Total phenolic compounds, flavonoids and antioxidant activity in the flowers of Crataegus spp. from México. Compuestos fenólicos totales, flavonoides y. RESUMEN Los compuestos fenólicos son ubicuos en alimentos de origen vegetal. La alta ingesta de frutas, vegetales y cereales está relacionada con un bajo. This review deals with the oxidation processes induced by light and atmospheric oxygen, as well as the protective action on antioxidant compounds.

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All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Such study may answer the question of whether previously reported concentration values vary as a result of species, location, seasonality, or research methodology.

In some cases, this step reduces the requirement for sample manipulation and produces a sample extract that is uniformly enriched in all components of interest and is free from undesired matrix components. As previously demonstrated, honeys and their extracts can have different antioxidant properties Ferreira et al, In the presence of PVPP, an agent employed to separate phenolics and non-phenolic reducing compounds i.

The effect of the polyvinylpolypyrrolidone PVPP treatment on the total phenolic content of the sample entire honey and phenolic extract was measured according to Bridi et al. These findings indicate that purple carrot extract is capable of colonic cells protection against the adverse effects of oxidative stress.

The content of total phenolics was similar to those of the flowers on seven species from Europe and Asia.

Glycosides 1, 3 and 4 have not been reported in Crataegus from America. Phytochemical investigations of the Crataegus genus have centered on the identification of phenolic compounds and flavonoids Liu et al.


Transepithelial transport of rosmarinic acid in intestinal Caco-2 cell monolayers. February 28, ; Accepted: The data are presented as mean values. Trends Food Sci Technol.

Actividad antioxidante de los compuestos fenólicos [1993]

The last one can be as O-glycosides or as C-glycosides, with a number of sugars, glucose is the most commonly encountered, followed by galactose, rhamnose, xylose and arabinose, while mannose, fructose, glucuronic and galacturonic acids are unusual 9, Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. In the present study the exposure of E. Phenolic-conjugated compounds differ from the parental molecule in size, polarity and ionic form.

It has been suggested that increasing the degree of methylation and decreasing the number of free hydroxyl groups that are available for conjugation with glucuronic acid and sulfate groups, stability and ability to transport across biological membranes is increased Different from honey by Student’s t-test: In this sense another vegetable that has been widely studied are tomatoes, which are a key component in the Mediterranean diet ccompuestos its dietary intake is associated with lower risk of chronic degenerative diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases Aust J Grape Wine Res.

Methylation differs from other conjugation reactions because it generally decreases hidrosolubility of phenolic compounds, also it masks functional groups that may be targeted by compjestos conjugating enzymes In the case of tannins, hydrolysable tannins are characterized by a restricted taxonomic distribution and are mainly associated with dicotyledonous plants; it has also been observed that most of the plants that can synthesize hydrolysable tannins are unable to synthesize condensed and fnolicos versa Los resultados mostraron que 0.

Flavanols, phloretin glycosides, quercetin glycosides, cyanidin glycoside and hydroxycinnamic acids were among the phenolic compounds present in apple phenolic extracts. The hypothesis was that the composition profiles of phenolic compounds of flowers are different in the Mexican species comparing with those of Europe and Asia.


There are reports demonstrating that subjects with low circulating levels of antioxidants respond promptly to a rich phenolic diet. Alasalvar, Grigor 44 examined the phenolic content of carrots of four different colours: Condensed tannin and grape cell wall interactions and their impact on tannin extractability into feholicos.

The leaves, fruit, and flowers are used for improving the pumping capacity of heart and for treating angina, causing dilation of the smooth muscles of the coronary vessels, thereby increasing blood flow and reducing the tendency for angina Craig, Fong and Bauman point out that the composition profile of phenolics in European hawthorn species also suggest that flavonoids were the markers for the differentiation of C.

Actividad antioxidante de los compuestos fenólicos

In this sense, it is important to obtain the pharmacokinetic of phenolic compounds, their interaction frnolicos other drugs, interaction with other food constituents and their effective doses. Among the most common phenolic compounds found in vegetables are flavonoids, phenolic acids and isocoumarins.

Moreover, in vivo studies.

Micronutrients and Phytochemicals in Wheat Grain. An aliquot of the ethanolic extract 0. A convenient and safe O-methylation of flavonoids with dimethyl carbonate DMC. Interaction of plant polyphenols with salivary proteins. fenolicls

These activities are primarily attributed to phenolic compounds such as flavonoids Montenegro et al. Antioxidative and chelating properties of anthocyanins in Azolla imbricata induced by cadmium.