Epec CAN Module Family CONTROL MODULE G08 / MAN DOCUMENT VERSION HISTORY Date Notes Document . Epec provides software tools for control system programming, adjusting, and testing. From the systems engineering viewpoint, it is not enough to have sufficient. Open and compatible. Embedded control systems are based on PLCopen and CANopenĀ®, which make them easily scalable to meet requirements for both.

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Closed loops wiring can be achieved by connecting the GND wire from the sensor, actuator etc. Programming environment CoDeSys 2.

All claims with respect to defects in the products shall be made to the manufacturer without delay and no later than on the seventh 7th day after the defect has been or should have been discovered by the buyer.

EPEC controller Manual _Download Manual

Inputs of this type are also suitable for quadrature sensor position counting. Test method EN ? A separate safety analysis is always recommended for the machine and its control system.

These parameters depend on software cycle time. Module has a shutdown circuit which protects eppec module and loads against overvoltage. All applied cables should be e;ec shielded, bundled and grounded? The other two are word variables in the IW memory area which hold the frequency value and the number of pulses. CANopen for all physical buses? The application program is provided with frequency and number of the pulses seen in the input in addition to the normal input state.

Maximum pulse input frequency 40 kHz.

Puncture hole fastening 7. Short-circuit protection for outputs?

The system should be designed and constructed according to the Epec general mounting and cabling instruction document. The pulse count and pulse frequency can be read from the pulse input channels.


This document contains necessary data concerning the module in question, which system designer needs in system development work. Gold plated, locked eepec sealed connectors: Generally, it is not recommended. It must be taken care in system design that the output unintentionally epc to on state causes no harm to the system. This feature makes it possible to detect open loads and short circuits to the supply voltage.

Pulse Input channels Channel 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Pin X3. This makes it rather hard to estimate the actual maximum frequency of the pulses that the module is able to count reliably. Box FIN Sein? The shutdown circuit is activated when voltage reaches circa 32 V.

Excavator Spare Parts for SANY EPEC 2024 Control Module

The first is one of the QX output bits for controlling the pin as an output. Also the environmental suitability of equipment should be checked protection for moisture, mechanical stability, power durability, coupling resistance, among other things?

These parameters depend on software cycle time Note 5: For more information refer to programming manuals. In PLCopen programming environment, there is a word variable in IW area associated eoec each pin from where the software can read the actual signal magnitude at the pin. In other words, pins connect the load to the ground. Monitoring the state of the pin is generally not possible when the pin is used as a PWM signal output.

The manufacturer gives the warranty of twelve 12 months to the products and thereto related firmware from commissioning or eighteen eepec months from the date of delivery of the products which ever occurs first The manufacturer is during the warranty period responsible for defects in the products and thereto related firmware resulting from faults epce material, design or workmanship.


After starting up the module measures only the pulse frequency.

Epec 3724 Control Unit

It must be taken care in system design that the output unintentionally switching to on state causes no harm to system. The manufacturer does not assume any responsibility for this product being fit for any particular application, unless otherwise expressly stated in writing by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer gives no other warranties whatsoever for the products than the warranty set out in this section and thus the warranty given in this section sets forth the warranty given by the manufacturer in its entirety. There are bits in IX area associated with these inputs to support the DI functionality. The maximum rating is lowered in this case to 15 volts.

The downloading of the application programs can only be done via CAN1. The manufacturer will charge a scrapping fee from the buyer according to the manufacturer’s price list in force from time to time. This product is not field serviceable, so it should not be opened at any situation. Applies to inputs used as normal digital inputs.

PWM capable outputs are divided into six groups. Otherwise operation of other inputs may be interfered Note 3: Violating this rating may lead to application program not noticing all input state transitions. The peec is done by a PWM channel but setting the frequency of one channel sets also the frequencies of all the other channels in the same groups.

The manufacturer shall, at its sole option, repair the products at its manufactory in Sein?