All in the family season 1 episode meet bunkers youtube

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all in the family season 1 episode meet bunkers youtube

ALL IN THE FAMILY – 10 Unforgettable Episodes. Facebook · Twitter · YouTube · Instagram. Close Best of all: you can catch the trials and tribulations of the Bunker family every weekday on getTV. O'Connor is both hilarious and touching in this episode, and Archie meeting “God” (actually the oil man. Edith Bunker (nėe Baines) is a fictional s sitcom character on All in the Family played by There is not an exact date brought up when she met Archie, but the place was the Puritan Maid Ice Cream Parlor. In the 1st season 2nd episode "Writing the President" Edith remarks how before her marriage, in she got a. Below are the episodes, a description and a link to YouTube where you can enjoy 1, 1/12/71, Meet the Bunkers, The title of the episode says it all, and sets the.

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But just when Archie think's he's finally rid of a black man who is just as strong-headed about disparaging the other's race as he is, in walks George Jefferson, the man who had long refused to step foot in Archie's house First appearance of Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson.

This is the only episode in which George and Henry appear together. Edith gets a small fortune in quarters from a prune company after she sends in a box top to get a cent rebate and the company's computer makes an error.

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This thrills Archie, but he is not as thrilled with computers when he is mistakenly declared dead by another computer. During the game, Mike doesn't like what he learns about himself or how others really feel about him. When things aren't going his way, he childishly quits the game and rants about how Archie undeservedly has plenty of opportunities despite his bigotry.

He cries on Edith's shoulder but surprisingly, Edith is unsympathetic.

all in the family season 1 episode meet bunkers youtube

Yet, Archie then goes on to vehemently defend his father, who he claims loved him and taught him "to do good". Fred and Archie, as it is learned when Fred visits Archie in the "Archie's Brother" episode, had not seen each other in the 29 years since Archie and Edith's wedding, although they apparently had communicated over the years via phone two early episodes -- "Cousin Oscar" and "Lionel Steps Out"—depict phone conversations between Archie and Fredtheir long estrangement fueled because of a petty argument, apparently out of a sibling rivalry of sorts going back to their childhood.

Meet the Bunkers s1e1

Fred visits Archie for support, because he is about to go into the hospital for a major operation, and the two apparently seem to patch things up between them. However, in Fred's return trip to visit Archie and Edith, he arrives with a beautiful year-old wife named Katherine.

all in the family season 1 episode meet bunkers youtube

This leads to a heated discussion, which erupts into an argument between Archie and Fred over May—September romances and places another strain on the relationship between Archie and Fred, who storms angrily out of the Bunker home with his teen bride.

Archie and Fred apparently are estranged for the next three-plus years.

all in the family season 1 episode meet bunkers youtube

Putting a further strain on the relationship was the arrival of Fred's year-old daughter, Barbara "Billie" Denise Millerwho is also upset over her father's marriage to someone not even three years older than she is although in Archie Bunker's Place, Billie begins dating someone 15 years her senior.

Fred visits again for Christmas infinally revealing to everyone why he left his first wife and found love with Katherine. During a doctor's appointment it is stated that Archie had an undistinguished military record for his non-combat ground role in the Air Corpslater called the Army Air Forces, which at the time was a branch of the United States Army.

All in the Family - Meet the Bunkers - video dailymotion

Archie often insisted that he was a member of the Air Corps. He received the Good Conduct Medal[13] and in the All in the Family episode "Archie's Civil Rights"it is disclosed he also received the Purple Heart for being hit in his buttocks by shrapnel.

He married Edith Bunker 22 years before the first season.

all in the family season 1 episode meet bunkers youtube

Later recollections of their mids courtship do not result in a consistent timeline. On the flashback episode showing Mike and Gloria's wedding, Archie indicates to Mike that his courtship of Edith lasted two years and hints that their relationship was not consummated until a month after their wedding night. Edith elsewhere recollects that Archie fell asleep on their wedding night and blurts out that their sex life has not been very active in recent years.

On another occasion, Edith reveals Archie's history of gambling addictionwhich caused problems in the early years of their marriage. Archie also reveals that when Edith was in labor with Gloria, he took her to Bayside Hospital on the Q5 bus because " the subway don't run to Bayside".

Archie Bunker

According to Edith, Archie's resentment of Mike stemmed primarily from the fact that Mike was attending college, while Archie had been forced to drop out of high school during the Great Depression to help support his family. Archie does not take advantage of the GI Bill to further his education, although he does attend night school to earn a high school diploma in He had to give up this dream when he left high school to enter the workforce.

Here are ten episodes to look out for in order of original broadcast. Casting Carey, a macho icon of Western films and TV shows, as a gay character completely upended stereotypes of the era. And it was a remarkably bold move from a series still in its infancy. Dec 11, All In The Family begat more spin-offs than any other show in TV history, and this episode led to the first. Maude and Archie debate everything from the New Deal to his treatment of Edith — until Maude herself ends up sick.

Writer Burt Styler won an Emmy for this groundbreaking episode. It begins with Mike and Archie debating the merits of the Second Amendment, which conservative Archie defends and liberal Mike, of course, opposes.