*EUSA Reg HEADQUARTERS. EIGHTH UNITED STATES ARMY. UNIT #I . APO AP EUSA Regulation. NO. that comes from making an already good thing work even better. I. ^ee also EA Fact Sheet, The KATUSA: Key Member of the Army Team. 2EA Reg , para. January 4, , and EUSA Regulation , “Republic of Korea Army. Personnel with the United States Army,” April 3, The EUSA.

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KATUSAs are drafted from pool of qualified volunteers who are euaa to mandatory military service for Korean male citizens. Army, and help the U. Informally, they help U. It saves the U. South Korea has been a close friend and valued partner during difficult circumstances, even when personal relations between U.

It was started as a spoken agreement between President Seungman Lee and U. At that time, the 6000-2. Army needed a military force that had the proper knowledge of the geography of Korea, and the abilities to distinguish ally troops South Korea from enemy troops North Korea and communicate better between U.

After training, they were divided into the U. Of these soldiers, 11, went missing or were killed in action. Army learning his occupation and would then return to the ROK Army for training others on the occupation. As the selection process is completely random, all eligible candidates have an equal chance of winning. Applicants may only apply once. Conscripts with qualifying test scores are selected on a random basis via lottery by the Korean government.

A brief orientation and OJT is conducted by the U. Army before they begin their full-time duty with a United States Army unit garrisoned in Korea for the duration of their military service.


The number of candidates vying for an available opening is extremely high because many soldiers believe that the U. Army is less abusive and more professional in its training and treatment of soldiers compared with the ROK Army, and that junior enlisted personnel receive better treatment, have more educational opportunities especially with regards to learning Englishexperience a higher standard of living, and have an overall better quality of life than their ROK counterparts.

Because KATUSA program was built as a temporary measure during mid-war and stayed in that way, there has been no legal legitimation for the program in Korean law system to this date.

Forces was never documented. However, this criticism is usually rebutted by the counter-argument from the United States Forces Korea that eksa promotion of KATUSA soldiers is sufficiently warranted given the fact that KATUSA soldiers usually possess at least two years of college experience, which would translate to an advanced enlisted rank for US soldiers. To minimize this, the selection process now randomly picks soldiers from the pool of applicants, instead of hiring the most qualified soldiers.

The selection process requires ehsa to submit their English proficiency test scores as a mandatory document, and driver’s license and computer software proficiency test scores such as Microsoft certificates to quality applicants who are eligible to be drivers or administrators. These measures were introduced to diversify the pool of applicants throughout Korean Army soldiers, but lot of intelligent soldiers still enlist as a KATUSA for superior facilities and treatments.

Holistic and random approach is used to quality candidates into different units, and these variety of exam results seem to affect significantly into which positions each applicant is located. Some of the recent criticisms from the South Korean side include alleged forced-recruitment susa the Korean War, when the 7th Infantry Division commandeered reinforcements for the landing at Incheon.

The South Korean side claims they were taken from refugee camps, but whether they volunteered or were coerced remains a matter of eus. Annexed into Imperial Japan inKorea was divided after its surrender inpeace has since mostly continued with the two agreeing to work peacefully for reunification and the South solidifying peace as a regional power with the worlds 10th largest defence budget.

A long legacy of openness and focus on innovation made it successful, today, it is the worlds fifth largest exporter with the G20s largest budget surplus and highest credit rating of any geg in East Asia.

Sinceits constitution guarantees a liberal democracy with high government transparency, high personal freedoms led to the rise of a globally influential pop culture such as K-pop and K-drama, a phenomenon called the Korean Wave, known for its distinctive fashionable and trendy style.

It is the third least ignorant country in the Index of Ignorance, ranking eighth highest for peaceful tolerance. The name Goryeo itself was first used by the ancient kingdom of Goguryeo in the 5th century as a form of its name.

The 10th-century kingdom of Goryeo succeeded Goguryeo, and thus inherited its name, the modern spelling of Korea first appeared in the late 17th century in the travel writings of the Dutch East India Companys Hendrick Hamel. After Goryeo was replaced by Joseon inJoseon became the name for the entire territory.


The new official name has its origin in the ancient country of Gojoseon, inthe Joseon dynasty changed the official name of the country from Joseon to Daehan Jeguk.

KATUSA PROGRAM ADA BN “Let’s Go Together” PREPARED BY – ppt download

The name Daehan, which means great Han literally, derives from Samhan, however, the name Joseon was still widely used by Koreans to refer to rusa country, though it was no longer the official name. Under Japanese rule, the two names Han and Joseon coexisted, there were several groups who fought for independence, the most notable being the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea.

Following the surrender of Japan, inthe Republic of Korea was adopted as the name for the new country. Since the government only controlled the part of the Korean Peninsula. It is the largest of the branches of the South Korean armed forces withmembers as of This size is maintained through conscription, South Korean men must complete 21 months of service between the age of 18 eus The army will take the brunt of the personnel reduction planned as part of the Defense Reformthe modern South Korean army traces its lineage back to the Gwangmu Reform, when the Beolgyegoon was eussa by Emperor Gojong in The army consists oftroops, approximately 2,tanks,2, armored fighting vehicles,5, artillery pieces,60 guided eus systems, and helicopters as of The K21 KNIFVs chassis will be constructed out of fiberglass, reducing the vehicles load eussa enabling it to travel at higher speeds without bulky.

Won equals principal, only used for Won-Su, General of the Army, each of these is coupled with wi equals company grade, ryung equals field grade, and jang equals general.

NCO rank is same as officer, ha equals euaa, Jung equals medium, Sang equals high, Won equals principal, because this title is named after Won-Su, to ensure that this rank is higher than Sang-sa. Battle Dress Uniform — This article is about the U. For the similarly named British combat uniform worn 60-2 tosee Battle Dress, or for army action clothing in general, see Battledress.

The Battle Dress Uniform are camouflaged fatigues that were used by the United States Armed Forces as their uniform for combat situations from the early s to the mids. Since then, it has replaced or ejsa in every branch of the U. Armed Forces, except for elements of the U. Coast Guard as of Navy currently authorizes wear of the BDU uniform at locations such as at the U. S, Special Operations Command and other ground-based naval units, such as Seabees.

As late asBDUs were still worn by officers of the U. S, public Health Service as the prescribed uniform for deployment, but have since been replaced by a variant of the U. The BDU uniform is referred to as battle dress uniforms because they are reh for use during battles, as opposed to garrison or service dress worn at parades. After much trial, the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht authorized Heeres-Splittermuster 31, more known as splinter pattern.

Sincechanges included the addition and subsequent elimination of buttoned waist adjustment tabs, the reduction of the collar. Complaints regarding the retention of these uniforms, especially following the invasion of Grenada in These photocathode devices do not detect temperatures, but rather infrared radiation variances, nIR-compliant uniforms use a special fabric that allows soldiers to appear at the same radiation level as the surrounding terrain, thus making them more difficult to detect.

It is advised not to use starch when cleaning or ironing BDUs, since starch weakens the fabric, a pair of BDUs that has been starched even once should not be worn in combat. First unveiled in Juneit is the successor to the Battle Dress Uniform and Desert Camouflage Uniform worn from the s through the early s and it features a number of design changes, as well as a different camouflage pattern from its predecessor.

The ACU and its component materials are manufactured by the industrial infrastructure which produced the now-obsolete BDU. The color scheme of the Army Combat Uniform is composed of a gray, desert sand.

The shade black was omitted from the uniform since it is visible both to the naked eye and to modern optics.

However, it does utilize several shades of grey ranging from light to extremely dark. Pure black, when viewed through night fusa devices, appears excessively dark and this pattern is scheduled for retirement on 30 September Army soldiers deployed to Rey are issued an Army-developed variant of the Crye Precision MultiCam pattern, since lateall U. These uniforms are designed to prevent third-degree burns, along with up to thirty percent of second degree burns, additionally, the uniforms are treated with the chemical permethrin to help protect soldiers from insect-borne diseases like malaria.


Crye later modified and trademarked their version of the pattern as MultiCam, Scorpion W2 resembles MultiCam with muted greens, light beige, and dark brown colors, but uses fewer beige and brown patches and no vertical twig and branch elements. ACUs printed in OCP first became available for purchase on 1 Julywith deployed soldiers already being issued uniforms, the Army Combat Uniform features hook-and-loop ref, also known by euza genericized trademark velcro, on its sleeve pockets.

Near Infrared Rge Management Technology is incorporated to minimize the infrared silhouette, permanent IR IFF squares are sewn to each shoulder to help identify friendly personnel when night vision devices are used, and are protected by Velcro tabs in garrison or when not in use. They consist of the Army, Marine Corps, Deg, Air Force, from the time of its inception, the military played a decisive role in the history of the United States.

A sense of unity and identity was forged as a result of victory in the First Barbary War. Even so, the Founders were suspicious of a permanent military force and it played an important role in the American Civil War, where leading generals on both sides were picked from members of the United States military.

Not until the outbreak of World War II did a standing army become officially established.

It draws its personnel from a pool of paid volunteers. For the period —14, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute found that the United States was the worlds largest exporter of major arms, the United States was also the worlds eighth largest importer of major weapons for the same period.

The history of the U. Rising tensions at various times with Britain and France and the ensuing Quasi-War and War of quickened the development of the U. Navy, the reserve branches formed a military strategic reserve during the Cold War, to be called into service in case of war. Time magazines Mark Thompson has suggested that with the War on Terror, Command over the armed forces is established in the United States Constitution.

The sole power of command is vested in the President by Article II as Commander-in-Chief, the Constitution also allows for the creation of executive Departments headed principal officers whose opinion the President can require.

This allowance in the Constitution formed the basis for creation of the Department of Defense in by the National Security Act, the Defense Department is headed by the Secretary of Defense, who is a civilian and member of the Cabinet.

The Defense Secretary is second in the chain of command, just below the President. Together, the President and the Secretary of Defense comprise the National Command Authority, to coordinate military strategy with political affairs, the President has a National Security Council headed by the National Security Advisor. The collective body has only power to the President. Conscription — Conscription, or drafting, is the compulsory enlistment of people in a national service, most often a military service.

Conscription dates back to antiquity and continues in countries to the present day under various names. The modern system of national conscription for young men dates to the French Revolution in the s. Most European nations later copied the system in peacetime, so that men at a certain age would serve 1—8 years on active duty and those conscripted may evade service, sometimes by leaving the country. As of the early 21st century, many no longer conscript soldiers.

Korean Augmentation To the United States Army — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2

The ability to rely on such an arrangement, however, presupposes some degree of predictability with regard to both war-fighting requirements and the scope of hostilities, many states that have abolished conscription therefore still reserve the power to resume it during wartime or times of crisis.

Around the reign of Hammurabi, the Babylonian Empire used a system of conscription called Ilkum, under that system those eligible were required to serve in the royal army in time of war. During times of peace they were required to provide labour for other activities of the state.

In return for service, people subject to it gained the right to hold land. It is possible that this right was not to hold land per se, various forms of avoiding military service are recorded. While it was outlawed by the Code of Hammurabi, the hiring of substitutes appears to have practiced both before and after the creation of the code.