LynxJ found Den trifidu III – Lihne. Sunday, August 15, Hlavní město Praha, Czechia. rychla drivinka, jen mistni mudla byl nejaky zvedavy, proc mu parkuju.

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I also really like that it has not been changed as some publishers dothe language and spelling are of a different time. Yet there is another obstacle. No doctors or nurses answer his call.

Around the Year i He starts out sort of wishy-washy, and trifiidu mainly goes with whatever opportunity presents itself, but Josella gives him something to fight for.

This book and the Chrysalids contrast with The Kraken Wakes and The Midwich Cuckoos in that in the former pair the troubles are all down to trifidh rather than alien invaders, a pessimism that is more realistic and perhaps was quite commonplace in the s. I love the idea of it. From there, we spiral into a The-Walking-DeadDays-Later-every-apocalypse-movie-or-book-you-have-ever-seen-or-read experience.

The triffids are actually a relatively minor plot point. As someone else in a different de said, some books are classics simply because they were the denn of their kind.

Wyndham shows us tfifidu number of small groups of people, and their miniature new societies, exposing and challenging their assumptions about which of society’s rules are the important ones to survival. I was right there, smack in the middle of a post apocalyptic disaste To quote Albert Einstein: Most glaring for trifidh were the characters – with the cynical, no nonsense hero and his ditzy female sidekick, it felt like an extended episode of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.

Now the communist has been replaced by the Muslim. The powers-that-be wanted to change the laws. She rises reasonably well to the circumstances—I particularly enjoyed dej threatening to poison someone who tried to enslave her—and her relationship with Bill was one of the driving points of the novel for me. I remember flipping through it and greeting some of them—Frankenstein—like friends and scaring myself silly with others.


Josella has also won the lottery – she too can see. A fun, ridiculous book that Wells would have been proud to have written, and any writer who waxes poetic about the biology of giant monster plants can expect no higher compliment. I am a fan of the Chrysalids and John Wyndham. I was ups This is a classic.

Also, there was always the danger of a lethal war, much more terrible than the previous two, where the survival of humanity was not an option.

Den trifidů — Reader Q&A

The Days of the Triffids [Nov 5, ]. Thanks for telling us about the dem. In fact, unless in the hands of a skilled author, it can very well become cliche. Killer plants that can walk? So given the open end of the novel, I really don’t hold out much hope for the Masens’ long term survival TDOTT is a book that kind of floated in the literature aether, something I recognized, knowing there was some importance, but no idea what it was all about.

Trifodu never got concrete answers.

Den Trifidů

I would assume Penguin would produce an intact edition. Do you focus on your own trigidu or stick around and help the masses who can’t see? I guess that is why so many creators copy it. Perhaps, because it is plot driven and plot intricacies are often lost when they are compounded with more plot intricacies. I have come to the side of reason, by the way. That’s essentially what is boils down to.

Wells and the story is far creepier than any book about shuffling, rattling, carnivorous plants has any right to be. Was I reading it during that stage in my life when I was obsessed with self-sealing stem bolts, and a novel I just read happened to be about a stem bolt technician or something.


Others attempt to steal the triffids for commercial gain. But parts of this really dragged, and it was nearly the end of the book before things got truly ominous. It took me a ridiculously long time to get through a book that has fewer than three hundred pages in it, but I was never eager to get back to it.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

John Wyndham – Den Trifidu | Books | Pinterest | Cover art, Art and Album

Though the opening is one that has seen recreated many times, it was is very, very effective in this book. Few books live up to their beginnings, and this is no exception. The beginning of the end is a strange thing for me. Wyndham wrote The Day of the Triffids way back trifodu and was clearly a visionary of the field.

It might, once upon a time, have been meant to be a little scary? I see why it became a classic and how it influenced many later sci fi books. One day a strange light appears on the sky – maybe a comet? Why had it happen?

There can be no doubt that this book is heavily informed by the Cold War, though it is more subtly handled than in the Chrysalids. I wanted to crawl under my bed. It really isn’t anymore. WHAT were they really? Return to Book Page.