Sandvik Coromant has released the version of its popular CoroKey guide, which helps manufacturers quickly and easily identify the first choice tool. Coarse pitch (L). Reduced number of inserts with differential pitch for best productivity when stability and power are limited. Extended tooling. Close pitch ( M). Recommended for thin-walled tubes and small diameter components. • Positive geometry eliminates the risk of built up edges. • Low cutting forces resulting in.

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Sandvik Coromant has released the version of its popular CoroKey guide, which helps manufacturers quickly and easily identify the first choice tool combination and appropriate cutting data for specific applications. The page guide details applications and cutting tool solutions in a variety of areas, including turning, milling and drilling. It also offers practical tips and information on modular tooling and insert grades.

The guide now includes information on calculating important figures, such as metal removal rates for common machining operations. It also coroley frequently used cutting data formulas with illustrations and definitions of terms used.

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Each section of the CoroKey guide begins with an overview on selection of inserts, grades and tooling for a specific type of application. This is followed by guidance on modular tooling, tool safety, maintenance and wear and troubleshooting. A new study released today by the Advanced Medical Technology Association AdvaMed shows the medical technology industry is a strong and vibrant contributor to the Crokey.

The industry also has a strong positive multiplier effect with each medical technology job generating on average an additional 1. It is imperative that we do all we can to ensure our industry continues to thrive, not only for the benefits to the economy, but for the uninterrupted innovation of medical technologies that allow people to live healthier, more productive and independent lives.

It is essential that regulatory and payment policies support innovation while ensuring public health and safety and moving us toward a more efficient and quality-driven health care system. The study notes that although the patient benefits from medical technology are obvious, less obvious or even considered are the economic benefits of the industry in the communities and states in which they operate.

For clrokey, between andthe number of workers employed by industry increased In addition to corokeh direct economic benefits, medical cprokey jobs, payroll and sales have strong and positive multiplier effects on economies of individual ccorokey.


On average, within each state:. While not immune to the recent global economic corkkey, the impact on the medical device industry has been significantly less than on U. The Lewin report shows that from to A copy of the full report can be found here. The result is precise shapes with excellent burr-free surface finish, some as low as micro inch Ra.

Sandvik Coromant release 2010 CoroKey cutting tool guide

This new technology generates highly-complex geometrical shapes which cannot be efficiently manufactured using conventional chipping making processes. The specific advantages of PEM-machined workpieces offer an extensive range of possible applications in a variety of industries including medical, automotive, aerospace, tool and die, diesel, fluid power and control. PEM has made it possible to significantly extend and improve the application possibilities associated with the conventional ECM cavity-sinking process.

The benefits dorokey PEM technology include:. How does PEM technology work? PEM is an advance in electrochemical machining ECM that incorporates pulse power and an oscillating cathode tool. In ECM, metal is machined in a non-conventional manner through the use of electricity and chemistry to quickly and accurately dissolve metal and produce the desired end product.

The PEM process is a precision electrochemical metal removal technology using vibrating electrodes and a regulated working gap of typically 10?? With the innovative, PC-based PEM machine, a pulsed direct current is applied between the electrode tool and the anode workpiece. As electrons cross the gap during the pulse, material on the workpiece is dissolved in accordance with the geometry of the tool.

This gives rise to complex geometrical shapes in practically all metals. Pressurized electrolyte is injected at a set temperature while the gap between tool and workpiece is coro,ey to flush away the metal hydroxide formed in the process.

To learn more, visit www. This engineering service package is designed to quickly and efficiently identify the causes of difficulties related to five issues: It is offered throughout North America, and is individually tailored to the needs of individual extruders.

Particular attention is given to temperature profiles at critical junctures and how they affect both equipment and material performance, short and long-term. Two important parts of the new package include the detailed simulation of a proposed process change before it is implemented, and the modeling of a process that is being planned, in order to ensure it will behave as engineered.


Training topics include compounding, SPC, troubleshooting, profile extrusion, sheet extrusion, and foam extrusion. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners receive a rich set of benefits, including access, training and support, giving them a competitive advantage in the channel.

CoroKey Cutting Tool Guide – Today’s Medical Developments

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, which have certified expertise and direct training and support from Microsoft, can build a positive customer experience with our technologies. Today, Microsoft recognizes WinWare as a new Gold Certified Partner for demonstrating its expertise in providing customer satisfaction using Microsoft products and technology.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners that have obtained this competency have a successful record of developing and marketing packed software based on Microsoft technologies. Microsoft has a long history of working closely with ISV partners to help them deliver compelling solutions and applications to our mutual customers, and the Microsoft Competencies are an important step in continuing to enhance vital relationships with ISVs worldwide. On average, within each state: Each medical technology job generates an additional 1.

The benefits of PEM technology include: Can be used to process virtually all metals and alloys in large or small quantities; Speed is not dependent on hardness or toughness of the material, so exotic or hard alloys can be just as quickly as soft material; Parts are machined burr free and finished in a single operation; Fast machining rates with high production repeatability; Electrode replication accuracy is increased by employing a very small working gap; thus significantly smaller structures and shapes such as prongs, holes, cavities and inscriptions are easily produced; No mechanical contact therefore no stress produced in workpieces; With no mechanical or thermal load on the tool, there is no possibility of wear, offering extremely long tool life; Simultaneous production of many parts in parallel is possible; and Sequential rough machining then very fine machining to quickly produce highlycomplex structures is possible.

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