important generalization of the Gronwall-Bellman inequality. Proof: The assertion 1 can be proved easily. Proof It follows from [5] that T(u) satisfies (H,). Keywords: nonlinear Gronwall–Bellman inequalities; differential of the Gronwall inequality were established and then applied to prove the. At last Gronwall inequality follows from u (t) − α (t) ≤ ∫ a t β (s) u (s) d s. Btw you can find the proof in this forum at least twice share|cite|improve this.

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The existence of periodic and positive outcome is established in a new method. We present the analytical technique for solving fractional -order, multi-term fractional differential equation.

The respective sections of the book can be used for university courses on fractional calculus, heat and mass transfer, transport processes in porous media and Gronwall-bellman-inequalihy solitary wave solutions are expressed by the hyperbolic, trigonometric, exponential and rational functions. Illustrative examples are included to demonstrate the validity and applicability of the presented technique.

This article utilizes the local fractional derivative and the exp-function method to construct the exact solutions of nonlinear time- fractional differential equations FDEs. A mixed problem of general parabolic partial differential equations with fractional order is given as an application. According with these ideas the model was obtained from the Fick law, where is considered that the temporal term of the current vector is not negligible.

Grönwall’s inequality

Full Text Available We study a class of fractional stochastic integrodifferential equations considered in a real Hilbert space. Full Text Available In this paper we prove the existence of solutions of fractional impulsive semilinear evolution equations in Banach spaces. Many problems of filtration of liquids in fractal high porous medium lead to the need to study boundary value problems for partial differential equations in fractional order.

In this work, we propose a new approach, namely ansatz method, for solving fractional differential equations based on a fractional complex transform and apply it to the nonlinear partial space—time fractional modified Benjamin—Bona—Mahoney mBBM equationthe time fractional mKdV equation and the nonlinear fractional Zoomeron equation which gives rise to some new exact solutions.


Then we give a judging theorem for this operator and with this judging theorem we prove that R—L, G—L, Caputo, Riesz fractional derivative operator and fractional derivative operator based on generalized functions, which are the most popular ones, coincide with the fractional corresponding operator.

In this paper, we investigate analytical solutions of multi-time scale fractional stochastic differential equations driven by fractional Brownian motions. Our approach is show-cased by solving the fractional Fisher and fractional Allen-Cahn reaction-diffusion equations in two and three spatial dimensions, and analyzing the speed of the traveling wave and size of the interface in terms of the fractional power of the underlying Laplacian operator.

On the solutions of fractional reaction-diffusion equations. Fractional Klein-Gordon equation composed of Jumarie fractional derivative and its interpretation by a smoothness parameter.

Tempered fractional processes offer a useful extension for turbulence to include low frequencies. Fractional hydrodynamic equations for fractal media. The numerical approximation to the solution of the fractional neutron point kinetics model, which can be represented as a multi-term high-order linear fractional differential equationis calculated by reducing the problem to a system of ordinary and gronwall-bellmn-inequality differential equations. Full Text Available The qualitative behavior of a perturbed fractional -order differential equation with Caputo’s derivative that differs in initial position and initial time with respect to the unperturbed fractional -order differential equation with Caputo’s derivative has been investigated.

The domain of interest for the applications of a method to solve the Schroedinger equation through continued fractions is studied. It is hoped that the fractional Dirac equation and the path integral quantization of the fractional field will allow further development of fractional relativistic quantum mechanics.

The results are new and first reported in this paper. Equations for calculating interfacial drag and shear from void fraction correlations. The existence and uniqueness theorems are derived using successive approximations, leading to systems of equations with retarded arguments.

Thus, many effective and powerful methods have been established and improved. gonwall-bellman-inequality


Two mistaken statements presented in the Comment have been revealed. A novel approach for solving fractional Fisher equation using. The asymptotic diffusion approximation for the Boltzmann transport equation was developed in decade in order to describe the diffusion of a particle in an isotropic medium, considers that the particles have a diffusion infinite velocity. In this paper, an extended Riccati sub-ODE method is proposed to establish new exact solutions for fractional differential-difference equations in the sense of modified Riemann—Liouville derivative.

For the equation of water flux within a multi- fractional multidimensional confined aquifer, a dimensionally consistent equation is also developed. Thus, we obtain four different new discrete complex fractional solutions for these equations.

Including the basic mathematical tools needed to understand the rules for operating with the fractional derivatives and fractional differential equationsthis self-contained text presents the possibility of using fractional diffusion equations with anomalous diffusion phenomena to propose powerful mathematical models for a large variety of fundamental and practical problems in a fast-growing field of research.

The model is validated with some numerical experiments where different orders of fractional derivative are considered e.

Proof of Gronwall inequality – Mathematics Stack Exchange

We determine the solutions of fractional nonlinear electrical transmission lines NETL and the perturbed nonlinear Schroedinger NLS equation with the Kerr law nonlinearity term. We compare the classical notion of stability to the notion of initial pdoof difference stability for fractional -order differential equations in Caputo’s sense.

Denoising is one of the most fundamental image restoration problems in computer vision and image processing. Robust fast controller design via nonlinear fractional differential equations.

Fractional Boltzmann equation for multiple scattering of resonance radiation in low-temperature plasma.

By the quotient rule. Our analysis relies on Krasnoselskiis fixed point theorem of cone preserving operators.