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Pomacea caniculata, Bellamya javanica and Lymnaea rubiginosa were dominant at habitat of pady fields and ponds. Abstract Pandaratan Beach is located in Pondok Batu area, Sarudik Subdistrict and Central Tapanuli Regency which is a region full of seagrass beds with various roles for sustaining and developing aquatic biota especially Gastropods.

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LIPI berkomitmen untuk melindungi privasi semua individu. The diversity of Gastropods can be assessed by looking from the factor of species abundance and relatives, equibility index, diversity gastrpoda, and domination index. Do not change the material; and do not remove a part of any copyright or other notices.

The result shows individuals consist of 17 families and 21 species. The value of equibility index E of each station is categorized in medium class of which score idejtifikasi 0, This site can only be used in the manner described according to the following rules:.

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Seluruh merek dagang yang direproduksi di website ini yang bukan milik, atau dilisensikan, kepada operator telah diakui di website. Evolutionary development of operculum morphology can be evidenced from the analysis of fossils.

We have no responsibility for the content of websites that link. The research aims to determined the diversity of Gastropods on seagrass at Pandaratan Beach. Reproduction is not allowed other than in accordance with the copyright notice, which forms part of the terms and conditions. The research was done at three habitats which were the dam, paddy fields and ponds in three location: The most important function of the operculum is to keep water in the body as well as a protection device against predators when the body is inside the shell.

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Identifukasi, the highest gastrophod diversity index was at habitat of dam in South Inlet and West Outlet locations.


Read wed/identifikasi-jenis-jenis-gastropoda-laut

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While the highest dominantion index of gastrophod were at habitat of paddy fields in all locations and at habitat of ponds in East Inlet and West Outlet locations.

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A special character which is found only in gastropods, one of which is the operculum.