le shockvertising. SC. salma chalabi. Updated 12 September Transcript. le shockvertising. Choose a template. Pitch – FinancePitch – FinanceWPitch -. Shock advertising is a type of advertising generally regarded as one that “ deliberately” startles and offends its audience by Le shockvertising. Shock advertising or “shock vertising” is theuse of FRIGHTENING, OFFENSIVE, TABOO, and EMOTION-PROVOKING Le shockvertising.

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Se souvenir de moi.

If, when using shockvertisingthere is a risk of provoking a bad understanding of the message, in fact the real danger seems to rely in its trivialization. Advertisement assault Carla Broca 24 avril The efficiency of this process will then closely depend on how relevant the image is shocvertising the contents of the message and on how compatible the presented shock is with shocmvertising strength of the message.

If the common conscience can find repulsive certain violent images, then shockvertising seems to find its true rightfulness when it serves a cause of general interest. Facebook Messenger for WordPress.

For instance, it helps preventing smoking by encouraging the shpckvertising people to avoid addiction, preventing car accidents, or making aware of a universal kind of injustice such as racism or death penalty.

Therefore shoc,vertising advertisement shockvertiisng seem selfless as they serve neither a brand, nor a product, even if the bodies that produced them also have a financial objective as they try to raise money by making the people aware.

But backwards, a violent scene is taking place, for instance the arbitrary execution of several people see left picture or a woman giving birth in a disastrous sanitary context see right picture. The shock seems acceptable when it portrays a reality which is already shocking. Shockvertising must then display a strong but tolerable infringement for the designated targets. The quality of an advertisement shock relies first on the content of the message, which will give a meaning to the image and allow it to personify a cause.


On each print, as close shot, a child makes a selfie picture; on top is a comment comparable to those that can be read on social networks such as Instagram. After being confused when facing this double construction of the picture, we quickly understand: The Italian range of clothes that dared, starting in the 80s, to zhockvertising the public by using shocking pictures in order to disseminate some shockvetrising in its advertisement ads, despite the fact that the defended cause or the message had nothing to do with the products of the brand.

This process tends to run more and more out of steam and lose its strength of impact. Sometimes, it ends up as an offense because it disrupts with conventions and even aims at breaking the shockvertiisng in view of obtaining a wished impact.

This kind of advertising is often controversial. In fact, nowadays, the public is aware as he is often confronted with shocking or disturbing images just because they lle to our everyday life and can be seen in all the media and in our games.

le shockvertising by salma chalabi on Prezi

Beyond eliciting emotion, it may become plain, disconcerting and even crude, and it conveys impudent and offensive messages that will disrupt the conventional understanding of the public. United Colors of Benetton is shockvetrising to have popularized this strategy: It is, today more than ever, to hurt our feelings, to make us react and, even more, to make us act out.


Defining the limits of this infringement is particularly difficult but unavoidable when a recognized cause of general interest needs to be defended. If shockvertising is widely used to attract an audience towards a brand or a product, in most cases, it serves a message of public interest delivered by public bodies, -NGOs or associations- to make the public aware of health issues and great humanitarian causes.

Shockvertising always met objections and already certain campaigns endured a real bashingnamely when this process was violating moral or equality principles. Therefore, this advertisement campaign is aimed to provoke a shock and elicit our feelings of indignation and revolt, to make us aware of the life conditions of the refugees. The selfie is used only to get in touch with us, shockvetrising observers living far from this kind of event though they actually happen.

Shockvertising: Advertisement assault

This process provokes an emotional impact that can make the audience react. Shockvertising is a communication strategy that consists in using the shock in view of intensifying the attention of the public and his capacity to memorize the advertising message, in order to obtain his reaction.

shockvertislng Shockvertising must constantly be renewed in order to go beyond the shock provided by the image and to transcend a message eye to eye with the social moves of our time.