The Hypomanic Edge has ratings and 25 reviews. Sandy said: READ THIS BOOK! The content of this book was no surprise to me. A first generation immig. The Hypomanic Entrepreneur. The s will be remembered as the age of Internet mania, a time when entrepreneurs making grandiose. THE HYPOMANIC EDGE: The Bipolar Disorder That Made America the Most Successful Nation in the World. John Gartner, Author.

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Manic episodes almost always end in hospitalization.

Feb 25, Henrik Haapala rated it really liked it. The average American is four times more likely to be the founder of a company than a Frenchman, for example.

I feared they might find the questions insulting.

THE HYPOMANIC EDGE: The Bipolar Disorder That Made America the Most Successful Nation in the World

And optimism, like pessimism, often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Flight of ideas or subjective experience that thoughts are racing 5.

After I read them each a list of hypomanic traits that I had synthesized from the psychiatric literature, I asked them if they agreed that these traits are typical of an entrepreneur: Description Why is America so rich and powerful? When someone is depressed, he has no motivation to act.

Hypomanc ask other readers questions about The Hypomanic Edgeplease sign up. My new novel, coming out in early spring,hinges on Gartner’s thesis. He becomes easily irritated by minor obstacles. A compelling story that explains a lot about who we are. He argues that hypomania—a mild form of mania—drove many of America’s most famous leaders and entrepreneurs to succeed.


Bill Gross’s job was not to build or run companies, but just to think of ideas for them. Tocqueville “found an entire people racing full speed ahead, and we’ve kept on racing for more than three hundred years,” wrote Michael Ledeen in Tocqueville on American Character. But could also be bullshit. The American is equipped with more than just a hopeful vision of the future and a drive for self-improvement.

The answer lies in our genes, according to psychologist John Gartner. Nothing hypomanicc dim Gross’s enthusiastic confidence.

We’re adding more reviews and coverage every month. True Crime Children’s Books. Both conditions run together in families at much higher rates than we would predict by chance. I’ve heard about it from a number of people, but then again so did I hear of Malcolm Gladwell’s latest tripe in each of its wretched installments. What goes up can stay up. This pressure to act creates overachievers, but it also eege to impulsive behavior ready, shoot, aim and confident leaders who glibly take their followers over a cliff.

He could have jumped directly from Gartner’s book. Hypomanics live on the edge, between normal and abnormal.

The Hypomanic Edge | Book by John D. Gartner | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK

This gene has been favored by natural selection, even though it causes a deadly disease, because it saves more people than it kills. They resisted applying the hypomanix diagnosis because the entrepreneurs they had interviewed were boastful, hyperenergized, and zany, but they “weren’t crazy. Gartner’s book is packed with information about fascinating leaders that have played a major role in America’s history.

Hyponanic that decade, when every American college student wanted to found the next Yahoo! Bringing his audacious and persuasive thesis to life, Gartner offers case histories of some famous Americans who represent this phenomenon of hypomania. Nov 01, Art King rated it it was amazing. Feb 29, James M.



Claire rated it it was ok Feb 21, However, his descriptions of well-known immigrants uypomanic the propensity to be high on life hypomanc to risk so much that they tend either to fail dramatically or to succeed beyond their wild expectations are fun to read and painted a picture that resonated with my own hyperthymia.

Their “flight of ideas,” jumping from topic to topic in a rapid energized way, is a sign of hypomania. Captains Outrageous America has been good to hypomanics — a land of opportunity that has liberated their energies and lifted their spirits. A single sickle gene greatly enhances resistance to malaria, a deadly disease prevalent in Africa. Give me a break! Europe is evge the middle, in both its rate of immigrant absorption and hypomanid rate of mania.

America’s long history of immigration Thus, it follows that nations that absorb more immigrants should have more entrepreneurial activity, and that is indeed the case. The idea that some entrepreneurs may be a little manic is hardly new. Gartner lives and practices as a clinical psychologist in Baltimore.