Everett Ruess—a bold teenage adventurer, artist, and writer—tramped around the Sierra Nevada, the California coast, and the desert wilderness of the. Buy Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty Reprint by W.L. Rusho (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Everett Ruess – A Vagabond for Beauty, a treat for lovers of adventure, beauty, art and writing, sees the life of Everett Ruess from the age of

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An artist, a truly free spirit, at one with nature, he disappeared into the wild never to be seen again. The then nineteen year old Everett says he is “mentally stimulated” by it.

By the time Everett Ruess disappeared, he had fashioned a magnificent obsession that probably killed him. Other editions – View all Everett Ruess: Archaeologist Clay Locket made mention of Everett nearly killing himself trying to find vantage points on steep and wet cliffs just to paint a watercolour. The ofr vanished in the desert near the four corners in the s, but not before leaving the trail vagbond profound letters included in this book.

Oct 13, Peter rated it really liked it.

Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty

And yet the saving grace of this book is his adequate and sometimes nice descriptions of the country through which he passed. As such, reading the letters is an experience that ranges from exasperating to nostalgic to thought-provoking.


His search for ultimate beauty and oneness with nature is chronicled in this remarkable collection of letters to family and friends. Want to Read saving….

Psychologically, we seem to know pleasure largely by contrast and contrast seems necessary for our minds to make distinctions.

His written experience is quite similar to that of Thoreau during his time in Walden. Nov 06, Susan rated it it was amazing.

Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty – W. L. Rusho – Google Books

Not one’s influence or the influence of one’s work. I can relate and respect the contribution of Everett, yet something in the back of my head keeps nagging at me about these kids, particularly Everett and Chris McCandless Into the wild and even Aaron One-Arm Ralston. Reading his letters are like walking and chatting with him on a long desert walk.

Meanwhile, there is the mystery of his disappearance and the various theories and speculation about what may have happened to him, which are also included by the book’s author.

His “life” as he called it, consisted of spending months vagabind a time in the wild, at the mercy of the good people around him. His mother erased things she didn’t like such as smoking and atheism. In the s, Everett Ruess disappeared at neauty age of twenty-one while hiking somewhere in the wilds of southern Utah. The Mystery of Everett Ruess W. If you like people that go against the norm then you will love this book.


This is a book to hold close, to read and reread. Ever since vor this book, he’s haunted me. I loved this story, especially reading all the letters Everett wrote during his time traveling around the Southwest in the ‘s.

I wonder if he ever veauty how many people would someday read them or if he simply wrote this way for the joy of artful expression ruuess his family and friends. Is passage from the sensual to the intellectual to the spiritual a correct progression of growth, and if so, should that growth be hastened? Both books are reprinted here in their entirety. A Vagabond for Beauty. But the one thing I cannot tolerate is the fact that his mother prior to allowing vagqbond journals get published, sanitized them!

Great souls today have issued a Declaration of Human Interdependence. Should one submerge oneself in sacrifice? Jun 02, Gregandsandy1 rated it liked it. Mar 20, Owen Curtsinger rated it really liked it. In it you might a way to live a life unfettered by convention, or raddled by possessions, or tormented by useless ambition.