The exacqVision VMS software records surveillance video from thousands of IP camera models and displays on a free Windows, Linux or OSX client software. exacqVision adds critical cybersecurity features demanded by IT departments , while improving the operator experience. The VMS supports. Already known to be an intuitive VMS, exacqVision further simplifies the experience by allowing users to specify the language they want the exacqVision .

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The web service is typically installed on the exacqVision video server. It has the same CPU and RAM requirements as a client workstation, which vary based on resolution and quantity of simultaneous camera streams. Mobile device access requires the web service to be activated on the NVR or another server.

Automatically finds, assigns and addresses certain IP cameras to the network. De-warp circular images directly in the client for supported cameras and lenses. Set up buttons in exacqVision client to trigger external events in other systems.


Prove that cameras are always recording without consuming lots of storage space. Guides installers through common configuration options to optimize the exacqVision client.

Integrate with access control, analytics, retail, intrusion systems and more.

Vmw an email notification when a system is experiencing hardware failures or other health events. Control PTZ cameras accurately and navigate exacqVision faster with the exacqVision surveillance keyboard. Automatically transfers offline recorder duties to a spare recorder for continued live view and recording.

Set up notification rules once for all exacqVision servers in the enterprise system.


Manually exacqfision PTZ cameras or define and call up presets or tours of presets. View color-coded notification borders for motion and alarm events as they happen. Automatically execute actions on a variety of conditions including motion events, serial data or health events. Direct operator attention to specific cameras with event-driven and time-based video switching.

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Configure overlay controls to appear on the live view when you navigate and hover over the camera. Send email notifications as a response to input events, motion event, alarm events and more. Define maps for rapid navigation of cameras according to their physical location.

Receive audio from cameras and transmit audio to server or camera audio exacqvieion for two-way communication. Define nested maps for rapid navigation of large numbers of cameras according to their physical location.

Push individual live cameras or an entire view of live cameras to another exacqVision user or public view monitor. View live web pages with user permissions on video panels in the exacqVision client. Displays search results in list format with an animated thumbnail of exacsvision associated video. Search point-of-sale, ATM data and more to view video from the cooresponding time.

Export video to industry standard. AVI or a self-contained executable player. EasyConnect Finds, addresses and connects certain IP cameras to the network automatically.

EasyConnect provides the power of IP cameras with exacqvsion simplicity of analog cameras. Thumbnail Search Thumbnail search narrows down video segments, allowing you to quickly find the video you need. Timeline Search Video frames automatically populate as the timeline cursor is moved for a much faster and more intuitive search even in low bandwidth connections. Export Save a picture or video, print a picture or export video files to easily be used for investigations.


View Video Anywhere Access live and recorded video on multiple PCs through the freely distributed client applications, free web server application and free mobile app available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. Easy-to-Use, intuitive user interface exacqVision Start boasts an easy-to-understand, highly-intuitive user interface.

Even untrained personnel can start using exacqVision Start right away.

Powerful Search – Easily find what you want exacqVision’s Graphical Search enables quick finding of desired video. Playback multiple cameras simultaneously. See POS transactions scroll with the video. Find video based on POS searches.

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Easy Configuration exacqVision Start is an out-of-the box solution. Auto-detection of IP cameras makes configuration simple and quick. Adjusting camera resolutions and framerate, users and permissions,trigger exacqgision, audio and more is simple. Page loaded from us. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.

By continue to navigate through this site or by clicking Approve, you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our. Minimum less than 50Mbps camera data simultaneous remote clients.

Recommended Mbps camera data 4 simultaneous remote clients.

Minimum Typically analog cameras. Recommended Typically 1 monitor with 16 HD cameras. High Performance Typically 4 monitors with 36 HD cameras.

Windows Server, Client, Web Service. Linux Server, Client, Web Service.