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Electron flow in the electrical network represented the flow of material e. InOdum married Virginia Wood; they had two children together.

Odum wrote some 15 books and papers, and a Festschrift volume Maximum Power: In his Ph.

historia de la ecologia

Howard learned his early scientific lessons about birds from his brother, about fish and the philosophy of biology while working after school for the marine zoologist Robert Coker, and about electrical circuits from The Boy Electrician by Alfred Powell Morgan. As soon as it does the system fits the definition of an entity. Odum arrived at the concept he termed hierarchical organization.

Started from that overall model Odum “mapped in detail all the flow routes to and from the stream. For Odum, as a large entity, the world constituted a revolving cycle with high stability. The unit of emergy past available energy use is the emjoule, as distinguished from joules used for available energy remaining now.

For the American sociologist, see Howard W.

ODUM; HOWARD T. – Bibliografía Pospetróleo

Ecologai reason that systems can not proceed toward some kind of disintegration is that such a pattern has no mechanism of maintaining itself. For Hall [45] the importance of Odum’s work came through his integration of systems, ecology, and energy with economics, together with Odum’s view that economics can be evaluated on objective terms such as energy rather than on a subjective, willingness to pay basis.


By the end of the s Odum’s electronic circuit ecological simulation models were replaced by a more general set of energy symbols. A more general ecologi is that “a system which has stability with time will exist longer than a system without stability”. In a controversial move, Odum, together with Richard Pinkerton at the time physicist at the University of Floridawas motivated by Alfred J. Squares represent biotic pools and ovals are fluxes or energy or nutrients from the system.

Further to this Odum also mooted two more additional thermodynamic laws see Energeticsbut there is far from consensus in the scientific community about these proposals, and many scientists have never heard of H.

Howard T. Odum – Wikipedia

Kangas noted that Odum first set out the theory that Ohm’s Law from electronics was analogous to libroo thermodynamic functioning of ecosystemsp. Alexander Bogdanov Russell L. Kangas states that Odum then also concluded that as thermodynamic systems, ecosystems should also obey the force-flux law. After her death, he married Elizabeth C.

Had they started studying the reef from the bottom up, they might never have gotten around to studying its overall metabolism. It is postulated that there is a natural selection of the possible systems that may form from a given starting condition, and that those systems that result are those which have mechanisms of maintaining stability.

Lotka ‘s articles on the energetics of evolution, and subsequently proposed the theory that natural systems tend to operate at an efficiency that produces the maximum power output, not the maximum efficiency.

This was one of the first projects to explore the now widespread approach of using wetlands as water quality improvement ecosystems.

Indeed, at the time they were unable to identify them.

Odum pioneered a method of studying system dynamics by measuring the chemistry of the input and output water. He presented many papers ecolobia the topic at its annual conferences as well as edited the last published General Systems Yearbook.

Ecplogia Springs is a common type of spring-fed stream in Floridawith a constant temperature and chemical composition. It was the presence of stability which, Odum believed, enabled him to talk about the teleology of such systems.


Odum used an analog of electrical energy networks to model the energy flow pathways of ecosystems. However the concept is neither free from controversy nor without its critics.

Their father “encouraged his sons to go into science and to develop new techniques to contribute to social progress. Around Odum directed studies into radioecology [26] which included the effects of radiation on the tropical rainforest at El Verde, Puerto Rico Odum and Pidgeonand the coral reefs and ocean ecology at Eniwetok atoll.

Odum started with an overall model and in his early work used a diagramming methodology very similar to the Sankey diagrams used in chemical process engineering. This was the professional society that earlier was named the International Society for General Systems Research.

Ecological economicsecological engineeringemergymaximum power principlesystems ecology. Zoologymeteorologyecology and systems ecology.

The only higher education institute to award honorary degrees to both Odum brothers was The Ohio State University, which honored H. Ecological engineering and ecosystem restoration.

During this time, he became aware of the interplay of ecological-energetic and economic forces.

This research calculated the potential value of primary production per bay surface area. Retrieved from ” https: Moreover, at the time of writing his thesis, Odum felt that the principle of natural selection was more than empiricalbecause it had a teleological, that is a “stability over time” component.

However this principle has only been demonstrated in a few experiments [38] and is not widely recognized in the scientific community.