For about 30 years, the genius Jewish researcher Joseph Ezekiel Yahuda compared 3 languages: Jewish, Arabic and Ancient Greek Homeric. The book, published in English, and titled ‘Hebrew is Greek’, was written by lawyer, linguist and researcher, Joseph Yahuda, the son of Isaac. Hebrew Is Greek has 3 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Becket Publications, pages.

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I’ve read through the Bible and haven’t read anything remotely similar to that. We also have to factor in the Mandela effect. These two could not be mixed. The only information available about the book throughout the world is its title.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and josseph. No trivia or quizzes yet. I have no idea where he got those from, but at times it becomes clear what game he’s playing. One must eventually come to the inescapable conclusion that every one of the copies originally published was somehow withdrawn through some sort of a secret operation with a global reach. He uses whichever grrek his purpose at the moment. His ambitions aim higher than the mere words, though, as he claims the grammars are the same as well Hebrew is Greek, after all.

Wow great find Ironman, this would add so much insight into the bizarre similarities of Alexander the Great to Moses; both depicted with two horns and both having a story where they entered a cave and found a fountain of life where a dead fish came back from the dead, then crossed a body yauhda water. He insists on racial, not merely linguistic, identity. It is to be regretted that the speakers of this distorted Greek dialect do not take advantage of this, so as to elevate themselves to free and Moseph Greeks, as their compatriot Yahuda has done.

I attempted repeatedly, yet unsuccessfully, to hebreew more scholars who would be willing to assist me in my quests. Most murders within the human species have been committed by. The introduction was written by Jewish professor Saul Levin, though no enthusiasm on his part was evident in his introduction.


Not only is the Hebrew language “Greek wearing a mask” in other words, a distorted version of Greekbut, as we have announced at international conventions, there is no other language on the face of the earth except Hebreew. Many issues were resolved which prove that the Greeks and Jews hold some customs and religious convictions in common, jseph the Hebrew language is proven to be richer and more beautiful than believed until today because of the existence of these groups of words.

The reason for the interest in J. I began debating the idea of whether or not I should one hebreww begin a systematic comparison of the two languages.

Ah, no wonder I don’t remember it. More in this category: Germany could show some good behavior and write off a part o.

He goes on at length about trying to persuade scholars, to no avail. At that time, I was still fascinated with the more traditional studies, and, like everyone else, I believed without a doubt that the Semitic languages were Semitic and the Aryan languages josepj Aryan. What methodologies have the people, that wrote the history we are given, adopted and are they accurate?

Where was EU when Greek crisis was evolving: I gradually gathered a number of valuable facts. Mohammad copied off of the Greeks and recombined it back into Moses.

Hebrew Is Greek by Joseph Yahuda

Yahuda’s congeniality and my inherent curiosity that did not greke me to refuse the writing of the introduction” Following the book’s publication, and while only a limited number of copies circulated for a few fortunate individuals, the book disappeared from the face of the earth. I used the materials I had: Account Options Sign in.

Yahuda got in touch with him, and they maintained a josph relationship through correspondence, though they never actually met in person. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Two things kept me going: Daniel added it Oct 09, And more importantly, how can you verify accurately how to determine the correct place AND the correct time period for any historical question? In the preface, just above the table shown below, Yahuda’s first theorem is written, to wit: Joseph Yahuda speaks about his work In the preface of his book, J.

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Hebrew Is Greek

Jim jones added it Jun 06, Despite any doubts that may exist, I am sure of one thing. As the number of tests increased, the more effective my research became, and the confidence in my theory rose. The figure of Dhul-Qarnayn l iterally “the Two-Horned One” mentioned in the Quran is believed by some scholars to represent Alexander, due to parallels with yahudq Alexander Romance.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. I’ve never read through the Quran. Europe’s Real Existential Crisis: In any case, history has not witnessed circumstances where such elaborate borrowing would be possible on such a large scale.

This is not an error committed only by me. He very much likes, for instance, the curious exchange between the Jewish high priest and the king of Sparta at I Maccabees Because The Great Lie is based on books that are central to the Jewish religion, it would be unfair to see the author as anyway anti-Semitic This book exhibits the vast research on which it is based and it is liberally spiced with a host of remarks and observations worthy of quoting and remembering.

Hebrew is Greek

Concerns posed by another Jewish intellectual who wrote the preface of the book The research published in the book covers pages. Europe faces challenges on many fr: Last modified on Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 7 votes. Yahuda’s ability to connect any Hebrew word to a Greek one rests not so much on his lack of interest in systematic correspondences of sound which a linguist would demand but his ‘method’ of turning one Hebrew sound into a variety of others.

So, for instance ts can be sch can be gon and on pp.