Editorial Reviews. Review. Suspense builds in this novel about scientists, physics Timescape: A Novel – Kindle edition by Gregory Benford. Winner of the Nebula Award, Timescape has since become a classic of the science fiction genre, combining hard science, bold speculation, and. On the positive side, we have a clever idea that shows some of the flavor of modern mathematical physics, some positive comments about mathematics and .

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It has been said that Benford was writing about his graduate and doctoral experience. Posted by Jesse at 8: Renfrew is confronted by some squatters asking her for milk.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. I get that they’re absorbed by their work. There are two concurrent plot threads that Benford follows.

The juxtaposition was mere happenstance. Grgory the final chapter, set in the alternatean awards ceremony is held for achievement in science. There was just enough science in my view, described as was fitting for the advancement of It’s interesting to read the mixed reviews on this book. And for the most benfod his people notably a clever and self-serving English bureaucrat are solid enough to be cared about.

I am still giving it four stars because the rest of it was so good.

MathFiction: Timescape (Gregory Benford)

Gordon went and sat well in the back. Anyway that could potentially be interesting, but mostly it’s just the boring day-to-day life of boring people. It’s like a stage setting in the background, rather than a richly believable world we can live in as readers. As a Cambridge NatSci graduate I loved the visceral detail of the decaying setting, though Benford failed gregoryy predict one element of real life decay, the extinction of independent bookshops – he still has Bowe http: This series postulates a galaxy in which sentient organic life is in constant warfare with sentient mechanical life.


The gloomy future is the worst of all possible worlds as projected by liberals and conservatives about the time Benford wrote.

Or there’s Peterson, highly successful womanizing bureaucrat who spends most of the book trying to get every female character in bed – at one point it’s revealed, almost apologetically, that the sex he’s had thus far hasn’t been very good Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

Instead of increasingly desperate people trying to survive in the midst of great wealth, we have a couple of isolated incidents and then a lot happening offstage.

Penny is just there. But in good sci-fi writing a different world is a different social environment, extended by the imagination.

Rewrite: Loops in the Timescape

Return to Book Page. It is said each covered their own timescaep period, and I can say that the descriptions of Cambridge and La Jolla are well done. In benfors of Kennedy’s survival, the United States President giving out the awards is William Scrantonwho is said to have defeated Bobby Kennedy due to a telephone tapping scandal.


Mar 19, CS Barron rated it did not like it. I just couldn’t inflict anyone I know with it.

Buy for others

This book was barely Sci-Fi, and I think I would have appreciated it far more if the clever little time messaging business had been taken out completely.

I base that assessment on my own experiences working in a condensed matter physics lab as an undergraduate, as well as on my short stint as an accelerator physics graduate student working daily at a lab facility.

I didn’t like Bernstein enough to care what happened to him.

I have read some of author’s short stories, and failed read one of his Galactic Center novel. InIan Peterson recovers bwnford safe deposit box in La Jolla containing a piece of paper indicating that the messages were received.

Lo que nos cuenta. Many thanks in advance! If only Benford had had an editor who could have nixed the soap opera.

These were co-written with Benford’s sister-in-law. Most of the characters benfrd thoroughly unlikeable on top of that, especially the womanizing Peterson. For me, the final chapter set in ?

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