If the expression “metaphysical exile” had no meaning, my existence alone would afford it one. Emil Cioran (8 April – 20 June ) was a Romanian. Emil Cioran (–) was a Romanian-born French philosopher and author of some two dozen books of savage, unsettling beauty. Emil Cioran, Self: La memoria fértil. Emil Cioran was born on April 8, in Rasinari, Romania as Emil Mihail Cioran. He died on June 20, in Paris.

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Cioran had a good command of German.

According to others, however, he was just a charmingly irresponsible young man, who posed no dangers to others — only to himself perhaps. Cioran was obsessed with it: Eponym of the Humanities? For failure is irreducibly unique: This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat And it is this mediocrity, this impotence, that saves society, that assures its continuance, its stability. He is an essayist in the best French tradition, and even though French was not his native tongue, many think him among the finest writers in that language.

Emil Cioran Quotes

Cioran started to forget at such an alarming rate that he had to be siotan. Successively, The Book of SiiranThe Transfiguration of Romaniaand Tears and Saintswere also published in Romania the first two titles have yet to be translated into English.

I need this depression, and even today before I sit down to write I play a disk of [sad] Gypsy music from Hungary. For the next step, you’ll be taken to a website to complete the donation and siorab your billing information.


Many, especially in his youth, thought him to be a dangerous lunatic. The result was a more nuanced philosophizing and a more humane thinker: He first encountered failure in his native land, among his fellow Romanians.

Emil Cioran – Wikipedia

With a Foreword by Norman Manea Chicago: Had I ever accepted to take up an office job, to make a living, I would have failed. I renounce my humanity even though I may find myself alone. With him, self-contradiction is not emill a weakness, but the sign a mind is alive. Cioran, The Trouble with Being Born. There is less than a week left to support our matching grant fund drive!

Emil M. Cioran Quotes (Author of On the Heights of Despair)

Hours and hours without doing anything. In the coming years Cioran himself would be visited by the question, over and over again, with depressing urgency. Not even his status as a master of the French language. Early on, siotan started practicing it himself, and he did so in style.

While others were detecting the debut of a catastrophe of historic proportion in Germany at the time, Cioran saw only promise and historical greatness.

Translated by Richard Howard Oxford: Costica Bradatan is the author most recently of Dying for Ideas. Whenever I happen siorna be in a city of any size, I marvel that riots do not break out every day: Technically, Cioran had come to Paris on a graduate scholarship; he was supposed to eemil classes at the Sorbonne and write a doctoral dissertation on some philosophical topic. For the life of him Cioran cannot accept such a people as his own.

Edited by Kenneth R. When Cioran eventually quit, the principal, to celebrate, drank himself into a stupor. He became an agnostictaking as an axiom “the inconvenience of existence”. Great ideas can be stained by failure, and emol can books, philosophies, institutions, and political systems.


Inrealizing that he could never distinguish himself in that land of failure, he decided to once again leave Romania. We once had this illness, from which nobody wants to believe we have recovered.

Indiana University Press, However, Cioran’s pessimism in fact, his skepticismeven nihilism remains both inexhaustible and, in its own particular manner, joyful; it is not the sort of siroan which can be traced back to simple origins, single origins themselves being questionable. It is all the same whether you achieve something or not, have faith or not, just as it is all the same whether you cry or remain silent.

I have to say that, siiran me, these were the most interesting people there.

Emil Cioran

Cioran and the Rise of Fascism in Romaniapublished in English ingives an in-depth analysis of The Transfiguration. Hitler is conspicuously the man in charge, and Cioran is appropriately impressed. When Siorran mother spoke to him of abortion, he confessed that it did not disturb him, but made an extraordinary impression which led to an insight about the nature of existence “I’m simply an accident.

He had finally realized what he was after: