sign-up sheet attached to a clipboard at the information table. The application form is also available online.

Thanks and we look forward to meeting you! We are required to protect the identities of our adopters and children in attendance as well as the dogs in our program.

Meet & Greet FAQs - Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

DVGRR events are provided with no special warranty either express or implied. You agree that you shall not bring any legal action against DVGRR for any claim waived and released under this Agreement. You further agree that should you bring any type of administrative or legal action arising out of claims waived under this Agreement, you will bear all legal fees and costs, including those of the Organizers.

dvgrr meet and greet

DVGRR also reserves the right to post any pictures taken by DVGRR staff or its assigned representatives taken during the events on its websites without asking permission of each individual that are in the pictures. Discretion will be applied, where appropriate. DVGRR reserves the right to exclude anyone from becoming a participant or entrance should they choose not to accept this Agreement.

Also, if you see a yellow leash on a dog, give that dog some space. Please approach this dog slowly and calmly. Do not crowd this dog if there are a lot of people around.