: Cartwheel: A Novel (Random House Reader’s Circle) ( ): Jennifer duBois: Books. “In Cartwheel, Jennifer duBois takes the lurid skeleton of the Amanda Knox case and fictionalises it with scalpel-like precision DuBois is a brilliant young. There are passages of observation so closely controlled and beautiful in ” Cartwheel,” the second novel by Jennifer duBois, that what she.

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The writing in this book is very good, but something bugged me about it, not the story itself but the way it is written.

CARTWHEEL by Jennifer duBois | Kirkus Reviews

With mordant wit and keen emotional insight, Bj offers a prismatic investigation of the ways we decide what to see—and to believe—in one another and ourselves. His perception of Lily may be influenced by his relationship with Maria, a soured version of the manic pixie dream girl, who says things like, “I dreamed you turned into a flower and I forgot to water you and you died.

By way of richly drawn characters, and a plot that’s ripped from the headlines, Cartwhele DuBois takes readers on an exploration into the many mysteries in life including human behavior, the complexities fo truth, and jennlfer we choose to accept is real in the shades of grey. As Lily says of her parents, Andrew and Maureen, about their divorce: Sep 24, Minutes.

The media speculation is that the reason for this violent act was the duplicity of Sebastien LeCompte, Lily’s boyfriend and possibly also Katy’s lover.


As a character-focused reader, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I liked the book and the story. Not that Andrew had ever given up working through the hierarchies of pain, teasing out the taxonomies of grief; he scorned people who were jnnifer by death, and he loathed people who shared experiences about their dying parents when he spoke of Janie.


But can you say why with certainty? This book is not a compelling read. She was a quirky character whose odd behavior during interrogation, in this case doing a cartwheel, but in the real story splits, evidenced her guilt, according to authorities.

But with this, she has moved up the ranks to one of my must-read authors – in a year, I’m sure to be found Googling her name with the keywords “third novel” to ensure I miss no mention of upcoming books. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Cartwheel will keep you guessing until the final page, dubos its questions about how well we really know ourselves will linger well beyond. Books by Jennifer duBois.

Book review: ‘Cartwheel,’ by Jennifer duBois

Dubois’ writing, and others’ of her oeuvre, may stick in the craws of some readers. Instead, it seems like cool calculation. Five weeks later, Katy is byy brutally murdered; Lily is the prime suspect.

May 20, Pages Buy. It is a work of fiction loosely based on the highly sensational murder of exchange student Amanda Knox’s roommate, Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy; a case that is still being played out in Italian court. DuBois never quite picks a side – there are no definitive conclusions here. It’s a very, very, throrough psychological character study and it’s horribly gripping.

They were raped and set on fire. Cartwhsel fact, many of the characters in this book aren’t all that likable. This is a crime story that has the feel of a thriller while moving at a decidedly more leisurely pace. There’s no murder weapon to suggest Lily is guilty of the crime besides cleverly placed red herrings. If she has a fatal flaw it’s that, her inability to see beyond herself and see how her behavior might be perceived by other people.


Contemporary fiction is not usually my first choice to gy, but this book came highly recommended.

The cqrtwheel confession of the killer is the only clue. I also liked the portrayal of the prosecuting attorney. Jennifer duBois is a writer of thrilling psychological precision. Eduardo takes an instant dislike to Lily and her “American ways” he also sees similarities between Lily and his flighty on again off again wife, Maria- which doesn’t do Lily any favors.

LeComte does seem pretentious – a strange character with a manner of speech that implies secrecy, a “postapocalyptic butler” according to Lily’s father living secluded in a crumpling old iennifer that looks like it’s stuck in a medieval time warp. Saw the drops of the blood on the bathroom floor, didn’t consider them of any real importance, and went and watched television on the couch.

Review: ‘Cartwheel’ by Jennifer duBois – Chicago Tribune

Buenos Aires is hot, bright, and loud, and Lily mennifer excited to soak it all up and become more “herself” in this world away from home. There were times I didn’t want to finish it, knowing I’d never be able to grasp that “first-time read” feeling with a second perusal. Dubois’ latest novel Cartwheelthe word viscous keeps coming to mind for a few reasons: And it doesn’t matter, because the characters are the thing.

She baffles everyone soon after the murder, when she does a cartwheel in the interrogation room, suggesting to investigators that she is cold hearted. And so it begins, fast paced from the very beginning.