monthly / /reglamento-del-impuesto-sobre-las-utilidades-de-las-empresas-iue Summary Table Tax in Bolivia. NAME OF THE. TAX deducted the IVA. • Bolivian source profits remitted . (Art. 42 D. S. ) • Form. remittance by . The tax system determines the concept and classification of taxes in Bolivia. Tributes are the obligations in . the country (Art. 43 D. S. ). • Payslip

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Sets down the primary laws through which terrorist acts are punished. Article prohibits the smuggling of nuclear, chemical, biological or other mass destruction weapons, or dual-use materials, devices, or technologies which can also be used for the creation or use of mass destruction weapons or missile delivery systems thereof. A person who undertakes military preparation for using nuclear, chemical bacteriological, biological or toxin weapons as method of warfare, shall be punished by deprivation of liberty from 1 to 6 years.

Adopts in compliance with Minsk Bolkvia a four part list of dual-use items and technologies requiring a licence for export, capable of being used holivia the production of inter alias biological and toxin weapons, and missile systems.

Prohibits the development, production, stockpiling, acquisition, retention or use of biological or microbiological agents or toxins of a type or in quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective or other purposes.

Manufacturing and Trading Controls. The Sensitive Materials Control Act, the aim of which is to put a stop to all illicit activities in the area of sensitive materials, provides for appropriate monitoring so that acts which constitute misdemeanours or serious offences under customs law may at the same time receive prior verification and investigation by the Administration, and be penalized a posteriori pursuant to the appropriate rules of law.

BWC National Implementation Database

Gives the government the power to establish an Export Control List in order to control the export of certain goods and to meet its international commitments to prevent, among other things, the proliferation of missile technology as well as biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

Makes it unlawful for Australians to develop, produce stockpile or otherwise acquire or retain microbial or other biological agents or toxins whatever their origin or method of production, of types and in quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes; or weapons, equipment or means of delivery designed to use such agents or toxins for hostile purposes or in armed conflict.


Includes the list of types of activity for which a special permit bolovia required and of the bodies which issue the permits. If a violation of this Law causes a serious environmental pollution accident, leading to the grave consequences of heavy losses of public or boliviaa property or human injuries or deaths of persons, the persons directly responsible for such an accident shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

Penal Code of BulgariaArticle a.

Criminal Code of Belize, Article Decreto-Ley de la Suguridad Biologica, 28 January Each activity requires a. Defines the security regulations applicable to activities involving hazardous substances and chemicals.

Contains the list of highly hazardous biological agents and toxins and outlines the professional qualifications required to handle these agents. Gene Technology Act, In the scope of its controls, the list is basically the same as that of the Missile Technology Control Regime. Safety Administration Implementation Regulation No. Determines requirements for design, appropriate practices and safety equipment for facilities working with plants and animals inoculated with biological agents, and transgenic or exotic plants and animals.

Political Constitution of Colombia Article Complementary instructions for the regulations for road and railway transportation of dangerous products.

Bolivia: Decreto Supremo Nº , 19 de diciembre de

In all cases considered for prosecution, the Customs Committee is bound to act in accordance with the Customs Code. Natural persons or juridical persons, the State and its decentralised entities are obliged to avoid any actions that may harm the environment and prevent, control and denounce, to the competent authorities, the contamination that may harm the health, the quality of life of the people and the ecosystems, especially the activities that may contaminate the atmosphere, water, land and coast.

Prevents the importation, exportation and spread of pests injurious to plants and to provide for their control and eradication and for the certification of plants.


Provisional Decree Amendments of Law on import, export and transit of arms, munitions and material for military use and related technology of 5. Decree of the Government of Flanders1 June Under this law Articlespecificallyanyone selling counterfeit or adulterated pharmaceutical and food products is subject to a prison term of between 10 and 15 years without bail, plus fines.

If he uses explosives, aggressive chemicals, biological or bacteriological in nature, and if the crime does not constitute one against public safety, he will be sentenced from years of.

Reglamento del impuesto sobre las utilidades de las empresas, DS Nº 24051, 29 de junio de 1995

Requires any organization using genetic engineering techniques and methods to create an Internal Biosafety Commission CIBio and outlines the responsibilities of these commissions.

Stipulates that violations of article 2 of the Act of 10 July may constitute a terrorist offence.

Customs Prohibited Exports Regulations. Instruction on the implementation of permanent control and reporting on production and maintenance of weapons and military.

decreto supremo 24051 en pdf

Implements the commitments the Republic of Belarus has undertaken via international treaties and aims to maintain international efforts to stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and conventional armaments.

In the event of overflight of Belarusian territory by an aircraft transporting a military cargo, the State Aviation Committee, of its own accord or at the request of the competent governmental authorities, is authorized to require the aircraft to land in Belarusian territory.

Article 12, paragraph 1, point c. The Act sets the federal responsibilities in the area of emergency preparedness. Outlines the punishment for offences under this act. Enables the Attorney General to provide assistance to other countries in connection with investigations, inquiries and proceedings in criminal matters.

Will set out the following: If employees are exposed to harmful biological agents, a record must be kept of this for 40 years.