rules and regulations to implement the provisions of the Act. Click to View Complete PDF File of Implementing Rules and Regulation for Republic Act No. Proposed Amendments to the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act , Otherwise known as the “Electric. RA EPIRA-IRR. February 27, Rules and Regulations to Implement Republic Act No. , entitled “Electric Power Industry Reform Act of “.

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NEA is also to ensure compliance by the electric cooperative board of directors and management to the performance standards approved by the DoE and enforce sanctions and penalties for non-compliance.

These countries were selected because of the importance of mining to their economies and to ensure a broad geographical representation.

Both the oil epir natural gas industries are subject to regulation by the DOE. The world economy continues to expand, albeit at a deliberate pace. In irf this approval, it must be shown that the distribution utility is unwilling or unable to adequately service the power requirements of such end user 46 in deference to the franchise held by the distribution utility covering such area. Electric power industry participants are generally free to enter into bilateral contracts for the supply of electric power, and utility purchases of power are customarily driven by commercial considerations.

The ERC has not yet prescribed a specific form of competitive selection process.

This may only be undertaken jointly with Filipino citizens or corporations or associations 60 per cent of whose capital is owned by Filipino itr under co-production, joint venture or production sharing agreements.

InRepublic Act No. Under the current legislation, provisions have been made for the establishment of a reserves market for ancillary services 66 and a renewable energy market REM for the trading of renewable energy certificates. On 22 Decemberthe DOE adopted the Rules and E;ira Governing the Establishment of the RPS for On-Grid Areas, 90 which prescribes that the share of electricity coming from renewable energy resources shall be based on the aspirational target of 35 per cent in the generation mix by Inthe Congress passed Republic Act No.


The Ifr Law Review. This chapter focuses primarily on the electric power industry, which has seen more vigorous developments in recent years.

With the industry enduring a fourth straight year of low oil prices, and with no prospects for a significant increase in sight, participants in the industry have been forced to adapt. Consistent with the policy of ensuring transparent and reasonable pricing of electricity in a regime of free and fair competition, 44 the EPIRA mandates TRANSCO, the NGCP and the distribution utilities to provide open and non-discriminatory access to all electricity end-users to the transmission system and distribution systems.

However, the Malampaya natural gas field, which supplies 50 per cent of the energy requirements for Luzon, is expected to run out of reserves in — Inthe regulation of the natural gas industry was entrusted by the President of the Republic to the DOE, 14 which promulgated Department Circular No.

Energy dep’t seeking stakeholder comment on draft EPIRA IRR amendments

The distribution of electricity to end-users is a regulated common electricity carrier spira requiring a national franchise. Some in the industry have already started to worry that by reducing capital expenditures the seeds of a future price shock are being sown. The DOE is the primary policymaking and implementing body for the industry, 2 with a mandate to supervise and control all government activities pertaining to energy projects.

The business of power generation by itself is not subject to foreign ownership limitations; it is not considered a public utility operation and therefore is not considered a nationalised activity that requires a national franchise. In view of this, the Department of Finance is pushing for new energy sources. As ofcoal-fired power plants account for The Revised RDWR provides the methodology and pricing principles to be adopted by the ERC; the annual rate verification and adjustment process to be undertaken; the regulatory processes and timelines; and epida indicators, performance targets and reporting arrangements required from the distribution utilities.


Explore our content Close. While the generation sector is not subject to the foregoing restriction, any change in ownership or control ird assets and services of a generation company must comply with the ownership threshold on installed generating capacity, as previously discussed.

The continued growth of the renewable energy sector and introduction of new technology characterises the past years for the Philippine energy industry.

Implementing Rules and Regulations

Renewable energy certificates are certificates issued by the Renewable Energy Registrar to an electric power industry participant indicating the energy sources produced, epiea or used Rule 1, Section 3 tt of the RE Act IRR. The International Arbitration Review. As discussed above, the distribution of electricity to end-users is undertaken by distribution utilities, which may be electric cooperatives, private corporations, government-owned utilities or existing local governments.

Finally, the supply sector is also regarded as a business affecting the public interest.

The EPIRA also created the ERC in place of the Energy Regulatory Board as an independent, quasi-judicial regulatory body, that has original and exclusive jurisdiction over all cases contesting rates, fees, fines and penalties it imposes, and over all cases involving disputes between and among participants or players in the energy sector.

This compendium has been formulated to provide you with a good overview of the legal framework and current status and challenges in structuring, financing and investing in renewable energy projects in the selected jurisdictions. Based on the power capacity, Much of the mining sector continues to emerge epida a lengthy down-cycle.