Usability Testing of International Interfaces (Jakob Nielsen). 4. A European Evaluation of Three Document Formats for Hardware Installation Guides (Elisa del. Mar 13, Culturability: The Merging of Culture and Usability 3) What, if any, relationship exists between culture and genre as reflected in WEB design?. Culturability: The Merging of Culture and Usability. Wendy Barber and Albert Badre. [email protected], [email protected] Graphics, Visualization .

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Export in format suitable for direct import into delicious. Using scenario-based analysis, a number of tasks were identified as being likely tasks that the target user would perform. For example, Evers and Day show Indonesians place more importance on efficiency while Chinese users place more importance on effectiveness. Com- paring Values, Behaviours and Organisations across nations. Are effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction really correlated?

Co-Design, China, and the commercialization of the mobile user interface. An eight country investigation. Usability — context, framework, definition, design and evaluation. In Mensch und Computer: Apart from cultural backgrounds and other factors such as age, gender ratio, education levels, and experience with the product or other similar products were at similar levels between the cultural groups.

The following results from the analyses conducted support the first two of the hypotheses made but found no statistically reliable evidence cuture support the third:. It is also possible that culture indirectly affected perceptions of usability.

How do these elements of a product affect overall usability for each culhurability While it may be possible to give a total value for usability by combining the results for each component, the question is how much weight should be given to each component. Expect North American and Taiwanese users to be similarly effective when using a product.


International Differences in Work Values.

Albert Badre: Abstracts of Web Papers

Register and you can start organising your references online. Ultimately, we argue, cultural markers can directly impact user performance, hence the merging of culture and usability. The evolution of the World Wide Web as a medium for international communication, participation, and transaction serves as both reminder and stimulant when considering interface design for a multi-cultured environment.

The number of errors then correlated with low levels of user satisfaction and perceptions of efficiency among North American users. In total 23 people were selected based on their match with the target market.

Using the survey helps to address the problem identified by Hornbaek of the lack of replication and comparability of studies of usabilihy measurement. Cultural Determinants of Usabilitypp.

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It was often observed during tests that, when faced with a problem using the MP3 player, North American users sometimes became more active or even clearly frustrated, which may have been the reason for the higher number of errors. The lack of correlation between two measures of efficiency, time taken and number of errors, combined with the lack of correlation between time taken and any other variable raises questions as to the usefulness of this variable as a measure of efficiency.

Survey data shows that North American users had much lower levels of user satisfaction and perceptions of effectiveness and efficiency than Taiwanese users. The negative correlation shown in some cells reflects the numbers used to represent the different cultures for statistical purposes.


Previous research indicates that users are more comfortable when interacting with a user interface, which relates to their own culture.

However, this has been done in a single culture.

Abstract A study of how 23 Taiwanese and North American subjects use a consumer electronic product shows that culture strongly affects the usability of the product. Ghe all the public and authenticated articles in CiteULike. A longitudinal study of successful American and Chinese online store websites.

The survey aims to become a commonly accepted usability measurement tool. This is in contrast to North American users for whom the number of errors was strongly snd with lower levels of satisfaction. It is recommended that future studies along similar lines consider the following:. Designing for International Users. So the negative correlation between culture and effectiveness reflects the impression North American subjects had of the lack of effectiveness of the product.

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

While the other measure of product efficiency, the time required to complete a task, showed no cuture difference in averages. Cost Justifying Usability pp.

The Hague, The Netherlands: