Procedurally generated landscape flyby demo with impressive graphics and audio, and oh yeah — a total size of four kilobytes! Absolutely. Nice 4k intro on the video but I didn’t manage to run it. I put the d3d9_dll in the intro’s dir but nothing to do. Maybe an issue with the latest. elevated by Rgba & TBC 4k intro (FullHD p demoscene demo) · 73 – You can see the demo at. (1) Fairlight & Prosonix & Offence – We Are.

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This struck me like a lighting back then. It has a very nice tune and very detailed landscapes; I was totally shocked when I saw it first time, triple thumbs up!

I found myself thinkning “it’s nice but they need a few more effects” then I remembered that it’s a 4k. Where can I get this song? Thank you for this totally uplifting experience. Do you have something funny to share with fellow programmers? Once a wise panda said: The entire scene was derived from a 4, byte executable. I am still amazed by its simplicity and its beauty as a by-product of it.

The Terrain is generated with noise. Not that I could do it, but what about some three-dimensional objects?

It could use some updating. I’d never thought stuff like that would be possible in 4k! On the open source radeonsi mesa driver it’s sadly a bit buggy the weird dot in the middle and the part with the waves is missingbut mostly works: For example from the 64k category there is “The Timeless”: I hope it won’t be a 1-time collaboration guys!


Beautiful and also technically impressive. Ok, then I still thumb up, because it rules, but it’s a bit weird And also, if you look carefully, you’ll see that the [source] code link! You start impressing me! Why not to thumb up??? But Vulkan should be on par with D3D12 on this aspect. It’s not so often that I can’t catch my breath. Direct links to app demos unrelated to programming will be removed.

As Navis said, you are my heroes!

Elevated by Rgba and TBC

There is a Windows 7 compatible version to be found in the newsgroups. This is the website of one of the guys who worked on it. One of the best things ever created on and for personal computers.

What makes this one especially e,evated is clearly explained in the introduction.

Also, I like the music and the sync of it with those lovely sky lasers: I lost my words! The 4K is the.

Elevated by Rgba and TBC

Not meant as an offence nor disrespect against fr, but to be honest, this HAS to rank higher than at least fr There you go, I give you my heart. Forgotten to thumb this one up. So, I’m sure we will see many amazing 4ks in the future too. Very clever 4k, I just wish camera paths could be better. Well, there are a couple with OpenGL.


I updated my DirectX and now the intro runs fine. Chek 4k procedural graphics entry from BP by rgba http: It was fun because it was interactive. It’s a vague question because there’s nowhere in the source where they elevatec leverage DX features.

I watch the HQ p version and whenever I show people they cannot believe it’s only 4k.

Doesn’t work for me. How this could be squeezed in 4K??

Elrvated the executable on a default, updated Windows machine. Look forward to more from you guys! Trojan in Qin7 compat version? Frankly the best intro Ive ever seen. A lot of boilerplate code is needed to fill in structs and issue elvated calls. Mars 4k 16 years before Always wanted to see one of your 4k procedural gfx’s in realtime and this came true. I don’t know why, but with the recent Catalyst If there is no code in your link, it probably doesn’t belong here.

This is not a jab at you, I know nothing about how much you know about this but you seem to know what you’re talking about. Extra for source release!