The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto and Other Writings by Max Cafard (PDF of the In the meantime, you can download the document by clicking the ‘Download’. The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto and Other Writings by Max Cafard (Complete online version). John Clark. Uploaded by. John Clark. Loading Preview. Sorry. “The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto” by Andrew Goodrich was liked by 0 people. We know this might sound crazy, but if you like this video too, maybe you and them.

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The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto and Other Writings: Max Cafard: : Books

For every sufferer instinctively seeks a cause for his manifsstos more exactly, an agent; still more specifically, a guilty agent who is susceptible to suffering — in short, some living thing upon sugre he can, on some pretext or other, vent his affects, actually or in effigy: Is not an obsession with power a mark of the inferior sensibility?

Or more accurately, we might explore the ways in which the many Nietzsches are and are not all of these. What hath civilization wrought?

Yet fish, on seeing them, dive to the bottom of the water, birds fly away in horror, and deer run away terrified. And Technics can also be captured by Erotics.

Perhaps God was lucky to die early and avoid the crowds. We peer into a anarchic abyss. Capital and State are outside the cycles, outside the self-renewing Whole. So they drilled one hole in him each day for seven days.


Later they labeled them For Laozi, the way is not clearly marked, and finding it must be part of the journey. Zhuangzi clears up this misunderstanding. Refusal to conform to the expectations of others.

How to write a manifesto. | Alexandra Franzen

Capital has already rendered its judgment on the Earth: The Region, like the Dao, is vague. What is true in our mysterious Delta region can, in its own way, be true anywhere.

The Means Justifies the End Previous. After the strife it mnifestos completion. The anarchic ruler rules without ruling. They form an infinite web, so all-encompassing that uprooting becomes impossible and unthinkable, deracination irrational.

Poor old Krushchev said to the Capitalists: For our Mother the Earth, we set sail on Celestial Ships.

Therefore after nineteen years my blade is as sharp as ever. But utopia is just as much the enemy of the imagination, and is our own Nemesis.

We follow our roots and find them to extend ever deeper, and ever outward. The physicality of the dismal surroundings. Openness to every point of view. True, paranoia has its own peculiar excitements, but misses the stimulation of subtle variation, texture, multiplicity, quality. Regions are of the land: Fo human who lives up a tall tree will be anxiety-ridden, but a monkey takes it in stride. The article is notable for the multitude of Absences contained within it. Yet it carries on with a difference.

The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto and Other Writings

manifetsos A phantom haunts civilization, and it is not the working class. I seek an eternity dp everything: Unless we want to lapse into some sort of ideological dream world, we must ask a question that Autrey and the market Daoists scrupulously avoid: It is striking that Derrida chooses as an example of undecidability a text that alludes to the forces of nature, and, indirectly, to protection from the forces of nature.


Systems thinking is only the most advanced, and most mystified variety of instrumental rationality.

Kill your parents or relatives if you happen to meet them. The earliest Psychogeographers discovered that not only does one never step into the same river twice, but that one never arrives at a single source. The highest metamorphosis of the spirit is the child, and only the most neurotic child wastes much time on suspicion.

Your fish is cooked! When the corporate polluters spew poison into rivers and streams, direct actionists seal the pipes. For the spirit of Post-Mortemism is pervaded by a certain kind of repetition compulsion, a fixation on certain images, certain figures of speech, even certain catch phrases though in fact they catch little.

Let us never forget the words of the wise Mesechabean! Through the interposition of the virtues of obedience, duty, patriotism, and loyalty. Scattered through the AnarChapters we find traits such as these: Columbia has been asked to donate its renowned bullet-hole. Haunted by the Earth.