Since , tachographs are digital, which allows a more secure and accurate recording and storage of data than the previous analogue tachograph. European Commission – JRC Ispra – Digital Tachograph official website Digital Tachograph Smart Tachograph. Dear user,. The DTCO digital tachograph, with its system components, is an EC recording de- vice that complies with the technical.

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The ‘drive mode’ is activated automatically when the vehicle is in motion, and digital tachograph heads usually default to the ‘other work’ mode upon coming to rest. A tachograph system comprises a sender unit mounted to the vehicle gearbox, the tachograph head and a recording medium. There is also “forgetting to insert” the chart when beginning duty. Publication of seals standard EN This article needs additional citations for verification.

Information on the standard can be found here:.

The rest mode appears as a thin line, availability as a slightly thicker line, other work as slightly thicker again and the drive trace being the thickest.

Smart tachographs are the new generation of on-board mandatory digital recorders to enforce the EU legislation on professional drivers driving and resting times social regulation. Tachograph heads are of either analogue or digital types. Companies must keep the records for 1 year. These heads are known diggitaler manual heads as the activity was manually selected using the mode switch. This page was last edited on 24 Augustat Tachographs are mandatory for vehicles allowed to carry a total weight of over 3.

A driver must carry the tachograph records with him for all days of the current week and the last day of the previous week that he drove. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. On 18 March the European Commission adopted legislation defining the new technical specifications for smart tachographs.


On this page will be added all documents useful for the implementation of the smart tachograph legislation. Views Read Edit View history. The country of type approval can be found on the rear of the chart, i.

The Daniel Tachometer has been known in the railway industry since The chart features a pear-shaped aperture in the centre, ensuring it is perfectly aligned upon insertion into the tachograph head.

The analogue tachograph head uses styli to trace lines on a wax coated paper disc that rotates throughout the day, where one rotation encompasses a hour period. Tachograph data, once correlated, provides valuable data to the haulage company.

Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)

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Most tachographs produced prior to 1 May were of the analogue type. The last implementations developed in Mexico have GPS capabilities such as mapping, altitude and location-activated video triggering. Without a digital card reader, computer and analysis software, the data can be more difficult to interpret as it is not visually represented as the analogue chart is, and requires mathematical calculations to decipher the information from its presented format.

Trade digitaleer take a dim view of anyone who exceeds speed limits or permitted hours. This practice was approved by the German high regional court in the s. The centrefield is used by the driver to store certain handwritten information.


Digital tachograph – Wikipedia

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. All data can still be retrieved by use of a control card or a workshop card. Communications Communications regarding Interoperability activities Test request, new manufacturer codes The surface can be scratched or rubbed to reveal the black paper underneath.

Adoption of the legislation: Automatic heads tachogaph manual heads, and differ from them in two main areas. Samples Keys for Smart Tachograph v1. This enables the traces to be made without the use of ink. Not to be confused with Tachometer. Data can be locked in the tachograph head by using a company card.

Smart Tachograph

Analogue tachograph heads provide no indication to the driver of the need to change the disc. Trade unions and drivers also now favour tachographs for this reason and records are often used in tribunals as proof when claiming for unpaid work.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Design specifications prevent tachovraph being altered or deleted, therefore ensuring the integrity of the data for subsequent analysis and presentation in a court case. Analogue discs can also be electronically scanned and analysed by computer, although this analogue to digital conversion process still requires human expert interpretation for best tachgoraph, due to imperfections in the source disc such taachograph dirt and scratch marks in the wax surface that can be incorrectly read as trace marks.