THE Third Truth by Dimitri Khalezov, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Third Truth. 11 Chapters of Dimitri Khalezov’s book. The book sets out the author’s thesis that the WTC twin towers and Building 7 were. Dimitri uses his insider information combined with his military background to explain the events of in depth. 9/ The Third Truth. This is a Multi-Region.

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THE Third Truth

If he were a former priest or a former senator, it, perhaps, would be forgivable. For example, “ground zero” was absent in Thied Advanced Learner’s Dictionaries of 4 th5 th and 6 th Editions, published before September 1 1 Some proponents of the “thermite theory” also claimed that it must have been thermite which cut some steel columns found at “Ground Zero” precisely evenly – as it was shown in some pictures.

The Twin Towers featured load-bearing perimeter steel columns square in cross- section positioned khaldzov meter from each other on the Towers’ facades to form an exceptionally rigid structure, supporting virtually all lateral loads such as wind loads and sharing the gravity load with the core columns. Basically, all commonly known conspiracy theories except only a “mini-nukes thire theory” and a “clandestine nuclear reactors conspiracy theory” in regard to the September 11 offer nothing more than is mentioned above.

Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. While before my video appeared the most so-called “no-planers” were routinely ostracized, ridiculed and even banished from various Internet forums and from “truthers’ societies”, it is all changed now.

It had nothing to do with either “explosion”, or “devastation”, but exclusively with “aiming of a projectile”. In addition, the elderly Lebanese custodian of the Marines’ building was killed in the first blast.

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It was, of course, technically possible to break some of these columns in certain spots, using exceptionally huge amounts of hollow-shaped charges attached to each individual column, but even such an incredible solution would not help to achieve the desired “implosion effect”. I hope it is self-evident that any potential thermite reaction would never be able to sustain any high temperatures for a few weeks – it would cool down in half-an-hour at the worst case.


They can claim that it is due to “asbestos”, “toxic fumes”, “toxic dust particles” etc. There are pseudo-sciences that purport to undertake some “serious” studies on non-existent things such as so-called “terrorism”, for example, or on obviously artificial things that would never ever khaleezov into the existence if not joint efforts of the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad – such as the so-called tthird.

In bygone days when buildings were brick-walled and concrete-paneled, their bearing structures used to be concrete supporting columns and concrete supporting khalexov. First of all let’s calculate how many hollow-shaped charges we would need to implement such a demolition idea. It meant “a place of a nuclear or thermo- nuclear explosion”. The marrow transplantation is required for patients who suffered heavy doses of either penetrating or residual ionizing radiation or both and whose own bone marrow that is responsible for blood regeneration is completely killed by these heavy doses of radiation.

An error occurred, please try again. Try to reduce a tank to dust dimitru TNT or C4, or try to reduce to such dust a rail way truck using these explosives.

Steven Jones must have known what “ground zero” really meant in the then specific nuclear jargon. Di,itri, the actual Towers’ views before their collapse did not reveal any enormous blinding sparkling torches that supposed to embrace the entire Towers’ bodies gruth top to bottom and to be visible even from the most distant outskirts of New York City.

Still, there are some seemingly logical questions available, khalezob no one of conspiracy theorists has ever bothered to answer.

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Moreover, there would be a pretty good chance that due to a broad public interest in regard to possible origins of “mini- nukes” in hands of so-called “terrorists”, these “terrorists” would not dare to use their “mini-nukes” again, and neither Oklahoma- nor WTC- nor Khobar Towers- nor US Embassies- nor any other nuclear bombings would ever occur.

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Only two paragraphs of this statement from a scary article “Death by Dust’ 2 managed to contain and to reveal to us practically all those “unexplainable” strange things – which the reader will need as basic premises to understand the main point of this book: And, unlike the steel columns which were more or less solid from bedrock up to the Tower’s topsthe aluminum coating was arranged in much shorter vertical segments.


What struck the Pentagon? Physicists should watch and question whether the argument is logical or not. According to an official description, during the 24 hours-long fire ” It indeed looked like a normal, conventional “controlled demolition” judging from this point of view.

Frank Albert De Martini during his unprecedented interview on Jan 25, He has his exact name, his date of birth, his country of origin, his color photograph, and even a photocopy of his diplomatic passport. Some of them even “remembered” its very first and completely forgotten meaning “aim of a projectile”which was completely out of use for 50 years. Logically, the term “ground zero” expanded to embrace the exact hypocenter of an atomic and later also hydrogen explosion – since it was exactly “ground zero” as an aim of a projectile carrying its atomic load, so that “ground zero” in an old sense of “aim” and “ground zero” in a new sense: Since my work in any case is an open challenge to Prof.

None of commonly known conventional explosives and no any conventional explosives whatsoever would ever be able to reduce the entire over meters tall and extremely robust Tower made of thick steel to such fine dust – including even the Tower’s internals – such as office furniture, mechanical equipment, cables, tubes, elevators, computers, decorations, and remaining human beings. It became even stranger when one hitherto unheard of organization bearing exceptionally idiotic name “Islamic Jihad” has eventually stepped forward to claim responsibility for this bombing in an anonymous telephone call.

This is probably the answer to the question “Why they did it?