First Gardnerian Order[edit]. The first Gardnerian Wicca Order was the Wiccan Order, founded .. all in the early s, were (1) the snippets of BOS material in Gardner’s published books, (2) the contents of Gardner’s manuscript book,Ye Bok . Hello! I’ve come to ask you guys a question about a specific passage in the Gardnerian book of shadows, being: > [1] Having chosen a place. While being made a Gardnerian doesn’t expose you to any specific what is found in our BoS and a bunch of other lore both written and oral.

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It is said that in olden days ale or mead was often used instead of wine. As with Gardnerians, the High Priestess is supposedly the highest authority.

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When initiate is kneeling at altar, the cable-tow is tied to a ring in the altar. Or, failing that, invent.

Casting the Circle It is most convenient to mark the circle with chalk, paint or otherwise, to show where it is; but marks on the carpet may be utilized.

If you or any not in the Circle speak of the Craft, [] say, “Speak not to me of such. This means that you can learn at your own pace. Five are the points of fellowship That bring ye ecstasy on Earth. But ever remember, magical operations are useless unless the mind can be brought to the proper attitude, keyed to the utmost pitch.

Lead round and proclaim to four quarters, “Hear, ye Mighty Ones, name has been consecrated a garrdnerian of the Goddess. But the Priestess should [25] ever mind that all power comes from him. Robert, or William Cochrane cannot for certain, be identified as being of this practice, or garderian practice related to witchcraft. Do magic before our eyes. Let all malignity gardneria hindrance be cast forth hencefrom and let all good enter herein. This, of course, does not apply to the gradnerian, as then no trance is desired; but for the purpose of ritual it is good that the initiates be bound firmly enough to feel they are garvnerian helpless but without discomfort.


Gardnerian Book of Shadows

The great thing is to combine as many of these paths into the one operation. I think that statement should be removed, due to its lack of consistancy proberly?? Say you had bad dreams, that a Devil caused you to write this without your knowledge. You will feel naught, and you go but to Death and what lies beyond, the ecstasy of the Goddess. In order for lineage to be passed within Wicca, one needs to do certain things to pass it, and those things are contained in the traditional rites of initiation.

So destroy everything not necessary.

Magus kneels, fills Cup, offers to Witch [she is seated on the altar, holding her athame; Priest kneels before her, holding up the cup]. Called for short, “Intent”.

How many Asatruar does it take to change a light bulb? Here come I to call thee forth. Gardner was an educated folklorist and occultist, and claimed to have been initiated himself into garnderian coven of New Forest witches by a woman named Dorothy Clutterbuck.

Once again this is a person choice. If it has bad after-effects, reduce the amount used, or the duration of the time it is inhaled. The people, man and woman alternately, stand round the circle.

Power seems to exude from the garsnerian via the skin and possibly from the orifices gardnerixn the body; hence you should be properly prepared. Limiting and constraining any of the senses serves to increase the concentration of another.


I know a Gardnerian who is in that position: They are very close to the Gardnerian tradition. How many Dianics does it take to change a light bulb? No one, however great an injury or injustice they receive, may use the Art in any to do ill or harm any.

Then go round again censing it. Next, clasping Postulant around the waist with his left arm, and holding the sword erect in his right hand, he makes her circumambulate three times around the circle with a half-running, half-dancing step. The cauldron with burning fire is pushed so that the dancers leap or step over it, in couples. For I tell thee verily, it fardnerian better to rush garrnerian my weapon and perish miserably than to make the attempt with fear in thy heart.

The hidden god, who ever yet remains.

In one sense, this is the central sacred text of the Wicca religion. There are also dozens and dozens of pages that simply do not exist in gardnerin of the commonly used Gardnerian Texts.

Heed them not, for the Art is holy, and may only be used in need. The Priestess — or whoever is taking the part of the Goddess — advances to the side of the Circle.