The Kettenbach Dental business division is engaged in the development, production and sale of dental products. Kettenbach has evolved into a major player on. As a dental impressions and restorative materials specialist, you are entitled to expect modern, premium products of consistently outstanding quality from us. Synergy Dental Partners is a national GPO group founded by dental practitioners negotiating discounts on dental impression materials provided by Kettenbach.

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We supply the relevant accessories and aids to ensure the optimal application of Kettenbach products in the dental office and laboratory.

Products – Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG

Apart from the elastomeric properties and easy handling, the final hardness of the material and setting characteristics that dentl the indication are essential for producing precise results. A-silicones have become stablished as bite registration denttal in the modern dental office. Quality “Made in Germany” – Call Direct to place an order. As a dental impressions and restorative materials specialist, you are entitled to expect modern, premium products of consistently outstanding quality from us.

Business Division Dental

Secure core build-up for high stability. Product direct Futar Futar 1: Easy-to-use electrical mixing and dosing machines guarantee maximum user-friendly handling and offer the unique opportunity to further standardize the field of impressions in dental practices in order to eliminate possible sources of errors.

This new fluoride containing, dual-curing composite is free from health-hazardous bisphenol A and its derivates.

In doing so, we consistently focus on the in-house research and development and production of our products at our German location.

Our materials are always geared towards the demands that you, as a dentist or dental technician, place on modern impression and restorative materials. Cores Visalys Core Visalys Core. The performance of the impression material becomes the most important criterion next to the professional skill of the dentist.


The Kettenbach Dental business division is engaged in the development, production and sale of dental products. The Kettenbach Sympress System offers ideal conditions for this purpose.

MegaZine3 requires FlashPlayer 9 Please try the above link first. From impression to resin material These materials are an ideal complement to precision impression-taking using A-silicones due to their elastomeric properties ketttenbach elastic recovery, high dimensional stability.

Uniquely prepared Versatile Cellulose Sponge Material made from pure cotton and regenerated cellulose.

Preliminary Impression Silginat Silginat Strawberry. A kettenbacn should be able to fabricate stable, esthetic and attractive temporary restorations with minimal effort using a good quality temporary crown and bridge material. Select the appropriate final hardness and working time for your requirements and you will be impressed by the optimal precision and convenience, like so many other users.

It is edntal important because a precision impression contains the only information about hte preparation and the dentition that can be passed to the dental technician.

Home – Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG

Take advantage of our over 70 years of experience and our “Made in Germany” quality standard. Temporary crowns and bridges Visalys Temp. This is why we have made quality the guiding principle for development and production at Kettenbach. The brand new large cartridge – efficient, reliable iettenbach convenient. Resilient Denture Lining Mucopren. Our aim is to strengthen the link between the dentist and dental technician with our modern range of products, which have been specially developed to meet the requirements of the dental laboratory.

  DSE 5210 PDF

This ensures a reliable bond with most common light-curing and dual-curing, single-step and multi-step adhesives.

A precision impression is the fundamental link between the dental office and dental laboratory. From now on you only need one material for cores and cementing root posts: Impressive features of Visalys Temp are its thin smear layer, high luster finish without polishing and easy preparation when trimming. Choose from our portfolio of first-class impression materials and count on our experience gained over 70 years.

You as the customer will notice the high level of innovation and the unvarying high quality. Used for absorption of oral fluids and tissue isolation during dental procedures. Product direct Futar Futar 1: We are pleased with your interest in our impression materials based on C-silicone, A-silicone and Vinylsiloxanether, the field of restorative materials and all accessories that are relevant for application with the system concept.

If you still encounter problems after installing the Flash Player, try this one:. Please try the above link first.

Kettenbach has evolved into a major player on the global market, particularly as a specialist in the field of impression materials, thanks to over 70 years of experience and a clear orientation toward the demands of the user. Dentures have to be relined over the course kettenbacn time due to changes in the alveolar bone tissue, mucosa or because of dental surgery.

It should be noted that the results promised can only be achieved vental using accessories recommended by the manufacturer. Dental Tissue Isolation Sugi.