The humans of the Five Nations are ethnically diverse. Humanity It’s hard to map Eberron’s fashions to Earth’s history because it’s not Earth. Buy Five Nations (Eberron Campaign: Dungeons & Dragons) by Bill Slavicsek ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . EBERRON: Five Nations () – Danger knows no borders Secure your traveling papers and jump aboard the lightning rail as it hurtles across.

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They find that people who cover their ears are trying to hide something or deceive you. The preferred age to take the crown was nineteen, though some were allowed to be crowned as young as sixteen, some were denied until they were nation, and many were not afforded the option until they were much older, depending on how long their parent stayed ebreron the throne.

We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

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Humans also seem to be exceptionally adept and skilled at learning all manner of trades from blacksmith to anthropologist to fate-tempting adventurers humans demonstrate a proficiency in anything they set themselves to. In our history armor was rendered obsolete by the prevalence of the musket. Each governor-prince eventually decided to claim the throne and the crown for himself or herself, and the kingdom broke apart in all-out war. I like to take inspiration from real world historical clothing for Eberron fashion, but use it in an intensely anachronistic way, so it usually loses any historical significance.

Very few things have tasty skin under normal cooking conditions, but the troll hide would be a potentially valuable waste product in a far more abundant supply than other forms of sturdy leather. Displays for the Sovereign Host are similarly practical, usually taking the form of small etchings in tools, armour and weapons. After that the Cyrans have been in worn but well maintained work clothes, showing what they have lost.


Where Vyenne likes her wands and her elegant chain dancing, Harkan carries a staff and is quite straightforward about crushing you with his mace. The Five Nations The human-dominated civilizations on the continent of Khorvaire trace a lineage to the ancient kingdom of Galifar. Or am I ascribing a sensibility to them that is only a product of my own prejudices? These were Aundair, Breland, Cyre.

The styles would generally signify the status and personality of the wearer, and most clothing beyond the most strange of haute-couture would be a lot more practical.

Thranes by comparison are relatively subdued, especially since the theocracy arose.

Or are they a grab bag of egerron possible looks we have in reality? King Galifar I established a method of government and succession that lasted for almost a thousand years. Good point on the Sarlona immigrants already being ethnically mixed! Karrns are stoic and stolid, while Aundairians tend to be dramatic and expressive.

Five Nations (book)

She makes up for this, though, by having a gleaming white prosthetic arm powered by a small bound water elemental, proudly blazoned with the Cannith coat of arms. Her ruffles and hairstyle reflect the latest trends in Fairhaven fashion; while her dress appears constricting, the fabric is fkve flexible.

Something I have put natiins lot of thought into is regional cuisine. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It has become common for Blood of Vol followers to add red stripes or ribbons to their clothing, as well as the familiar red gemstone aspect.

Not to mention in a world without quite so negative a view of women in the first place. They are helping New Cyre rebuild and were present during the remembrance of the Day of Mourning. Only seven years ago, a noble would have paid handsomely to enjoy Brelish cheese and Aundairian wine natinos the same meal, but now such trade is once again common. Reflecting a little on how their cultures have shaped them… Vyenne is very gifted nattions wants the world to know it.


Thrane, Karrnath, Aundair, Breland, Cyre.

Along the way, Galifar also trained them for the peace that would follow, honing eberfon visionary leaders as he honed his weapons and troops for every battle. Karrns are likewise practical, martial, and dressed to deal with a harsher climate.

And rubber balls for middle-class children to play with, for that matter. For all the open smiles and friendly handshakes, old grudges do not die easily.

Most of my NPCs have a tendency towards trenchcoat and similar long coats because of this change. During her reign, the region came to be called Breland. They could be meant to uphold social mores in Thrane and Karrnath, or to maintain social divisions in Aundair. August 02, This honored tradition was abandoned a century ago, when the last king of Galifar, Jarot, died. Unlike her neighbor, who still insists on launching sticks at his enemies. In Eberron, armor is often worn either as a practical tool or as a fashion statement, and I think eherron armor is more comfortable and flexible than equivalents we know from our history.