I wanna convert a ExpressPCB file in other format (tango format or other). Is it possible? Other thing. is it tango free actually? Do you have a suggestion about a. Of course – it can not only open ExpressPCB files, but it can export them as gerber files, ready to send to your favourite PCB manufacturing lab. I know this can be done, just wondering if any of you smart folks can drop some wisdom on me.:icon_wink: Express PCB does export gerber as.

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Ask a question – edaboard. Does anybody have or know where to get a utility to convert from ExpressPCB file format to a standard Gerber file? If not any info on the file format itself?

How to convert pcb from ExpressPCB to other format?

You can pay Express PCB for the file. That’s not going to happen. I know I can get some reverse engineering software that will import the layout as a graphic then trace over it using the PCB layout software to generate standard Gerber files.


I also found out there uow some utilities out, still looking, there that can convert from an exported PDF, or EPS file, to a Gerber format too.

How to convert ExpressPCB format file?

Getting a PDF printer driver is easy. Use the driver when printing out a copy of the board layout.

Scott KC8LDO “Brilliance is typically the act of an individual, but incredible stupidity can usually be traced to an organization. On 13 June, On Sat, 13 Jun Reverse the “Express” and the “PCB” and you’ll find a really nice little company that will take Gerber files and make boards for you. Eagle PCB is free for small two-layer boards, includes schematic capture, and works well once you get your brain wrapped around their way of doing things.

Tim Wescott Reverse the “Express” and the “PCB” and you’ll find a really nice little company that will take Gerber files and make boards for you.

ExpressPCB to Gerber file converter?

I’m going to check them out. I do some small one-off PCB’s to test some ideas out.


I would like to have the Gerber files when I’m done in case I want to incorporate it in a larger design. Thanks for the input.

I have a buddy who was looking for a free Gerber editor for making minor artwork changes. He had some boards done outside and needs to make some changes to fix a few boo-boos when he did the design.

You know of any? He only has Windows.

I run Windows and Linux so either would work. I could make the changes for him. When someone gets hot to trot for the Cadsoft product, I like to remind him that he may find the same situation: