Abstract. CASTANO LL, Rodrigo et al. Dilatación endoscópica y aplicación de esteroides intralesionales en las estenosis esofágicas por cáusticos y. Lesiones esofagogástricas por cáusticos. Esophageal-gastric .. ¿Produce la ingesta de cáusticos alteraciones motoras esofágicas irreversibles? Estudio manométrico .. Estenosis esofágica extensa secundaria a esofagitis Gastroenterol. Se estudiaron 60 pacientes menores de 15 años con estenosis esofágica, 40 de ellos por ingestión de cáusticos y 20 por otras causas.

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A new dysphagia score with objective validation. MAC was calculated with the right arm bent at the elbow at a 90 o angle while the upper arm was held parallel to the side of the body.

J Clin Gastroenterol, 19pp. Ann Emerg Med, 15pp. Caustic esophageal lesions in chilhood: Reference patterns and indicators of nutritional status: Our 14 years’ experience. Data related to the nutritional status in children with caustic esophageal burns are scarce.

The effect of corticosteroids and pentoxifylline in caustic esophageal burns. Delayed gastric emptying in patients with caustic setenosis. A new dysphagia score with objective validation. Am J Gastroenterol ; What are the alternatives? Pneumatic dilations twice a month with progressively longer intervals were necessary for five months. This complication is less common with self-expanding metal stents SEMS and nitinol stents, but these are more traumatic during the extraction procedure 8.


The main complication of accidental ingestion is caustic esophageal stricture. Nutr Hosp, 10pp.

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Refractory strictures post-esophageal atresia repair: Stenting for caustic strictures: No cases of esophageal perforation Zargar IV were found. Arch Pediatr, 5pp. Clin Toxicol, 35pp. Combined duodenal and colonic necrosis.

Estenosis esofágica por ingestión de cáusticos

A critique of systemic steroids in the management of caustic esophageal burns in children. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol ; How to cite esofaggica article.

The observation that one-half of the patients with stenosis did not complain of dysphagia and that some patients with dysphagia had no esophageal stenosis points to the underlying complexity of the functional and anatomical esophageal damage induced by the chemical agent, as well as to the individual variation in visceral sensitivity.

World J Gastroenterol ;10 Video-assisted endoscopic esophagectomy with stapled intrathoracic esophagogastric anastomosis. However, the placement of a stent in this region was impossible due to the generation of a tracheal compression. Long-term follow-up of children with esophageal caustic stenosis. The barium esophagogram showed a long stenosis from the cricotracheal level to the lower third of the esophagus Fig.


Caustic ingestion CI in children and adolescents may lead to esophageal burns, esophageal stenosis and secondary dysphagia. Prediction of complications following unintentional caustic ingestion in children.

Emergency management and sequelae of acid ingestion. Arch Pediatr, 4pp. Study subjects were weighted without shoes and minimal clothing, using a movable weight platform-beam scale. Esophageal stenosis due to caustic ingestion.

Ann Thorac Surg, 41pp. The mean z-score in 24 children with dysphagia was