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What can infrared cameras do for you? USB cable 1 no.

About Us Contact Us. Thermal Imaging for Building Inspection. If the E40bx is being used for a presentation, the camera has a composite video output for easy connection to a projector or monitor.

Call us toll free Once you set the inside and outside temperatures and define a targeted insulation level or thermal indexthe Foir will use a contrasting color to highlight areas that transfer too much heat.

Or if you prefer to use another software, all FLIR images are easily exported and imported as common jpg files.

Flir E40bx Thermal Imaging Camera

Just Added to Your Cart: We also accept wire transfers, cheques and purchase orders on approved credit. Video Output Composite video-out connection allows to you output live images to an external device.

Dew Point Alarm The built-in Dew Point Alarm e40x areas with risk of surface condensation where mold growth could occur. The Flir E40bx also features Meterlink allowing the transfer of data taken with the Extech EX clamp meter, or Extech MO moisture meter to the corresponding image on your camera and thus saving you the time of recording the measurements manually and the possible errors that can arise in matching them back to the image when compiling your report.


Manual data collection is time-consuiming and prone to errors. Position is displayed on the IR image. Flir E40bx Calibration Certificate 1 no.

FLIR E40bx

Furthermore text comments can be added via the touch screen display and voice annotations of up to 60 seconds can be added to each image saving the need to make time consuming notes by hand. This presents a great opportunity to record how leaks develop, or how airflow flit change under differing conditions.

To better light both your path and your images, a bright LED light is included on the E40bx. WiFi Transfer images wirelesslt to your smartphone, iPhone, iPad or tablet.

FLIR E40bx Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera –

Laser Pointer A conveniently located button activates the laser locator that will help you associate the hot or cold spot in the IR image with the real physical target in the field.

Our thermography experts will contact you with course dates and locations for you to choose from.

Local adaptation of units, language, date and time formats; automatic shutdowndisplay intensity. Digital Zoom The E440bx E40bx x continuous digital zoom. Detect hidden problems, make quick damage assessments Check for overheating of electrical panels and transformers Avoid electrical failures Identify faults in heating and cooling systems Find problems with motors, fans and bearings Generate reports, analyze and document your findings with the easy-to-use software Flir Ebx Series Camera Fpir Thermal Fusion Merges thermal and infrared images to offer better analysis.


E40bx – MSX Enabled. Thermal imaging cameras are powerful and non-invasive building inspection tools. E40bx – Potential condensation on cold window. E40bx – Without MSX. View all products by Flir.

Readings from the meters get recorded right on the camera’s images. Features a x 60Hz infrared detector with a 0. Thanks to exact laser distance measurements we do not send any lifting platforms that are too big or too small to sites, and therefore When recording to a computer, the video can include all radiometric data for full point by point temperature analysis.

Reports can be created right on your device and saved to the app or emailed to a client. Yardsticks and tape measures have now definitely had their day – Leica instruments have transformed work practices in the building trades. Currently Unavailable Product Code: Submit Request Add More Items. The data from the moisture meter will be stored with w40bx thermal image of the dlir for easier reporting later. This website uses Javascript for some features, please enable it to use the full functionality of this website.

S40bx – Leaking vlir seal, seen from basement. Click here for the replacement model s. The touch screen makes for quick menu navigation, and even allows text notes to be entered with an image.