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DoD M, “DoD Postal Manual,” Volume II, May , is hereby canceled. This Manual applies to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Mili-. Study Flashcards On DOD M POST OFFICE OPERATING PROCEDURES at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Study Flashcards On DOD M CHAPTER 15 at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the .

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Theater PERSCOM will assess the needs for international mail exchange within the theater of operation and identify the postal operations platoon to conduct that mission.

The personnel group commander must coordinate mail transportation requirements with the corps transportation officer. Organic transportation assets within postal units used to move personnel and equipment will not support mail movement. The brigade S1 develops and coordinates a postal operations plan for assigned and attached units within the brigade by performing the following critical tasks:.

This does not necessarily occur automatically. Postal operations platoons sort mail according to the mail routing scheme and location of postal services platoons and coordinate onward shipment to the 44525.6-m services platoons. 4525.-m reply I have simply to say that I fully approve the system and believe that it will be highly advantageous to the soldier in the transmission of his money to his family or relatives. Trained and equipped postal units 4525.-m be operational within 48 hours after arrival in the theater of operations.


In spite of this, the Postal Service was Large volumes of soldier redirect mail are sent to the operations platoon for processing. The battalion S1 develops and coordinates a postal operations plan for assigned and attached units within the battalion by performing the following critical tasks:. Modern equipment 45525.6-m in civilian post offices must be provided to deploying military post offices and to the military postal school and units for training.


They probably have new cod codes. A large-scale, long-term deployment may require support from Reserve Component postal units or from Active Component forward deployed postal units.

This allows for more efficient use of transportation and improves mail delivery time. The integrated information system must support requirements to generate and maintain a theater mail routing scheme.

The following references address postal policy, procedures, and guidance throughout the postal operations system:. The postal network provides official and personal mail redirect service starting at the unit mail clerk level. A postal operations platoon will locate near an MMT. The postal redirect function requires an integrated information management system throughout the theater of operations.

Contamination may consist of nuclear, biological, or odd agents. This unit holds the mail until it can confirm through the theater PERSCOM that the casualty area commander has notified the next of kin, then dld it to the sender.

Mail flows within the theater from the postal operations platoon s at the MMT to the postal services platoon s. Figure depicts the functions and tasks of postal operations. Official mail is that addressed to military or other governmental organizations. Postal services platoons require daily communication concerning task organization changes, mail delivery point location changes, mail routing scheme changes, casualty mail redirect, postal activity update, and USPS postal bulletins.

Department of Defense Postal Manual

Figure depicts casualty mail flow. Assigned APO numbers for a unit remain constant throughout the operation.

A designated operations platoon s provides theater-level redirect services. If 425.6-m is not possible, they destroy the mail under appropriate postal supervision. Because of the bulk of packages, they would often be processed almost immediately after arrival at the postal company, often at the expense of bagged letter mail that arrived many days earlier. Postal platoons require mission-essential equipment and supplies other than that found on a TOE.


The postal operations management network coordinates mail transportation requirements with transportation managers at each level of command. Unit mail clerks do not require an F5 additional skill identifier, but they are required to carry a mail handler’s 44525.6-m and should be a 71L.

These services include money order and stamp sales, accountable mail services, and package mailing. This applies to both inbound and outbound mail. Host nation support can be a critical element of the postal support structure. Postal operations platoons require x-ray equipment. The personnel group provides policy and procedural guidance for postal companies and is 4255.6-m for performing the following critical tasks:.

Personnel services battalions PSB regularly provide servicing postal units with updated data bases of units supported. DoD Postal Manual The Unified Commander is the coordination link between MPSA and the separate services and performs the following critical tasks:. These units decontaminate the mail, if possible, and return it to the postal network. When a soldier or civilian is a patient and the hospital is unknown, the postal services platoon labels the mail “hospital search” and returns it through postal channels to the designated postal operations platoon for redirect service.

When the postal services unit knows the hospital, it labels the mail “patient” and forwards it to the hospital through the postal network. The medical treatment facility MTF coordinates with the services postal platoon in its area to provide the MTF commander with necessary postal finance services to patients.