LUCREZIA IDRO. LUCREZIA STEEL. Read these instructions carefully before installation, use and maintenance. The instruction booklet is an integral part of the. Fireplace pellets produced by the Italian company Extraflame. Improved automatic cleaning system of the fuel system. Heat exchanger with manual cleaning. Lucrezia Idro steel, is perfect with its essential design and smart red and black painted steel casing. This perfect construction using cutting edge technology with .

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Warehouse heating 27 Oct The service under warranty involves repair of the product completely free of charge as per the laws in force. In addition, no grating or similar device should be positioned.

Assembly And Installation Instructions 5. Special measuring equipment has been placed in order to monitor temperatures under the Far Infrared Hot Yoga 16 Dec How to clean your chimney effectively 05 Jan Outdoor paint insolation 01 Apr When you have set the desired temperature, wait till the word “SET” disappears from the display. Return Pump head All data are indicative and not binding.


Safety Devices Law no. Utilization of cogeneration systems is one of the measures leading to energy efficiency.

Extraflame Lucrezia Idro – back boiler wood pellet stove

Don’t have an account? Status of input ING1: Flue Inspection For heat generating devices equipped with an electric exhaust fan, i.

These operations must be carried out by an authorized technician. Pestim energia at Stroyko exhibition from 24 to 28 October 20 Oct Innovative products for energy saving will be presented at the International Fair in Plovdiv this autumn 26 Sep Use buttons 4 and 5 to set the desired operating power. Switch the power supply to the stove on and then off again using the master switch or the power cable.

Fireplace pellets Lucrezia Idro Steel – 25 kW

Happy clients opinion – infrared heater BlackLite W 12 Feb SuperShield – insulation and protection from mould! The ultra silent fan-coils Carisma are now on the market! How to live in a better way?

At the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in AutumnPestim energia was awarded a Diploma for significant contribution to the dev Position the side tiles in the metal hooks starting from the bottom and going upwards on the two sides of the stove. To ensure correct operation, the stove should ljcrezia general maintenance performed at least once a year by an authorized technician. Why a chimney from ceramic elements?


Closed contact satisfied t1 on display D2 is blinking. Remove the 4 screws from the 2 side pieces in cast iron as shown in the figure. In Augustdespite all the debate over a national definition, a municipal real estate company decided to attempt stdel build a PHI Passive House in Don’t idrp me this message again.

By means of a special process, which does not require the use of any binders or additives, the shavings are compressed in industrial machines under high pressure and become solid wooden pellets.

Burn Pot Bracket Air Purifying Aircode 16 Jul Dear ladies, men are able to clean the house, too! Banks in Bulgaria give EUR 54 million for energy saving.