Kissed in Paris by Juliette Sobanet – book cover, description, publication history. Kiss by heated kiss in the City of Light and Love When event planner Chloe Turner wakes up penniless and without a passport in the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in . Tite: Kissed in Paris Author: Juliette Sobanet Available as Kindle Edition ebook on Synopsis (from ): “You are in.

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If you’re in this kind of novel, this is a pleasant read. That is until she wakes up in her hotel room with nothing but a skimpy red dress, her underwear, a toothbrush and black high heels.

Seriously, I did not want this excellent novel to jupiette. I can’t wait for her next book. However, with all that being said, the author makes my personal qualms take a side seat throughout the book. It really is a page turner and am wholeheartedly recommending it to anyone!

Mystery, action, romance and laughter make this a story not to be missed. I’m not sure how this book kisded on my iPad. Julien is an amazing guy, someone everyone would drool over.

Even her engagement ring is missing! When I was given this book for a sobaneet, of course I was thrilled but nervous too, because I really had high expectations and I definitely wasn’t ready for a disappointment.

And how is she going to explain all this to Paul?

Kissed in Paris by Juliette Sobanet

Oh Wow this was a really fun adventerous read. Chloe is getting married in a week, but her boss from hell tells her she needs to go to Paris on a business trip to back her up because she’s sick.

Will they arrest her? I was not a fan of the heroine at the beginning of the story, but by the end she seemed to loosen up enough to start taking in the circumstances and evaluating her relationship with her fiance, rather than always be so rudely stubborn.

View all 21 comments. That said, I did read kidsed to the end Once again she made me fall in love with her characters and writing, not to mention the french hottie all of you will love.


The plot is a little far fetched, but no more so than other chick-lit or chick-flics, in fact the more I read the more the similarity to the film French Kiss I love that film struck me. Chloe ln that she has been robbed and finds herself rescued by Claude.

I promise you, it will not hurt. Chloe was a lovely character that I warmed to very quickly, I guess I felt afraid for sobbanet too because it must have been scary being in another country and having everything taken from you. The author takes the protagonists on a extensive trip throughout France which clearly she knows first-hand or has done her research onalways chasing the allusive Frenchman that has deceived Chloe and taken ALL of her belongings — clothes included.

Kissed in Paris – Juliette Sobanet – Google Books

Curiosity lead me to ” Kissed in Paris”,accidentally reading the content of the book ” Sleeping with Paris ” on goodreads,my eye caught the part where are also the other books from the author,at the moment this book just found its way to me and I began to read,interesting start of the story,funny moments,and began my journey into this wonderful story: I just stumbled across this author recently and I can’t get enough.

Of course, Chloe feels like she doesn’t have a choice, she loves her job as an event planner and she’s absolutely sure she’s gonna be laid off if she doesn’t go to Paris.

O juliefte interesanta, care te plimba prin Franta, nu numai prin Paris Sper sa va placa si voua pt mine a fost foarte placuta O recomand. Juliette Sobanet has literally become one of my most favorite authors of !

Her first book, Sleeping with Pariswas my first Kindle read and I loved it. Through the all book I sense the magic juliefte France and the magic of love. This site uses cookies.

Kissed in Paris

Neither of them expected to end up liking one another, let alo Chloe wakes up in a Paris hotel with all her possessions stolen and sobaney no memory of how it happened. She starts to wonder if she made the right decision, can she really trust Julien? The author does a great job at taking us to a few gorgeous French towns while still keeping the suspense high and the laughs rolli I have to say, I loved this book!


Enter hot undercover agent, Julien Dubois, and the fun begins as he takes her from Paris, through Annency, Giverney and Lyon trying to get her things back. And seriously, if your shoes hurt pafis bad, take them off and go barefoot – it can’t be any worse that having raw, swollen, blistered feet. She had me engaged from the first paragraph and it never stopped until the very end.

They start from Paris, and then they go to the Giverny, where Claude Monet paint his famous painting the beautiful water lily pond and bridge. Never do I ever struggle to understand, who Juliette Sobanet has literally become one of my most favorite authors of !

It’s fast paced and I promise you won’t be bored even for a minute. As the overly organized, go-to gal for her drama queen younger sisters, her anxiety-ridden father, and her needy clients, Chloe is normally prepared for every disaster that comes her way. Overall, this is a great chick flick book with a ton of adventure and humor added in. BooksFranceParisReviews. Such simple story telling and yet, brilliant plot twists, that do not fail. A great read, loved the characters, especially Julien.

This is the story of an impulsive girl Chloewho is robbed by a French conman Claude. I will not spoil the plot, it was that good! However, like all good things, I kissef had to wait. Kindle Editionpages.