A High Elven Warband must include a minimum of 3 models, and can have a maximum of 12 models including 5 Heros and 1 leader. A starting warband must . The danger of Norse pirates or Dark Elf warships is an ever present danger and the ships need to be able to defend themselves. A High Elf Warband must include a minimum of 3 models. Back to Tommy Punk’s Mordheim Articles. What is the most accepted list for the high elves? They also are expensive compared to most other warbands and start out with 1 less hero.

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My personal experience in the game is that Elves start off with higher stats than almost everyone else and just get out of control fast once they start to level up which will be quick wqrband of their high stats and high racial maximums.

Shadow Master is an honorable title among Shadow Warriors. He has answered his kings call and seeks to destroy the threat mordyeim the Shadowlord before battle can be brought to the shores of Ulthuan.


If a White Lion is in the band, then up to 5 Chracian Axewielders may be recruited. Expert wielders of the fearsome Chracian two-handed axe, they follow a White Lion hoping to make names for themselves and rise in power so that one day they may slay a white lion and join the ranks of the elite White Lions of Chrace. A warrior that steps up to become the Leader upon the death of the existing one gains the ‘Leader’ special ability and inherits the bands Wyrd-breaker, but otherwise stays the same.

Thanks for the tip but i more meant which warband list is most accepted. Ulthuan Ulthuan, Home of the Asur. An Enemy model attempting to detect this model while he is hidden must halve his Initiative before measuring distance. Shadow Warriors may hire any Hired Swords that are not chaotic or evil in nature or that use poison such as Assassins. Shadow Warrior Warband List. Chracian Hand to Hand weapons Chracians Only.


Later purchases must be made using normal prices and rules.

Type Number Cost Elven Archers 45 Trained from childhood and practically immortal, Elven warriors become quite skilled in all aspects of warfare, but are particularly renowned for the accuracy of their archers. The Elven Mages are very proficient at many mordyeim of Magic, including astrology and the prediction of what is to come.

Which rules should i use?

The merchant families employ soldiers to guard their ships. The LoremastersThe Heralds. The following Hired Swords will work for the High Elves: They cost the same, but Seaguard have better WS and Shadows have the Stealth skill -1 to hit in cover.

My experience with Shadow warriors in mordheim a handful of games is that Shadow warriors aren’t that overrated at least against the skaven of my opponent as long as you’re not very good at mordheim and have enough terrain on the table.

Elves enjoy a long life and in that time they will develop a great skill in their trade, many seamen have been on the same ship since the day it was build several centuries ago.

The forces greatest strength is that it can have Henchmen using 2-Handed weapons without striking last thought the cost for such is prohibitive. The danger of Norse pirates or Dark Elf warships is an ever present danger and the ships need to be able to defend themselves.

Ulisi’vus, the Shadow’s Breath. Though Elves are not known for their feats of Strength, some are stronger that others. Only the Shadow Weaver may take this skill. Thu Jul 23, 2: The Elf may deflect or avoid incoming arrows with his weapons or even bare hands.

Equally good at range or up close, and with sences honed to a razors sharpness he provides a formidible presence to any Mages retinue. The High Elves are the greatest seafaring nation with their ocean-going vessels, the proud Eagleships and sleek Hawkships.

Back to Tommy Punk’s Mordheim Articles. The target suffers a single Strength 4 hit with no armour save.


Sure that plays a part in things, especially after the initial round of combat that means that Elves will almost always be striking first in subsequent rounds of combat. Wed Jul 22, 9: The Warriors may be equipped with weapons and higg from the High Elf Equipment list. Using a variety of weapons and from various provinces of Ulthuan, they form the bulk of any High Nigh warbands force.

Mordheim is a tabletop game produced by Games Workshop.

Over time, Shadow Warriors learned how to freeze in mordyeim and remain undetected, even to the heightened senses of their Dark Elf cousins. The best of these warriors will one day achieve the rank of Shadow Master.

Ulthuan • View topic – Wyrdwars High Elf warband

The fair elven folk learn how to fight from childhood, and thanks to their extremely long lifespans they often grow in skill to become el in their prowess by other mortals. The Shadow Master may be equipped from the Shadow Warrior equipment list.

Each of the young mages was given one and sent forth to rid the world of the taint of wyrdstone. Expert wielders of the fearsome Hoethian two-handed sword, they follow a Sword Master of Hoeth hoping to increase in skill and make names for themselves.

Having two models in a fight will do more then having better stats. I decided on Ithilmar armour for the heroes as elves are so fragile in Wyrdwars T2. Please try to remember that, no matter how ‘official’ the source seems, rumours are basically just a dictionary combined with a random number generator For Nagarythe: We tried it, and decided to stick with normal Mordheim. And you really not want models to get isolated.

The Youngblood may be equipped with weapons and armour from the High Elf Equipment list.