Big bang theory the relationship diremption napisy na

Series 07 Episode 20 – The Relationship Diremption | Big Bang Theory Transcripts

big bang theory the relationship diremption napisy na

"The Big Bang Theory" The Relationship Diremption napisy. AKA: The Big Bang Theory, Teoria wielkiego podrywu, The Celebration Reverberation, Теорiя. Tytuł oryginalny: THE BIG BANG THEORY (SEASONS ) (16 BLU-RAY DISCS) Napisy: angielskie i inne (jak poniżej) . 'The Indecision Amalgamation', 'The Relationship Diremption', 'The Anything Can Happen Recurrence', napisz do mnie - wystawię dla Ciebie odpowiednią aukcję na Allegro. Napisy The Big Bang Theory (Teoria wielkiego podrywu, The Big Bang Theory, The Celebration Reverberation, Теорiя великого вибуху, Agymenők) Seriale TV, .

It actually looks good, Sheldon. I suppose I could see myself in a scientific boy band. What did you do? I gave him a new look. Why would you say that?

big bang theory the relationship diremption napisy na

Beckham can bend it, Ralph can wreck it, Raj can blow it. In a bad way, very bad. Whatever you hear tonight, just remember I love you. Emily, these are my good friends, Howard and Bernadette.

Guys, this is Emily. Nice to meet you. Have we met before? You I know, you I know, you? Even if you had yummy candy, I would not get in your van. Did you go to that spin class on Green Street? That must be it. Since when do you go to spin class? What are you doing? Oh, looking through my textbooks for a new field of inquiry. Why do we have a geology book?

Well, geology is the Kardashians of science.

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Have you considered studying standard model physics? Like you could get a brown bear. I could buy salmon. Maybe you could make your new field of study the calculation of nuclear matrix elements. What about loop quantum gravity? Oh, Duchess, look at me. One of the people that lives in his head. Sheldon, have you ever considered not rushing into something new? Maybe something new to study will find you. It just hit me over the head one day.

How does that happen? A bully chased me through the school library and hit me over the head with the biggest book he could find. Okay, how about we toast your newfound freedom? And you wonder why other children beat you with books.

Emily, what do you do? Mmm, and you know what that means. This is making me crazy. I know I know you from somewhere. Oh, uh, Howard was an astronaut.

What was that like? It was the most incredible experience of my life.

Serial Teoria wielkiego podrywu – The Big Bang Theory

Oh, my God, I remember. Can I finish my astronaut story? It was four years ago. We were set up on a blind date. You came to my apartment.

The Relationship Diremption

I was on the way to pick her up. My stomach felt a little funny. When I got there, I asked if I could use her bathroom. One roll of toilet paper and 20 minutes later, I was so humiliated, I snuck out the window and never saw her again. You know what else I never saw again, my security deposit.

All my friends love this story. They call you Clogzilla. Because you clogged up her bathroom like a radioactive monster! Yeah, yeah, I get it. No more than Penny. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Knock, knock, knock Empty room. So, Emily, why did you decide to specialize in dermatology? I like cutting people with knives, and all the other jobs where you get to do that are illegal. Can I say just one more thing? I had some kind of food poisoning that day.

big bang theory the relationship diremption napisy na

Sure, in retrospect, gas station sushi, maybe not the best choice. Seeing him turn to Cosmo as a guide during these difficult times was a hoot. And it led to a number of memorable lines, with one of my favorites being, "Now I realize I was just a simple country boy, seduced by a big city theory with variables in all the right places. This storyline gained momentum when Sheldon, Amy, Penny, and Leonard sat around the dinner table and Sheldon began perusing his library for a new field of interest.

His increasingly hysterical reactions to each option were a hoot, whether it was calling geology "the Kardashians of science" or launching into a terrible British accent to denounce Loop Quantum Gravity. But it peaked after a night of drunken debauchery resulted in Sheldon waking up in bed with an open geology textbook.

That scene was cleverly framed to make viewers think it was Amy on the other side of the bed. But even with all the progress their relationship has made in recent months, that would be pushing it. Aside from the second Barry appearance, my only complaint with the way this story ended is that there wasn't much closure. Sheldon never actually found a solution to his dilemma, and so we'll have to wait and see if his quest for a new field of study continues or if he just resumes his String Theory scribbles like nothing ever happened.

I'm betting it's the latter outcome. Thankfully, the writers also took the time to continue exploring Raj's romantic misadventures after last week's developments.

It was a little weird how Lucy was basically brought back into Raj's life this season and written out again this week as a mostly off-screen character. I don't know if Kate Micucci wound up having scheduling conflicts or the writers decided they just didn't need her, but it's definitely odd.

In any case, Raj made further progress with Emily this week, going so far as to double date with the Wolowitzes. I appreciated how expectations were subverted and it was Howard, not Raj, who wound up having the uncomfortable evening. The "Clogzilla" gag was a little overplayed, but it was still nice to see Raj have a successful date for a change. And hopefully we'll continue to see this relationship play out in the remaining handful of Season 7 episodes.

The Verdict As nice as it is to see the other Big Bang characters take point, Sheldon is the star of the series for a reason. This was definitely one of his more entertaining episodes in recent memory, as he suffered through every phase in the stereotypical sitcom breakup saga, but with a fun twist.