Troubleshooting Tips: Centerless Grinding Concave work (low center)`, Work guides on entrance and exit sides deflected toward the grinding wheel. Also see . Centerless grinders are the dependable workhorses of the manufacturing world. With regular maintenance and TLC, your centerless grinding. Achieving consistent and quality results from the centerless grinding process requires an understanding of the basic fundamentals. Most application problems .

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Use a piece of wood dowelling or other suitable strip. Use coarser or softer wheel. Grinding pressures too high. Grinding wheel out of balance. Immediately upon receipt, trpubleshooting grinding wheels should be closely inspected for possible damage in transit.

Work discoloured, burned Work chattering. Be certain all stations are kept properly lubricated. Increase the dresser’s setting angle Decrease the infeed rate and traverse feed rate Clean around the Coolant.

Check slides on truing attachment; they may be worn low in centre. Allow grinding stock equal centfrless approximately three times amount of run out. When a problem occurs while grinding, finding the cause is not easy due to the variety of complexly intertwined factors involved.

Set all screws so they bear evenly on floor. Too heavy stock removal troubleehooting particularly on in feed work. Increase work speed; use softer wheel. Loss of cutting action. Remove or change spacer behind regulating wheel so side of regulating wheel is back of grinding wheel. Work guides are deflected toward regulating wheel.


Insufficient coolant when grinding tubing or other hollow work such as pistons, etc Increase flow of coolant at point of contact.

Below, are listed problems, which may be encountered whilst grinding. Widely spaced spots on work piece due to oil or glazed spots on wheel True spots out of wheel, balance and redress. Straighten in press before grinding. If old type machine with plain bearings not Filmatic it may be necessary to rescrape bearings. Use thinner coolant; avoid gummy coolants. Work support blade too thin Use a heavier blade.

Make certain cap screws are tight in mount. Improper work support blades Change blade to a softer material; if tungsten carbide was used, try steel, cast iron or aluminium bronze. Balance wheel on same mount as used for grinder. Also unclamping or clamping either slide might cause a slight movement. A Centreless grinder is not designed as a straightening machine although it will remove slight kinks.

Truing attachment gibs may be loose enough to allow diamond to back off instead of cutting. Increase traverse or in feed rate to make wheel act softer.

Radiac Abrasives | Centerless Grinding Archives – Radiac Abrasives

Dress wheel more open with a sharp diamond and more rapid traverse. Determine whether caused by type troubleshotoing wheel, dull diamond, dirty or too strong a coolant. Reset diamond or use new one. Round off wheel edges nicely—chamfering or dressing back is not sufficient. Grain marks due to too soft or coarse a wheel.


Grinding Troubleshooting

When shoulder grinding if grindding wheel is forward of grinding wheel, it prevents grinding to shoulder and causes work to pick up or chatter. Pull up evenly on alternate bolts before cinching up. However, increasing truing angle and re truing wheel without changing housing angle can attain same result. Sitemap All prices are in GBP. Use one standard paper washer blotting paper if other not available under flanges and tighten down. Loose regulating wheel spindle bearings.

Insufficient lubrication at lower slides causes slides to hang and jump. When through-feed grinding relatively short work, without using a loading device, do not use fingers to push work between wheels. Use coarser grain size and softer grade.

Use coolant filter for fine finishes.