LMT/NOPB Texas Instruments Switching Voltage Regulators 3A STEP- DOWN VLTG REG datasheet, inventory, & pricing. High-Efficiency 3A Battery Chargers Use LM Regulators (Rev. B) · Link · Input and Output Capacitor. LMWU Microchip Technology / Micrel Switching Voltage Regulators 3A Step-Down SMPS Regulator datasheet, inventory, & pricing. LM Easy Switchertm a Step-down Voltage Regulator The LM series of regulators are monolithic integrated circuits ideally suited for easy and.

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Never able to find out the inductance value I have. The photo on the right column shows the same circuit using a slightly higher inductance at uH but the coil is thicker and bigger in size. It is very good and easy to use.

However it generates a lot of heat through its metal casing. Datassheet size of the inductor plays an important part in determine the load’s max current. For exact component value design, you need to the datasheet. The higher the tolerance, the higher the resistor value resolution will be. One day, I visited a shop selling ready made inductors and brought LM at the same time. As a general guide, a higher voltage rating has lower ESR rating.

On the following table, the 1st row and column represents the common resistor value that I normally keep stock. Almost similar to MC dc-dc ic. Datqsheet devices are available in fixed output voltages of lm2576.50. When I started writing this acticle, only did I realize that I have actually tried it about 6 months ago.


The following experiment is done during the 1st test on LM circuit. Suitable only for very low power application.

LM2576-5.0 Buck Converter overview

Introducing the types of resistors W series- Vitreous enamelled wirewound resistors offering high power, high stability and reliability. The rest of the cells present the various possible resistance I can obtain by having the resistance in parallel from the respective row and column. The circuits deals with high current, therefore it will be better to choose a low ESR equivalent series resistance Aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

The temperature depends on the amount of current flowing through it. The IC LM from the previous working circuit is then transfer over the new circuit board for testing.

LMTO package. It is advisable to supply a voltage input range from 7. A few second after the left circuit is powered up, the small inductor turns very hot. The circuit is fabricated from photo-resist PCB board. MC slvab, Application Switching Regulator.

LM2576-5.0WU Data Sheet – Microchip Technology

LM circuits perform same function as the commonly known voltage regulator LM from National Semiconductor. Just that making your own inductor takes up time and it is very likely to cost you more than what a shop might be selling.

Typical aluminum electrolytic capacitor size – Capacitor Vishay datasheet – Capacitor selection Panasonic – Capacitor selection Rubycon. Try sourcing your local electronics shop for one if possible. The 1N is a high current, high speed, schottky diode and is suitable for this digital switching circuit. The circuitry is able to handle a higher current at 3A 5V output. Low input voltage 0. Various combination of inductor, capacitor and diode can also be tested under this board.


One fine day I went back to the shop where I first purchase my LM and brought 2 additional LM for more testing. It is so fortunate that I managed to get this circuit working once again. This is the same dc-dc circuit shown above. They are usually one of the important specification to take note while selecting inductor from datasheet.

Load regulation performance measured seems poor. That’s why I modified the circuit with an inductor enamelled wire, wound around the ferrite core.

DC-DC converter using LM

It is a tough job building circuits using inductor. NCP is very similar to MC Some of the newly fabricated board built to support other prototype projects. The circuit using a high power rating inductor on the right shows a cleaner DC supply, although the inductance value is different from the design. Wide input voltage 4. SHDN pin does not shutdown the output.